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chaco shacko shako the hat usually worn by members of a marching band > CHACOES or CHACOS; SHACKOES or SHACKOS; SHAKOES or SHAKOS.
cimbalom a hammered dulcimer.
csardas czardas a Hungarian dance that increases in speed > CSARDASES, CZARDASES.
fogash a fish, the pike-perch. [Hung. fogas].
forint a Hungarian monetary unit. [Hung. from Ital. fiorino, florin].
fris friska the quick dance movement of a Hungarian CSARDAS.
goulash a stew or ragout of meat and vegetables highly seasoned. [Hung. guly´s(hús), f. guly´s herdsman + hús meat].
haiduk heyduck a brigand, a guerilla warrior.
hussar a light cavalryman. [Hung. huszar].
komondor a large, shaggy-coated dog > KOMONDORS, KOMONDOROK, KOMONDOROCK.
kuvasz an ancient breed of sheepdog with a white coat > KUVASZOK. [Hung. f. Turk. kavas guard].
lassu the slow movement of a CSARDAS, a Hungarian dance.
lekvar a prune butter. [Hungarian lekvar, jam].
magyar of a garment, cut with the sleeves in a piece with the rest.
paprica paprika a hot spice derived from Hungarian red pepper.
pengo a former monetary unit of Hungary > PENGOS.
puli a long-haired sheepdog > PULIK or PULIS.
tsigane tzigane tzigany zigan a gypsy.
vizsla a Hungarian breed of hunting dog.

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