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aa a type of scoriaceous volcanic rock.
ahi the yellowfin tuna.
aloha a greeting or farewell. [Hawaiian aloha, love or kindness].
haole one who is not a native Hawaiian. [Hawaiian haole, white].
hula a sinuous Polynesian dance with rhythmic hip movements.
kahuna a witch-doctor; an expert in any field.
kamaaina a longtime resident of Hawaii. [Hawaiian kama, child, + aina, land].
kanaka a native of the Sandwich Islands. [Hawaiian, a man].
koa a kind of acacia with crescent-shaped leaves and white flowers.
lanai a verandah or roofed patio.
lehua a Polynesian tree of the myrtle family with bright red flowers, aka OHIA.
luau a Hawaiian dish made of coconut, octopus etc.
mahimahi the dolphin, esp. its flesh prepared as food. [Hawaiian mahi, strong].
malihini a newcomer to Hawaii.
mumu muumuu a long loose dress.
nene a kind of goose native to Hawaii.
noni a tree of S. Asia whose fruit provides a possibly health-promoting juice.
ohia a Polynesian tree of the myrtle family with bright red flowers, aka LEHUA.
ono a kind of fish > ONOS.
pahoehoe a hardened lava with a smooth or ropy surface.
pikake a Hawaiian shrub with small, white, very fragrant flowers. [Hawaiian pikake, peacock].
poi a dish of fermented taro.
pulu a silky fibre from the Hawaiian tree-fern.
punalua the marriage of brothers of one family to sisters of another.
punaluan relating to PUNALUA.
pupu a dish of Asian foods served as an appetiser.
ukulele ukelele a small four-stringed guitar originating in Hawaii but developed from an earlier Portuguese instrument. [Hawaiian 'jumping flea'].

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