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Law: Taxes, Duties and Fees

aftertax remaining after tax has been paid.
agistment a land tax assessed for cattle pasturing.
assessable liable to be assessed or taxed; as, assessable property.
avoision a portmanteau coinage to denote blurring between tax avoidance and tax evasion.
betaxed burdened with taxes. N.B. no BETAX*.
cadaster cadastre an an official statement of the quantity and value of real estate for the purpose of apportioning the taxes payable on such property.
capitation a counting of heads; a uniform tax assessed by the head; a fee extracted from each student.
capitative relating to CAPITATION.
carucage a feudal tax levied on each CARUCATE of land, i.e. as much land as may be tilled in a year and a day by one plough.
cess sess a tax, a local rate; (verb) to impose a tax.
chout in India, an assessment equal to a fourth part of the revenue, extracted by the Mahrattas as blackmail.
consulage a duty or tax paid by merchants for the protection of their commerce by means of a consul in a foreign place.
corkage the charge made by innkeepers for drawing the cork and taking care of bottles of wine bought elsewhere by a guest.
cranage the use of a crane to hoist goods.
danegeld danegelt a tax imposed in the 10th century to buy off the Danes or to defend the country against them.
decenary decennary a tithing.
derate to relieve from paying rates.
dockage a charge for the use of a dock.
dutiable subject to the payment of a duty; as dutiable goods.
duty a tax on goods etc. esp. as brought into a country.
escuage scutage the tax on a knight's fee.
excisable liable or subject to excise; as, tobacco in an excisable commodity.
expressage the charge for carrying a parcel by express.
ferriage the price or fare to be paid for passage at a ferry.
forestage a duty or tribute payable to the king's foresters.
fumage hearth-tax.
gabelle a salt tax.
gabelled subject to GABELLE.
gauging the measuring of casks holding excisable liquor.
grainage duties on grain.
groundage a charge on a ship in port.
headage a subsidy payable to farmers, based on the number of animals kept.
hidage a tax formerly paid to the kings of England for every hide of land.
husbandage the commission or compensation allowed to a ship's husband.
impost to determine customs duties.
cain kain kane a tenanted farm rent paid in kind.
knaveship a small due, in meal, established by usage, which is paid to the under miller.
lastage a duty formerly paid for the right of carrying goods, etc.
lighterage a fee for carrying cargo by lighter.
likin a former Chinese transit duty.
metage the official weighing of goods; a charge for such weighing.
mouter (Scots) = MULTURE, a miller's fee for grinding corn; (verb) to take multure for.
mouterer = MULTURER, a person who pays or receives MULTURE.
mulct to take money from, by taxation or by trickery.
multure a miller's fee for grinding corn; (verb) to take multure for.
multurer a person who pays or receives MULTURE.
murage a rate levied for upkeep of a city's walls.
nontariff not involving a tariff.
nontax a tax of little consequence.
nontaxable not taxable.
octroi a duty levied on certain goods entering a town, esp. in some European countries.
overtax to tax too heavily.
pavage a charge for paving streets.
pierage a fee paid for the use of a pier.
pontage a toll paid on bridges; a tax for repairing bridges.
postpaid with the postage already paid.
posttax after tax.
poundage a charge for keeping stray cattle.
pretax before the deduction of tax.
prisage an ancient duty levied on imported wine until 1809.
pulture puture a foresters' claim of subsistence within bounds of forest.
quayage dues levied on goods landed or shipped at a quay, or on ships using a quay.
quitrent a small nominal rent paid to commute feudal service.
retax to tax again.
scalage a percentage deducted to compensate for shrinkage.
scat scatt skatt (ON) a tribute, a tax, esp. in Orkney and Shetland.
scavage a toll formerly levied in boroughs on goods offered for sale by outsiders.
scot money assessed or paid.
scrappage allowance for scrap.
scutage see ESCUAGE.
seigniorage seignorage a government revenue from the manufacture of coins calculated as the difference between the monetary and the bullion value of the silver contained in silver coins.
sess a tax, a local rate for the maintenance of soldiers.
shunpike a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway; (verb) to travel on shunpikes.
stent assessment, valuation; tax; (verb) to stint.
stentmaster one who determines the amount of tax to be paid.
streetage a toll for street facilities.
supertax an additional tax.
surtax to tax additionally, charge surtax.
taille a tax levied by a French king or overlord on his subjects, or on lands held from or under him.
tallage a tax levied by the Norman and Angevin kings on their demesne lands and towns, or by a feudal lord on his tenants; (verb) to levy TALLAGE.
talliate to lay a TALLAGE upon.
tankage storing in tanks; a charge for this.
tare to ascertain and allow for the tare of.
tariff to tax imported or exported goods.
tariffless without a TARIFF.
tax a contribution levied towards a country's revenue; (verb) to impose a tax on.
taxability the state of being TAXABLE.
taxable capable of being taxed > TAXABLY; (noun) a taxable item > TAXABLES.
taxation the process of taxing.
taxational relating to TAXATION.
taxative relating to taxation.
taxer taxor one who imposes taxes.
taxless free from taxation.
taxman one responsible for collecting taxes.
taxpaid with tax already paid.
taxpayer one that pays taxes.
taxpaying paying taxes > TAXPAYINGS.
taxwise pertaining to taxes.
teind a tithe; (verb) to assess or take a tithe on.
thirlage a form of servitude by which the grain produced on certain lands had to be ground (or at least paid for) at a certain mill.
tithable subject to the payment of tithes; as, tithable lands.
tithe tythe a tax comprising a tenth of produce; (verb) to impose such a tax.
tithing a tax comprising a tenth of produce.
toll a tax for the privilege of using a bridge or road, selling goods in a market, etc.
tollable subject to the payment of toll; as, tollable goods.
tollage payment of toll; also, the amount or quantity paid as toll.
tolbooth tollbooth an office where tolls were collected; also, a town hall, a prison.
tollgate a gate for the collection of tolls.
tollhouse a house for the collection of tolls.
towage an act of towing; a fee for towing.
transire a ship's customs warrant for clearing goods. [L. transire].
tunnage a tax of so much a tun on imported wines.
turnpike a road on which a toll was collected.
undertax to tax too low.
unfeed not retained by a fee, unpaid.
unlevied not levied.
untax to relieve of a tax.
vat a colloquial acronym for Value Added Tax; (verb) to put in a vat.
vatable liable to VAT.
vatman one responsible for collecting VAT.
wadset wadsett a kind of pledge or mortgage; (verb) to pawn or mortgage.
wadsetter one who holds by a WADSET.
wardcorn the payment of corn in place of military service.
waterage a fee payed for travelling on water.
weighage a fee paid for weighing goods.
wharfage the fee or duty paid for the privilege of using a wharf for loading or unloading goods.
yardage the use of a yard, or the charge made for such.
zabeta (Arabic) a stated tariff.
zakat in Islam, a tax payable on certain types of property.

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