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Modern Greek

avgolemono a soup or sauce made from chicken stock, lemon juice and egg yolks. Pl. AVGOLEMONOS.
bazouki bousouki bouzouki buzuki a Greek long-necked lute with 3 or 4 double courses of metal strings.
calamata kalamata an aubergine-coloured Greek olive.
doula a woman trained to give support after childbirth.
enosis political union, esp. that proposed between Greece and Cyprus. Pl. ENOSES or ENOSISES.
evzone a soldier in an elite Greek infantry regiment.
feta fetta a kind of cheese.
flokati a hand-woven Greek rug.
halloumi haloumi a Greek meal of goat's cheese.
horiatiki a traditional Greek salad > HORIATIKIS.
kamelaukion a tall cylindrical hat worn by Orthodox priests. Pl. KAMELAUKIONS.
keftedes a Greek dish of meatballs cooked with herbs and onions.
klepht a (Greek) brigand. [Mod. Gr. klephtes, from Gk. kleptes, thief].
klephtic of or like a KLEPHT, a (Greek) brigand.
kumbaloi worry beads. No -S.
meltemi a northerly wind in the NE Mediterranean.
mousaka moussaka a kind of casserole with layers of mince and vegetables, popular in the Balkans.
ouzo an aniseed-flavored Greek liqueur.
palikar a Greek soldier.
pastitsio pastitso a dish of mincemeat and macaroni topped with bechamel sauce.
phrygana an uncultivated open scrubland of the Mediterranean region, aka GARIGUE.
retsina a Greek alcoholic drink.
romaika a modern Greek dance. [Mod. Gr. Rhomaikos, Roman].
souvlaki souvlakia a Greek dish of lamb, similar to a shish kebab.
taramasalata a fish pâté made from the roe of the grey mullet or from smoked cod's roe, mixed with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, etc.
taverna in Greece, a type of guesthouse with a bar.
turcopole a light-armed soldier of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem. [Mod. Gr. Turkopoulon, a Turkish boy].
tyropitta a Greek cheese pie.
tzatziki a Greek dish made of yoghurt and finely sliced or chopped cucumber flavoured with garlic etc.

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