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agloo aglu a breathing hole made in ice by a seal.
amaut amowt a hood on a woman's parka for carrying a child.
angakok angekok angekkok an Inuit sorcerer. [Inupiaq (Greenlandic) angakkoq.]
anorak a skin or cloth hooded jacket worn by Eskimos and so by others in polar regions; a similar weatherproof garment worn elsewhere. [Inupiaq (Greenlandic) annoraaq.]
atigi a kind of PARKA worn in Canada.
chimo a word used as a greeting.
comatik komatik a sled with wooden runners. [Inuit qamatik].
igloo iglu a snow house. [Inupiaq iglu, house].
inukshuk a stone used to mark a location > INUKSHUK or INUKSHUIT.
kaiak kayak kyak a type of canoe; kaiak and kayak, but not kyak, can be used as verbs: to travel by kaiak or kayak.
kamik a knee-length sealskin boot.
kudlik a soapstone seal-oil lamp.
malamute malemiut malemute an Alaskan sled dog. [Inuit malimiut].
mucluc mukluk muckluck a type of sealskin boot.
muktuk whale skin used for food. [Inupiaq maktak.]
nanook a polar bear.
nunatak a point of rock appearing above the surface of land ice > NUNATAKS or NUNATAKER. [Inupiaq (Greenlandic) nunataq.]
oomiac oomiak oomiack umiac umiak umiaq umiack a type of canoe.
pingo a cone-shaped mound with an ice core > PINGOS or PINGOES. [Inupiaq pinguq nunatak.]
qiviut the fine, soft, light-brown under layer of hair on the musk ox; yarn spun from this hair. [Inupiaq, pl. of qiviuq.]
tiktaalik any of a genus of extinct sarcopterygian (lobe-finned) fish from the late Devonian period.
topek tupek tupik an Inuit animal-skin tent. [Inupiaq tupiq.]
tuktoo tuktu a caribou.
ulu an Eskimo knife. [Inupiaq].

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