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accomplice a person who helps another or others to do something esp. commit a crime
achates a faithful friend. [The faithful friend of Aeneas (Virgil Aeneid VI. 158 etc.)]. N.B. no ACHATE*.
ally one united in a common cause; (verb) to join in a common cause.
ami a friend > AMIS.
amie a (female) friend > AMIES.
amiga (Spanish) a female friend.
amigo (Spanish) a male friend.
amity friendship.
associate one to whom one is connected in some way; (verb) to join, connect.
bandmate a fellow member of a band.
bedfellow one who shares a bed.
bedmate one who shares a bed.
befriend to act as a friend to.
befriender one who befriends others.
belamy (Spenser) a good friend > BELAMIES.
blokey matey > BLOKIER, BLOKIEST.
bo fellow; pal, buddy > BOS.
boertjie (S. Afr.) a friend > BOERTJIES.
boet (S. Afr.) brother, chum.
boyf a boyfriend.
boyfriend a girl's favourite boy for the time being.
bredren bredrin a close male friend > BRUS.
bru a friend > BRUS.
buddy a friend; (adj.) having buds > BUDDIER, BUDDIEST; (verb) to become close friends > BUDDIES, BUDDYING, BUDDIED.
bunkmate one who shares a bunk.
butty buttyman a chum, comrade esp. in a coalmine.
cabinmate one who shares a cabin.
cackermander (dial.) a friend.
cahoot partnership; as, to go in cahoot with a person.
camaraderie friendship. Cf. COMRADERY.
cellmate one who shares a cell with another.
china (sl.) a friend. [Rhyming slang: china plate = mate].
chommie (S. Afr.) a friend.
chum a friend; (verb) to become a chum > CHUMS, CHUMMING, CHUMMED.
chummage the quartering of two or more persons in one room.
chumship friendship.
classmate one in the same class.
cobber (Aust. sl.) friend, mate.
coinmate a fellow inmate.
comate a mate or companion.
compadre a male friend or companion. [In Spanish, compadre means godfather; it is also a traditional term of reverence and friendship for a man].
companion a friend, one who keeps companay with another; (verb) to be a companion to.
companionate acting as a companion.
companionship the state of being a companion.
companing companying, keeping company.
company (verb) to keep company with.
compeer an equal, a companion; (verb) to be the equal of.
complice an accomplice.
compotation an act of carousing in company.
compotator one who drinks with another.
compotatory sharing in a COMPOTATION, carousing in company.
comrade a close friend.
comradeliness the state of being COMRADELY.
comradely like a COMRADE.
comradery the spirit of comradeship; comradeship.
comradeship the state of being a comrade.
confidant a (male) person entrusted with knowledge of one's private affairs (orig. esp. one's love affairs) or thoughts.
confidante a (female) person entrusted with knowledge of one's private affairs (orig. esp. one's love affairs) or thoughts.
confederate an ally, an accomplice; (verb) to unite in a confederacy.
confrere a fellow member of a fraternity; an intimate associate.
confrerie a brotherhood.
contubernal contubernyal living or messing together; intimate.
copartner one who is jointly concerned with one or more persons in business; (verb) to act as a copartner.
copartnery the state of being copartners in any undertaking.
copemate a companion, an accomplice.
corival a rival; also, a companion; (verb) to rival > CORIVALS, CORIVALLING, CORIVALLED.
corrival a rival; also, a companion; (verb) to rival > CORRIVALS, CORRIVALLING, CORRIVALLED.
couzin (S. Afr.) a friend.
crewmate a member of a crew.
crony a close friend.
cully a pal, a mate; (verb) to cheat, deceive.
cullyism the state of being a CULLY, a pal or mate.
cupman a boon companion.
familiar well-known > FAMILIARLY; (noun) a close friend or associate > FAMILIARS.
feare a companion or mate.
fedarie federarie federary FOEDARIE a confederate.
fellow a companion; (verb) to be a companion to.
fellowly in the manner of a FELLOW.
fellowman a human being like oneself.
fellowship the state of beign a fellow.
fere a companion, a mate; (adj.) able, sound > FERER, FEREST.
fier a companion > FIERS. (Previously existed only as comparative of FIE, fey).
fiere a companion or mate.
flatmate one who shares a flat.
foedarie see FEDARIE.
friend a close or intimate acquaintance; (verb) to enter into a warm association with.
furkid a companion animal.
girlfriend a female friend.
goodfellow a jolly or boon companion.
goombah (Creole) an associate or close friend.
gossib a familiar friend.
gossip a familiar friend; (verb) to prattle, chat.
gossipry spiritual relationship or affinity; special intimacy.
groomsman the attendant on a bridegroom.
helpmate helpmeet a friend, companion.
hobnob to associate or drink familiarly together > HOBNOBS, HOBNOBBING, HOBNOBBED.
hobnobber one who hobnobs.
hobnobby sociable, given to hobnobbing.
homeboy homie (S. Afr.) a friend; a member of a youth gang.
housemate one who dwells in the same house with another.
intimate a close friend, a confidant; (verb) to hint.
jong (S. Afr.) a friend, often used in direct address.
judy (coll.) a girl, a girl-friend > JUDIES.
keypal a person with whom one regularly exchanges emails for fun.
kith one's friends, neighbours, relatives: people of one's own kind.
labelmate a singer or musician who records for the same company as another.
maik a mate or consort, an equal.
mateship friendship.
mate a friend.
matey a mate > MATEYS.
mateyness the state of being MATEY.
matiness friendliness > MATINESSES.
maty (noun) a friend > MATIES; (adj.) friendly > MATIER, MATIEST; MATILY.
merryman a companion > MERRYMEN.
messmate one whom one shares eating facilities with.
mucker a coarse person; a best friend, a mate; (verb) to hoard; to squander > MUCKERS, MUCKERING, MUCKERED.
neighbor a neighbour > NEIGHBORLY; (verb) to neighbour, border on > NEIGHBORS, NEIGHBORING, NEIGHBORED.
neighborly like a NEIGHBOR.
neighbour a person who lives near or next door to another > NEIGHBOURLY; (verb) to live or be near > NEIGHBOURS, NEIGHBOURING, NEIGHBOURED.
neighborly like a NEIGHBOUR.
netop a friend, companion.
oppo one's opposite number, a partner or opponent > OPPOS.
pal a friend; (verb) to associate as a pal > PALS, PALLING, PALLED.
pally friendly > PALLIER, PALLIEST; (verb) to become pals with.
palship friendship > PALSHIPS.
palsy pally, being pals > PALSIER, PALSIEST; (noun) a disease > PALSIES; (verb) to affect with palsy > PALSIES, PALSYING, PALSIED.
pardner a partner, friend.
partner an associate; a husband or wife; (verb) to be a partner to.
pheer pheere a companion or mate.
playfellow a companion in amusements or sports; a playmate.
playmate a companion in play.
potman a pot companion.
practisant a confederate.
privado a private friend; a confidant > PRIVADOES or PRIVADOS.
roomie a room-mate.
roommate one with whom a room is shared.
schoolmate a companion at school.
seatmate one with whom one shares a seat.
shipmate a fellow sailor.
sidekick a close friend.
sociate an associate.
sodalist a member of a SODALITY, a fellowship or fraternity.
soulmate a person with who one has most affinity.
tablemate one who shares a table.
tillicum (Am. Ind.) a friend.
tovarich tovarisch tovarish (Russian) a friend, comrade.
unfriend one who is not a friend.
wack mate, pal; (adj.) crazy > WACKER, WACKEST.
wacker mate, pal.
workfellow a companion at work, a WORKMATE.
workmate a companion at work, a WORKFELLOW.
wus a Welsh term used for addressing a companion > WUSES (WUSSES exists as plural of WUSS).
yaar (Hinglish) friend, man (as a form of address).
yokefellow an associate or companion in, or as in; a mate; a fellow; especially, a partner in marriage.
yokemate one who shares a yoke, a yokefellow.

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