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Fools & Simpletons

airhead an idiot.
ament a simpleton; one with arrested mental development.
asinico a stupid fellow. Pl. ASINICOS.
auf a foolish person; an oaf.
bampot barmpot an idiot, fool.
beetlebrain beetlehead a stupid fellow; a blockhead.
berk burk a fool.
bimbo an attractive but dim young woman. Pl. BIMBOS or BIMBOES.
birdbrain one of very limited intelligence.
blert a foolish person.
blockhead a stupid person.
blockishly in a BLOCKISH money
bonehead a stupid person.
boob a stupid person.
boofhead a stupid person.
bozo a man esp. a dim-witted one.
bubblehead a flighty, frivolous woman.
bufflehead one who has a large head; a heavy, stupid fellow.
bumpkin a fool, a simpleton.
butthead a stupid person.
capocchia chipochia a simpleton.
changeling a halfwitted person; one left by the fairies.
charley charlie a simple, credulous person.
chowderhead a foolish person.
chucklehead a foolish person.
chump a foolish person; (verb) to munch.
clarthead a slow-witted person.
clodpate a combination of a clod and a blockhead.
clodpole clodpoll clotpoll a simpleton.
clot a foolish person; (verb) of blood, to congeal.
cokes a simpleton. Pl. COKESES.
coof cuif a fool, a lout.
cretin a person afflicted with cretinism; a fool.
cuckoo a foolish person.
cuddie cuddy (Scots) a fool; a donkey.
daftie a simpleton. N.B. not DAFTY*.
daw (arch.) a simpleton; a jackdaw.
dawbake a slow-witted person.
dawcock (arch.) a simpleton; a cock jackdaw.
dickhead a foolish person.
dill (Aust.) a fool.
dimwit a person of low intelligence.
dingbat a fool.
dipshit dipstick a stupid person.
ditsy ditzy foolish
ditz a silly person.
divvy stupid > DIVVIER, DIVVIEST.
dizzard a blockhead.
doddipoll doddypoll dottipoll a blockhead.
dodo a stupid person; an extinct bird of Madagascar > DODOS or DODOES.
dolt a heavy, stupid fellow.
doofus dufus a fool.
dope a foolish person.
dopy dopey simple-minded.
dopiness dopeyness the state of being DOPY or DOPEY.
dorb dorba a stupid or inept person. Also DORB.
dork an idiot
dorkiness the state of being DORKY > DORKINESSES.
dorkish idiotic, contemptible.
dorky idiotic, contemptible > DORKIER, DORKIEST.
drongo an idiot. Pl. DRONGOS or DRONGOES.
dubbo a stupid person > DUBBOS.
dufus see DOOFUS.
dullard a slow-witted person.
dumbbell a stupid person.
dumbhead a fool.
dumbo a dimwit. Pl. DUMBOS.
dumbshit a stupid person.
dummelhead a stupid person.
dummkopf a stupid person.
dummy a stupid person.
dunce a person regarded as stupid. [From John Duns Scotus, whose writings and philosophy were ridiculed in the 16th century].
dunderhead dunderpate a dunce; a numskull; a blockhead.
dweeb a fool, a nerd.
dweebish like a DWEEB, a fool, a nerd.
eejit an idiot.
fathead a stupid person.
featherhead an empty-headed person.
fuckhead fuckwit a very stupid person.
gaby a simpleton.
galah a kind of Australian cockatoo; a loud foolish person.
galoot a clumsy or inept person.
gander a simpleton; the male of the goose.
gaupus gawpus a silly person.
git a stupid person.
glaiketness the state of being GLAIKET.
gomeral gomerel gomeril a simpleton.
goof goofball a stupid person.
goofy foolish > GOOFIER, GOOFIEST.
goon a simpleton; a violent thug.
goop a fool, a fatuous person.
goopy foolish, fatuous.
goose goosey a simpleton.
goosiness the state of being GOOSY, simple-minded.
goosy a simpleton. (Adj.) like a goose > GOOSIER, GOOSIEST.
gouk gowk a cuckoo; a fool, an April fool.
gubbins a simpleton; a gadget. Pl. GUBBINSES.
gull a dupe or fool; (verb) to deceive.
gump a complete nitwit; (verb) to catch fish with the bare hands, to GUDDLE.
gunsel (US slang) a stupid youth; a gunman. [Yiddish genzel, dim. of goose].
halfwit a simpleton.
halfwitted feeble-minded.
hardhead a blockhead.
haverel a foolish person.
hawbuck a bumpkin.
hick a person from the country, a yokel.
hickish like a HICK, rustic.
himbo a male BIMBO. Pl. HIMBOS.
hobbish clownish.
humdrum a stupid fellow; monotony.
ignoramus an ignorant person.
imbecilely in an IMBECILE fashion.
imbecilically in an IMBECILIC fashion
innocent a simple-minded, easily deceived person.
jackass a male ass or donkey; a stupid person.
jerk a useless or stupid person.
jobernowl a stupid head; a stupid person.
jolthead jolterhead a clumsy oaf; a blockhead.
juggins a simpleton.
jughead an idiot, a fool.
klutz a n idiot; an awkward, stupid person.
knobhead a stupid person.
knucklehead a chump.
lamebrain an unintelligent person.
loggerhead a blockhead; a dunce.
dummkopf a stupid person.
loon a simple person.
lug a stupid or clumsy man; (verb) to drag something heavy.
lummox a stupid, clumsy person.
lunk lunkhead a stupid person.
mafflin maffling a simpleton.
mampara a foolish person, an idiot.
meatball a dull-witted person.
meathead a stupid person.
mome a stupid person.
mopoke a dull-witted person; a kind of Australian bird.
mooncalf a simpleton, a blockhead. Pl. MOONCALVES.
moony (noun) a noodle.; (adj.) moonlit; dreamy > MOONIER, MOONIEST.
mug muggins a fool, a sucker, especially used facetiously to refer to oneself as such.
muppet a stupid person.
mutt a stupid, clumsy person.
muttonhead a heavy, stupid person.
nana an idiot, a fool.
neddy a donkey, a fool
nerk fool, idiot.
nickumpoop nicompoop nincompoop a fool; a silly or stupid person.
nidget (arch.) a fool; a coward.
nincom nincum a nincompoop.
ninny a foolish person.
ninnyhammer a ninny, a foolish person.
noddy a dolt.
nong a fool, an idiot.
nonny a silly fellow; a ninny.
noodle a stupid person.
nit a stupid person.
numpty an idiot.
numskull numbskull a stupid person.
oaf a foolish person; a lout > OAFS or OAVES.
oanshagh a foolish woman or girl.
omadhaun a fool, idiot, simpleton. [Irish amadan].
oxhead literally, the head of an ox (an emblem of cuckoldom); hence, a dolt; a blockhead.
palooka a stupid or clumsy person, esp. in sports.
pillock an idiot, a twit.
pinhead the head of a pin; a stupid person.
plonker a simpleton.
pothead a stupid person.
prat an idiot.
putz (N. Amer. inf.) a stupid person; the penis.
retardate a mentally retarded person.
rube a bumpkin, an easy mark.
sap saphead a weak-minded, stupid fellow.
sawney a fool, a simpleton.
schlemiel schlemihl shlemiel shlemiehl an unlucky or incompetent person who is often duped.
schmo schmoe shmo a stupid person. Pl. SCHMOS, SCHMOES, SHMOS, SHMOES.
schmock shmock a stupid or boring person.
shmuck a pitiful, stupid or obnoxious person. Also SCHMUCK.
simp a simpleton.
simpleton a feeble-minded person.
slabberer one who slabbers, or drools; hence, an idiot.
softhead a simpleton.
spaz a clumsy, foolish person. Pl. SPAZZES.
spoony spooney a foolishly fond person.
staumrel a dolt.
stockish like a stock; stupid; blockish.
stockishly in a STOCKISH manner.
stupid a stupid person.
sumph a dunce, a blockhead.
taupie tawpie a foolish or awkward young person.
thickhead a thick-headed or stupid person.
thickie a stupid person.
thicko a stupid person. Pl. THICKOES.
thimblewit a silly or dimwitted person; a dunce.
tomfool a very foolish person; (verb) to play the fool.
tony 1. (obs.) a simpleton; 2. (adj.) high-toned > TONIER, TONIEST.
tumphy a blockhead; also, a kind of coaly fireclay.
turnip a foolish person, a DUNDERHEAD.
twerp twirp a foolish person.
twerpy like a TWERP, a foolish person > TWERPIER, TWERPIEST. Also TWIRPY.
twirpy like a TWIRP, a foolish person > TWIRPIER, TWIRPIEST. Also TWERPY.
twit a stupid person; (verb) to upbraid.
twp dim-witted, stupid.
wallie wally an idiot or imbecile; (Scots) fine, excellent > WALLIER, WALLIEST.
wazzock a stupid person.
wigeon widgeon (arch.) a fool; now a kind of duck.
witling one with little wit; a pretender to wit.
wof a fool, idiot.
wommit a foolish person.
woodenhead a blockhead, a stupid person.
yampy a foolish person.
yokel a country bumpkin.
zombi zombie a stupid person; an animated corpse.

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