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affenpinscher a kind of dark, wiry, shaggy dog with a tufted muzzle.
akita a large powerfully built breed of Japanese dog.
alan aland alant a large hunting-dog.
alopecoid of or resembling a fox.
apso a Tibetan terrier.
bandog a mastiff or other large and fierce dog, usually kept chained or tied up.
barbet a variety of small dog, having long curly hair; a tropical bird.
basenji a small African hunting-dog.
basset a breed of dog; (verb) to outcrop.
bawtie bawty a type of dog.
beagle a breed of dog; (verb) to hunt with this.
birddog a dog used to retrieve game birds; (verb) to control closely with unceasing vigilance > BIRDDOGS, BIRDDOGGING, BIRDDOGGED.
bitser a mongrel dog.
bloodhound a large breed of hound having a smooth glossy coat of red, tan, or black and loose wrinkled skin on its head: formerly much used in tracking and police work.
bluetick a type of dog.
bluey an Australian cattle-dog.
boarhound a dog used to hunt boar.
bobbery a mixed pack of hunting dogs; a noisy row.
bobtail an animal (as a horse or dog) with a short tail; (verb) to cut a tail short.
boerbul boerbull a crossbred mastiff used esp as a watchdog.
borzoi a kind of wolf-hound.
bouvier a kind of large dog.
bowler (Dublin dialect) a dog.
bowwow (coll.) a dog.
boxer boxing; a medium-sized, smooth-haired dog of a breed, with bulldog blood.
brach a female hunting hound > BRACHES or BRACHS.
brachet bratchet a BRACH, a whelp.
brak brackish, salty; (noun) a mongrel dog.
briard a kind of rugged French dog.
buckhound a hound for hunting deer.
buhund a type of Norwegian dog.
bulldog a breed of dog; (verb) to attack like a bulldog, treat roughly.
bullmastiff a breed of dog.
bullterrier a breed of dog.
canid a member of the dog family.
caninity the state of being CANINE.
chihuahua a breed of small dog from Mexico.
clumber a kind of field spaniel, with short legs and stout body.
coachdog one of a breed of dogs trained to accompany carriages; the Dalmatian dog.
cockapoo a hybrid between a cocker spaniel and a poodle.
collie any of several silky-coated breeds of dog developed for herding sheep and cattle.
coondog coonhound a dog trained to hunt raccoons.
corgi a dog of a small short-legged breed of Welsh origin. [Welsh cor, dwarf + ci, dog.]
corsac an Asian fox.
coydog a hybrid between a coyote and a wild dog.
coyote a predatory canine mammal, Canis latrans, related to but smaller than the wolf, roaming the deserts and prairies of North America.
cur a mongrel dog.
currish like a cur.
currishly in the manner of a cur.
dachshund a breed of dog. [G. Dachs, badger + Hund, dog].
dalmatian a large breed of dog having a short smooth white coat with black or (in liver-spotted dalmatians) brown spots.
deerhound a kind of hound used in hunting deer.
dhole an Indian wild dog.
dieb a jackal of N. Africa.
dingo the Australian wild dog > DINGOES.
dogdom the state of being a dog.
dogfox a male fox.
doggess a bitch.
doggie a small dog.
dogginess being like a dog.
doggish like a dog; having the bad qualities of a dog; churlish.
doggishly dOGGISH, like a dog; having the bad qualities of a dog.
doggy a small dog. Also DOGGIE. (Adj.) like a dog > DOGGIER, DOGGIEST.
doglike like a dog.
dogship the character, or individuality, of a dog.
draghound a foxhound trained to follow a drag.
elkhound a breed of dog.
feist fice fyce a small dog.
fennec the desert fox.
foxhound a hound used for hunting foxes.
foxie a fox-terrier.
gazehound a hound that pursues by the sight rather than by the scent.
goorie+ goory a mongrel, an extinct native dog, aka KURI.
grayhound a tall slender fast-moving dog of an ancient breed originally used for coursing. Also GREYHOUND.
grew grewhound a greyhound.
greyhound a tall slender fast-moving dog of an ancient breed originally used for coursing.
guarddog a dog kept for guard purposes.
gundog a dog trained to work with a hunter or gamekeeper.
harrier a medium-sized scenting dog for hunting hares.
heeler a dog that herds cattle by biting at their heels.
hound any of several breeds of dog used for hunting.
huntaway a dog trained to drive sheep at some distance from the shepherd.
husky a sled-dog; (adj.) of a voice > HUSKIER, HUSKIEST.
jackal an African carnivorous mammal related to the dog; (verb) to play the jackal, do someone else's dirty work.
jowler a heavy-jawed hound.
keeshond a medium-size dog of the spitz type > KEESHONDS or KEESHONDEN.
kelpie kelpy an Australian breed of sheepdog.
kennet a small hunting-dog.
komondor a large, shaggy-coated dog > KOMONDORS, KOMONDOROK, KOMONDOROCK.
kuri a mongrel, an extinct native dog > KURIS.
kurre a cur.
kuvasz an ancient breed of sheepdog with a white coat > KUVASZOK. [Hungarian f. Turk. kavas guard].
labradoodle a breed of dog.
labrador a breed of dog.
laika a breed of small reddish-brown working dog.
lapdog a small dog fondled in the lap.
lobo a timber wolf > LOBOS.
lupine like a wolf; (noun) a flower, a lupin.
lurcher a crossbred dog, esp. the offspring of a greyhound and a collie or retriever, used esp. by poachers for pursuing hares and rabbits.
lyam lym lyme a kind of bloodhound.
malamute malemiut malemute an Alaskan sled dog. [Inuit malimiut].
maremma an Italian sheepdog.
mastiff a breed of dog.
messan a lapdog, a cur.
mut mutt (coll.) a dog.
papillon a breed of toy spaniel with erect ears.
peekapoo+ pekepoo a dog which is a cross between a Pekinese and a poodle. Also PEKEPOO.
peke a Pekinese dog.
pinscher a breed of large dog.
pointer a breed of dog used on shooting expeditions, that points to thebird with nose, body and tail in a straight line.
pom a Pomeranian dog.
pooch a dog esp. a mongrel; (verb) to bulge > POOCHES, POOCHING, POOCHES.
poodle a breed of domestic dog of various sizes, which has a curly coat.
puli a long-haired sheepdog > PULIK or PULIS.
pup a young dog, esp. under a year old; (verb) to give birth to a pup.
puppy a young dog, a pup; (verb) to pup > PUPPIED, PUPPYING.
puppydom the state of being a puppy.
puppyhood the time or state of being a puppy; the time of being young and undisciplined.
puppyish like a puppy.
puppylike like a puppy.
rach rache a dog that hunts by scent.
ratch a dog that hunts by scent; (verb) to wander, prowl > RATCHED, RATCHING.
ratter a dog used to catch rats.
redbone a kind of hunting dog.
retriever one of a breed of large gun dogs that can be trained to retrieve game.
ridgeback a large hunting-dog.
rottweiler a large powerful breed of dog. [From Rottweil, a town in SW Germany].
saluki a greyhound-like Arab dog; a gazelle hound.
samoyed a Siberian breed of dog of the spitz type.
schipperke a small black Belgian canal-boat dog.
schnauzer a German breed of wire-haired terrier > SCHNAUZERS.
scottie a short-legged terrier.
sealyham a breed of dog. [First bred at Sealyham in Pembrokeshire].
setter a breed of dog; (verb) to treat with a SETON of setterwort root > SETTERED, SETTERING.
sheepdog a dog used for controlling sheep.
sheltie shelty a Shetland sheepdog; also a Shetland pony.
shitzu a small long-haired dog bred from the Pekingese and Lhasa Apso.
shough showghe a shaggy dog.
sloughi a breed of dog, orig from NW Africa.
sleuthhound a bloodhound; (coll.) a detective.
sowter the name of a dog.
spaniel a breed of dog; (verb) to follow devotedly.
spinone as in Italian spinone, a wiry-coated gun dog.
spitz a Pomeranian dog.
springer a kind of spaniel.
staghound a dog used for hunting stags.
talbot a broad-mouthed, large-eared hound, now extinct.
tanuki a raccoon dog > TANUKIS.
teckel a dachshund.
terrier a small dog of various breeds, originally one that would follow burrowing animals underground.
tike a cur.
tosa a breed of heavily built, smooth-haired dog.
tyke a dog, a cur; a rough-mannered person; a Roman Catholic.
tykish like a tyke.
vallhund a Swedish breed of dog.
vixen a female fox.
vixenish of or pertaining to a vixen; resembling a vixen.
vixenishly in the manner of a vixen.
vixenly like a vixen; vixenish.
vizsla a Hungarian breed of hunting dog.
volpino a small Italian dog with long straight hair > VOLPINOS.
vulpecular resembling or characteristic of a fox.
vulpine fox-like; cunning. [L. vulpes, fox].
wammul a dog.
warragal warragle warragul warrigal the Australian wild dog, the dingo.
watchdog to act as a watchdog for.
weimaraner a breed of grey short-haired gun dogs.
whelp a young offspring of certain animals, esp. of a wolf or dog; (verb) to give birth to a whelp.
whippet a greyhound-like dog.
wirehair a breed of terrier.
wolf a predatory canine mammal, Canis lupus, which hunts in packs and was formerly widespread in North America and Eurasia but is now less common.
wolfhound any of several breeds of a large domestic dog.
wolfish like a wolf.
wolfishly in the manner of a wolf.
wolfkin a little or young wolf.
wolflike like a wolf.
wolfling a young wolf.
wolvish wolfish.
wolvishly in the manner of a wolf.
yapper a yappy dog.
yapster a yappy dog.
yorkie a Yorkshire terrier.
zerda a desert fox, aka FENNEC. [Arabic zardawa].
zorro a kind of South American fox > ZORROS.

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