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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

argand (Fr.) a kind of gas or oil lamp.
astral related to stars (noun) a type of oil lamp
bedlamp a bedside lamp.
booklight a light that clips on to a book.
bowat (Scots) a lantern.
bowet (Scots) a lantern.
buat (Scots) a lantern.
carcel (Fr.) a French mechanical lamp, used in lighthouses.
cruisie (Scots) an open iron lamp with a rush wick.
cruizie an open iron lamp with a rush wick.
crusie (Scots) an open iron lamp with a rush wick.
crusy (Scots) an open iron lamp with a rush wick.
cruzie an open iron lamp with a rush wick.
dashlight a light illuminating the dashboard of an automobile, esp at night.
davy a safety lamp.
diya (Hindi) a small oil lamp used in Hindu worship, esp at Diwali.
downlight a lamp shining downwards.
downlighter a downward directed light-fitting, attached to or recessed in the ceiling.
flambeau (Fr.) a flaming torch.
flashlamp an electric torch.
floodlight lighting of a large area or surface by illumination from lamps situated at some distance; (verb) to illuminate by floodlighting.
floodlit illuminated by floodlights.
foglight a motor-vehicle light used in foggy conditions.
gaslight light made by burning gas.
gaslit illuminated by gas.
glowlamp an incandescent lamp, usually electric.
headlamp a light on the front of a car.
headlight a strong light on the front of a vehicle.
holophote an apparatus by which all the light from a lighthouse is thrown in the required direction.
houselights in a theatre, the lights illuminating the auditorium.
kudlik (Inuit) a soapstone seal-oil lamp.
lamp any appliance or device containing a source of artificial light; (verb, arch.) to shine.
lampad a lamp, candlestick or torch.
lamphole a hole for a lamp.
lampion an oil lamp, often in a decorative coloured-glass pot.
lampless lacking a lamp.
lamplight the light cast by a lamp.
lamplit lit by lamps.
lamppost a post supporting a lamp.
lampstand a stand for a lamp.
lantern a lamp or light in a case; (verb) to provide or light with lanterns.
lanthorn (Obs.) a lantern, from folk etymology deriving from use of horn in lanterns.
lightbulb a glass bulb containing a low-pressure gas and a metal filament which glows when an electric current is passed through it.
lucigen a lamp burning oil mixed with air in a spray.
luminaire (Fr.) the British Standards Institute term for a light fitting.
luminaria a traditional Mexican Christmas lantern orig consisting of a candle set in sand inside a paper bag.
owler (Obs.) a smuggler's lantern.
penlight a small torch.
penlite a small torch.
photoflood an incandescent tungsten lamp.
pickwick a device for raising the wick in oil lamps.
pinspot a small powerful spotlight; (verb) to illuminate with a pinspot.
qulliq (Inuit) a type of oil lamp used by the Inuit.
roughie a dry bough used as a torch.
roughy a dry bough used as a torch; a rough or rowdy person.
searchlight an apparatus for projecting a powerful beam of light.
spotlight a light that projects a circle of light on to an actor; (verb) to put in the spotlight.
stoplight the brake light on a car.
streetlamp a streetlight.
streetlight a light usually mounted on a pole and constituting one of a series spaced at intervals along a public street or highway.
sunlamp a lamp that radiates ultraviolet rays.
taillamp a usually red light carried at the back of a train, tram, car or other vehicle.
tead (Spenser) a torch.
teade (Spenser) a torch.
torch a handheld device for giving light (verb) to light with a torch
torcher (Shakesp.) a light-giver.
torchier (Fr.) a floor lamp with bowl for reflecting light upwards.
torchiere (Fr.) a floor lamp with bowl for reflecting light upwards.
torchlight light given by torches.
torchlike like a torch.
torchlit lit by torches.
troffer a fixture for fluorescent lighting.
underlit lit from below.
unlighted not lighted.
uplighter a light-fitting that throws light upwards.
veilleuse (Fr.) a small, highly-decorated nightlight.
yardlight a strong light suspended on a pole, used to illuminate a farmyard.