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abele the white poplar tree. [Du. abeel, ult, from L. albus, white].
advocaat a liqueur containing rum and raw eggs.
bilander bylander a two-masted cargo vessel used in Holland.
blunderbuss an old-fashioned gun. [Du. donder, thunder, + bus, tube, gun; changed by association with blunder].
boodle counterfeit money; funds obtained by corruption; (verb) to take bribes.
borecole kale. [Du. boerenkool, peasant's cabbage].
bortz bort boart a low quality diamond. [Du. boort].
brool a deep murmur. [Du. brullen, to roar].
burgomaster the mayor of a Dutch or Flemish town. [Du. burgemeester].
caboose a kitchen on the deck of a ship.
cockateel cockatiel a small crested parrot of Australia.
coehorn cohorn a small mortar for throwing grenades. [f. Menno, Baron van Coehoorn (1641—1704), Dutch soldier and military engineer].
coleslaw a salad made of sliced cabbage. [Du. koolsla, from kool + sla].
colza a variety of cabbage cultivated for its seeds, which yield an oil valued for illuminating and lubricating purposes. [Dutch koolzaad, cabbage seed].
cruller kruller in N. America, a type of sweet cake fried in fat.
dewitt to lynch. [From the surname of two brothers, John and Cornelius De Witt, opponents of William III, who were lynched by a mob in 1672].
distelfink a traditional Pennsylvanian Dutch design motif in the form of a stylised bird.
dogger a two-masted fishing vessel, used by the Dutch.
doggerman a sailor belonging to a DOGGER, a two-masted fishing vessel, used by the Dutch.
doit doitkin duit dodkin an old Dutch coin of little value.
droger drogher a small craft used in the West Indies to take off sugars, rum, etc., to the merchantmen; also, a vessel for transporting lumber, cotton, etc., coastwise; as, a lumber droger.
dwang a piece of timber used to reinforce joists, a strut. [Du. dwang, force, constraint].
eland a large African antelope with spiral horns.
euphroe uphroe a block or long slat of wood, perforated for the passage of the crowfoot, or cords by which an awning is held up. [Du. jeffrouw, from jong, young + vrouw, woman].
filibuster orig. a plunderer; a freebooter; also, one who obstructs legislation by making long speeches; (verb) to make such speeches. [Du. vrijbuiter, freebooter].
fluyt a small 17th century merchant ship.
freebooter a plunderer, a pirate. [Du. vrijbuiter].
frow vrow vrouw a woman, goodwife.
garboard a plank on a ship's bottom next to the keel. [Du. gaarboord].
gherkin girkin a kind of small, prickly cucumber, much used for pickles.
guilder gulden a Dutch monetary unit, a silver coin worth about forty cents.
houting a European food fish with white flesh.
howitzer a short relatively light gun for the high-angle firing of shells at a low velocity. [Du. houwitser f. Ger. Haubitze].
impolder empolder to make a POLDER of.
isinglass the dried bladder of certain fish, especially the sturgeon, used e.g. to clarify wines. [Du. huizenblas, sturgeon-bladder].
keeshond a medium-size dog of the spitz type. Pl. KEESHONDS or KEESHONDEN.
kermess kermis kirmess in Europe, particularly in Belgium and Holland, an outdoor festival and fair; in the United States, generally an indoor entertainment and fair combined.
kermesse a cycle race held in an urban area.
klinker a very hard paving brick. Also CLINKER.
koff a small Dutch sailing vessel.
koker in Guyana, a sluice-gate.
korfball a basketball-like game played between two teams of six men and six women each. [Du. korf, basket].
krang kreng the carcass of a whale after the blubber has been removed.
landloper a wanderer, a vagabond. [Du. landlooper, from land + lopen, to run].
laveer to sail against the wind.
leguaan leguan a large S. African lizard.
lispound a varying weight, 12 to 34 pounds, used in the Baltic countries and Orkney and Shetland.
maelstrom a powerful whirlpool.
mahlstick malstick maulstick a stick used by painters to steady the hand. [Du. malen, to paint, + stok, stick].
mallemuck mollymawk a kind of albatross. [Du. mallemok, f. mal foolish + mok gull].
matross an artillery soldier next in rank below a gunner. [Du. matroos, apparently from French matelot, a sailor].
meercat meerkat a S. African carnivore, the SURICATE, related to the ICHNEUMON.
meneer mynheer mijnheer the Dutch equivalent of Mr. or Sir; hence, a Dutchman.
minikin a little darling; a favorite; a minion. [Du. minneken, f. minne love].
morgen a unit of land area slightly more than two acres.
mossbunker an oily fish of the herring family, aka MENHADEN. [Du. marsbanker].
muid a Dutch or (now esp.) South African dry measure of capacity equal to approx. 117 litres (3.22 bushels).
olycook olykoek olicook a kind of American doughnut.
orlop the lowest deck of a ship having four or more decks. [Du. overloop, covering].
paal in the Caribbean, a stake driven into the ground.
palsgrave a count or earl who presided in the domestic court, and had the superintendence, of a royal household in Germany.
palstaff palstave a peculiar bronze adz, used in prehistoric Europe about the middle of the Bronze Age.
patroon a ship's captain; a holder of a grant of land from the Dutch governor of New York.
polder an area of low-lying land reclaimed from a body of water (esp. in the Netherlands); (verb) to reclaim low-lying land.
poppycock nonsense. [Du. pappekak, soft dung].
pram praam a flat-bottomed boat or lighter, used in Holland and the Baltic, and sometimes armed in case of war.
prad (sl.) a horse. [By metathesis from Dutch paard, horse.]
predikant a Dutch reformed preacher, esp. in S. Africa. Cf. PREDICANT.
pomelo pompelo pumelo pummelo pompelmoose pampelmoose pampelmouse pompelmous pompelmouse the shaddock or grapefruit.
quacksalver a quack, a charlatan. [From obsolete Dutch (now kwakzalver), from quack (boast) + salve (ointment).]
reistafel rijstafel an Indonesian rice dish. [Du. rijs, rice, + tafel, table].
rigsdaler a small Dutch silver coin.
roemer rummer a large drinking-glass.
rutter a horseman or trooper; a book of sailing directions.
schiedam Holland gin made at Schiedam in the Netherlands.
schilling any one of several small German and Dutch coins, worth from about one and a half cents to about five cents.
schipperke a small black Belgian canal-boat dog.
schout a municipal officer.
schuit a Dutch flat-bottomed boat, used along canals and round the coast.
slenter slinter (Aus. coll) a dodge, a trick.
snoek a S. African fish, aka BARRACOUTA. [Dutch snoek, pike].
sooterkin a kind of false birth, fabled to be produced by Dutch women from sitting over their stoves; also, an abortion, in a figurative sense; an abortive scheme.
specksioneer specktioneer the chief harpooner on a whaler, who directs the flensing of the whale. [Du. speck, fat meat, + snijden, to cut].
stadholder stadtholder a Dutch viceroy or provincial governor.
stiver stuiver a Dutch coin worth a penny or two; something of little value.
stoep a platform along the front, and sometimes the side, of a house.
suricate a S. African carnivore, aka MEERKAT, related to the ICHNEUMON. [Du. surikat].
taffarel tafferel taffrail the rail round the stern of a ship. [Du. taffereel panel, picture, dim. of tafel table].
tarras terras trass an earthy volcanic tuff used as a hydraulic cement.
vendue a public sale; an auction.
verquere verquire an obsolete form of backgammon.
walrus a large aquatic carnivorous mammal.
wamus wammus wampus a kind of cardigan or strong jacket buttoned at the neck or wrists.
weakfish a kind of fish caught off the Atlantic coast of North America, aka sea trout. [Du. weekvisch, f. week soft + visch fish].
wentletrap any of a genus of gasteropod molluscs, having a spiral shell with many deep whorls. [Du. 'spiral staircase'].
witloof a kind of chicory with white leaves. [Du. wit, white, + loof, leaf].

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