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aiver a draft horse.
appaloosa a North American breed of horse.
bangtail a mustang or wild horse, whose tail hair is banged, i.e. with the end tuft squared.
barb a horse of a racing breed related to the Arab.
bathorse a horse which carries an officer's baggage during a campaign.
bayard properly, a bay horse, but often any horse. Commonly in the phrase blind bayard, an old blind horse.
bronc bronco broncho a native or a Mexican horse of small size.
broodmare a mare for breeding.
brumby an Australian wild horse.
buckjumper an untamed horse.
burro a donkey. Pl. BURROS.
caballine pertaining to or suited to a horse.
caple capul a horse.
carthorse a horse used to draw a cart.
cayuse an Indian pony.
chigetai dziggetai a wild ass native to the Tibetan plateau, aka KIANG or KYANG.
coldblood a horse belonging to the heavy draught breeds. Cf. WARMBLOOD.
cooser cuisser cusser a stallion.
courser a swift horse. Formerly, a large powerful horse ridden in battle.
cuddie cuddy a donkey.
destrier a war-horse.
dicky dickey in East Anglia, an ass.
dobbin a workhorse.
drayhorse a horse used to draw a dray.
dziggetai see CHIGETAI.
entire a horse that has not been gelded.
equid equine any member of the horse family.
equinal relating to horses.
garran garron a small type of horse.
gelding a castrated stallion.
gennet jennet genet a small Spanish horse, a jenny donkey.
hack a horse kept for hire, esp. one in a sorry condition.
hemione hemionus an Asiatic wild ass, the KIANG or DZIGGETAI. [Gk. hemionos, mule].
hippic of or relating to horses.
hobbyhorse a strong, active horse, of a middle size, said to have been originally from Ireland; an ambling nag.
horsy horsey like a horse > HORSIER, HORSIEST.
hoss (coll.) a horse.
jackass a male ass or donkey.
jenny a female donkey.
keffel a horse, a nag. [Welsh ceffyl].
kiang kyang a wild ass native to the Tibetan plateau, aka DZIGGETAI.
koulan kulan a wild horse inhabiting the planes of Central Asia, aka ONAGER.
moke a donkey.
moyl moyle a mule.
mustang the wild or half-wild horse of American plains, esp. of Mexico and California, descended from stock introduced by the Spanish.
neddy a donkey.
onager a wild ass of Asia > ONAGERS. (Also a military engine for throwing great stones, with pl. ONAGRI.
pacer a horse trained to pace in harness racing.
packhorse a horse used for carrying a pack.
packmule a mule used for carrying a pack.
padnag an ambling nag.
palomino palamino a horse of largely Arab blood, pale tan, yellow, or gold, with a white or silver mane and tail > PALAMINOS, PALOMINOS.
percheron a draught-horse of a breed originating in La Perche in Southern Normandy.
philhorse pilhorse a fill-horse, thill-horse, the horse in a team nearest to the carriage.
piebald pyebald a horse marked in black and white.
pinto a piebald horse > PINTOES or PINTOS. [Sp. pinto, painted].
posthorse a horse used to deliver mail.
powney pownie powny a pony.
prad (sl.) a horse. [From Dutch paard, horse.]
prancer a prancing horse.
quagga an extinct African wild ass like the zebra. [Hottentot quacha].
racehorse a horse bred to race.
roadster a horse suitable for use on the road.
schimmel a roan horse.
screw a broken-winded horse.
shafter a horse harnessed between shafts.
sheltie shelty a Shetland pony or sheepdog. [ON Hjalti, Shetlander].
skewbald a horse marked in white and another colour not black.
staggie a colt.
staig a stallion.
stallion an uncastrated male horse.
steed (poetic) a horse.
steedlike like a STEED.
stibbler a horse turned out to feed on stubble.
stockhorse a horse trained to work with sheep and cattle.
stonehorse a stallion.
sumpter a pack horse; a beast of burden.
tacky an ill-conditioned horse; (adj.) sticky > TACKIER, TACKIEST.
takhi taki a rare wild horse.
tangun a piebald variety of the horse, native of Tibet.
tarpan a small wild horse of the steppes.
thiller the horse which goes between the thills, or shafts, and supports them; also, the last horse in a team.
trotter a horse trained to trot in harness racing.
waler an Australian-bred saddle-horse.
warhorse a horse used in war.
warmblood one of a race of horses developed from pedigree bloodlines from native American mares. Cf. COLDBLOOD.
wheelhorse one of the horses next to the wheel in a team.
windsucker a horse that engages in wind-sucking, a harmful habit of horses in which the animal arches its neck and swallows a gulp of air.
workhorse a horse used in a labouring capacity rather than for racing.
yarraman a horse.
yaud a mare, jade.
zebra any of a group of striped animals of the horse genus, found on the African continent.
zebrass a cross between a zebra and an ass.
zebrinny the offspring of a male horse and a female zebra.
zebrula zebrule a hybrid offspring of male zebra and female horse.

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