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appel a stamp of the foot in a false attack, in order to create an opening for a hit.
backsword an archaic, edged, unpointed sword used in prizefighting.
botte a pass or thrust in fencing.
broadsword any sword intended for cutting instead of thrusting; a SABRE.
button a guard on the tip of a fencing foil.
coquille a basket-hilt of a sword in the shape of a shell.
counter to make an attack while parrying one.
envelopment an engagement that sweeps the opponent's blade through a full circle.
epee a sword similar to the foil but with a larger guard and a heavier blade of triangular cross section.
epeeist one who uses an EPEE.
faible foible the part of a foil blade between the middle and the point.
feint an attack into one line with the intention of switching to another line before the attack is completed; (verb) to make a feint.
fence to practice the art of fencing.
fencer one that fences.
flanconade a thrust in the side.
fleche an attack in which the aggressor leaps off his leading foot, attempts to make the hit, and then passes the opponent at a run.
fleuret a fencing foil.
foil a light slender flexible sword tipped by a button and usually having a bell-shaped guard; (verb) to frustrate.
foilsman a fencer.
foin to make a thrust.
forte the lower, stronger part of the blade.
hilt the handle of a sword, consisting of guard, grip, and pommel.
imbroccata a downward pass or thrust.
lunge an attack made by extending the rear leg and landing on the bent front leg.
maraging a special steel used for making blades; said to be stronger and break more cleanly than conventional steels.
martingal martingale a strap that binds the grip to the wrist or forearm.
montant montanto an upward blow.
moulinet a whirling cut, executed from the wrist or elbow.
octave the eighth of eight parrying positions: blade down and to the outside, wrist supinated.
outfence to surpass at fencing.
parry to ward off a blow.
passado a forward thrust > PASSADOES or PASSADOS.
piste the linear strip on which a fencing bout is fought; approx. 2m wide and 14m long.
plastron a fencer's wadded breast-shield.
prime the first of eight parrying positions: blade down and to the inside, wrist pronated.
punto puncto a pass or thrust > PUNTOS, PUNCTOS.
quarte the fourth of eight parrying positions: blade up and to the inside, wrist supinated.
quinte the fifth of eight parrying positions: blade up and to the inside, wrist pronated.
rapier a long, double-edged thrusting sword popular in the 16th-17th centuries.
remise an effective second thrust after the first has failed.
reprise renewal of an attack that missed or was parried, after a return to en-garde.
reverso a back-handed sword-stroke > REVERSI or REVERSOS.
ripost riposte in fencing, a return thrust after a parry; (verb) to make such a thrust.
saber sabre a stout cavalry sword, having a single edge; (verb) to strike with a sabre.
salle a fencing hall or club.
schlager a German fraternity duelling sword, used with cuts to the face and no footwork.
scrimure a fencer.
seconde the second of eight parrying positions: blade down and to the outside, wrist pronated.
septime the seventh of eight parrying position: blade down and to the inside, wrist supinated.
singlestick a one-handed fencing stick with a hand guard.
sixte the sixth of eight parrying positions: blade up and to the outside, wrist supinated.
stoccado stoccata a stab; a straight thrust with a rapier.
stramacon stramazon a downward cut.
thrust an attack made by moving the sword parallel to its length and landing with the point.
tierce the third of eight parrying position: blade up and to the outside, wrist pronated.
touche a call acknowledging a hit.
volt volte a sudden leap to avoid a thrust; (verb) to make a volt.

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