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allemande almain a courtly baroque dance in which the arms are interlaced.
beguine a dance of French West Indian origin.
bergamask bergomask a rustic dance.
bogle a kind of rhythmic dance; (verb) to perform this.
bolero a Spanish dance with sudden pauses and sharp turns. Pl. BOLEROS.
boogaloo a kind of dance; (verb) to perform this.
boogey boogie boogy to dance to rock music.
boston a waltz-like dance.
bourree an brisk French dance in triple time.
branle bransle brantle brawl an old French dance or dance-tune.
breakdance breakdancing an energetic form of dance to rock or disco.
cachucha an Andalusian dance in three-four time, resembling the bolero.
cakewalk a prancing stage dance with backward tilt; (verb) to do the cakewalk.
canary a lively Renaissance courtly dance; (verb) to dance this.
cancan a French dance.
cantico canticoy kantikoy to dance as an act of worship. [Algonquin].
capoeira capuera a martial art and dance combination.
carioca a variation of the SAMBA.
carmagnole a popular song and round dance of the French Revolutionary period.
chaconne a Spanish baroque dance in triple time.
charleston a lively dance that involves kicking.
clogdance a dance performed with clogs, the clatter keeping time to the music.
conga a Latin American dance in which dancers are linked in a single file; (verb) to dance the conga.
contredanse a folk dance in which two lines of couples face each other.
cooch a sinuous dance.
coranto courant courante couranto an old dance with a gliding step.
cotillion cotillon an elaborate ballroom dance with frequent changes of partner.
cracovienne krakowiak a lively Polish dance; the music for it. [From Cracow, a city in southern Poland).
csardas czardas a Hungarian dance that increases in speed. The quick movement is called a FRIS or FRISKA, the slow movement a LASSU.
dancical a type of dance show in which choreographed performers dance to pop songs.
fading an old Irish dance.
fado a type of Portugese folk-song or dance > FADOS. [Port. fado, fate].
fandango a lively Spanish dance performed by a couple > FANDANGOS or FANDANGOES.
farandole a lively Provençal dance in which men and women hold hands.
farruca a gypsy dance with sudden tempo and mood changes.
flamenco a Spanish dance style > FLAMENCOS.
forlana furlana a Venetian dance in 6-4 time.
foxtrot a ballroom dance to syncopated music; (verb) to dance the foxtrot.
fris friska the quick movement of a CZARDAS.
frug a vigorous dance performed to pop music, popularized in the 1960s; (verb) to perform this dance.
galliard a sprightly Renaissance and Baroque dance.
gallopade galopade a lively ballroom dance in 2/4 time; a piece of music for this dance. GALLOPADE, but not GALOPADE, can be used as a verb: to dance a gallopade.
galop a lively double-time dance; (verb) to dance this > GALOPPING or GALOPING, GALOPPED or GALOPED.
gavot gavotte a dance, somewhat like a country-dance, originally a dance of the Gavots, people of the French Upper Alps.
german (US) an elaborate dance.
giga gigue a lively Italian dance. Pl. of GIGA is GIGAS, GIGHE.
gopak a high-leaping folk-dance from the Ukraine.
habanera a slow and seductive Cuban dance.
haka a ceremonial Maori war-dance.
halling a Norwegian country dance.
hey a winding country dance; (verb) to dance this.
hoedown a country dance.
hoolachan hoolican a Highland reel, esp. the reel of Tulloch.
hora horah an Israeli dance.
hornpipe a lively British folk dance.
hula a sinuous Polynesian dance with rhythmic hip movements.
jitterbug a jazz dance featuring vigorous acrobatic feats; (verb) to dance this.
jive to dance to jazz or swing music.
joncanoe junkanoo a boisterous West Indian dance.
jota a Spanish dance in triple time.
juba a Negro rustic dance.
kathak a dance of N. India.
kazachoc kazachok a Russian folk dance > KAZACHKI.
kazatski a Russian folk dance > KAZATSKIS.
kazatsky a Russian folk dance > KAZATSKIES.
kazatzka a Russian folk dance > KAZATZKAS.
kolo a Serbian folk-dance > KOLOS. [Serbo-Croat kolo, wheel].
krakowiak see CRACOVIENNE.
krumper one who does KRUMPING.
krumping a type of dancing in which participants, often wearing face paint, dance with one another in a fast and aggressive style mimicking a fight but without any physical contact.
lambada a rhythmic energetic Latin-American dance.
lanciers a French dance. N.B. there is no singular LANCIER*.
lassu the slow movement of a CSARDAS.
landler a S. German dance, like a slow waltz (the a has an umlaut).
lavolt lavolta a lively dance for couples in 3/4 time, in which each partner lifts the other clear of the ground in turn; (verb) to do this dance.
legong a Balinese dance.
lindy a dance closely resembling the jitterbug.
loure an old slow dance in 6-4 time. [Fr. bagpipe].
malaguena a Spanish dance performed by a couple, similar to the FANDANGO.
mambo a Cuban ballroom dance resembling the rumba or cha-cha; Voodoo priestess; (verb) to dance the mambo > MAMBOS or MAMBOES.
marinera a Peruvian folk-dance danced in pairs.
matachin a masked sword-dancer; the sword-dance itself. Pl. MATACHINI.
matachina a female MATACHIN, sword-dancer.
maxixe a Brazilian ballroom dance resembling the two-step.
mazourka mazurka a Polish folk dance in moderate triple measure. [Polish mazurka, woman of the province Mazovia].
merengue a Caribbean ballroom dance in which feet are frequently dragged.
minuet a slow and stately Baroque dance in 3/4 time.
morris morrice an English folk dance in which story is enacted by costumed dancers; MORRIS can be used as a verb: to dance the morris.
mosh a style of energetic sinuous dancing; (verb) to dance in this way.
mosher one who MOSHES.
moshing a style of energetic sinuous dancing > MOSHINGS.
nach nautch nauch an entertainment in India consisting chiefly of dancing by professional dancing girls.
nondance something that is not a dance.
nondancer one who does not dance.
outdance to surpass in dancing.
pantalon pantalone a movement in a quadrille.
pasodoble a fast modern dance.
paspy passepied a Breton dance resembling a quick minuet.
passacaglia an old slow Italian or Spanish dance; variations on a theme over a continuously repeated ground bass.
passamezzo an old dance, a PAVAN in quick time.
pericon an Argentinan folk-dance performed by couples dancing in a ring > PERICONES.
petronella a Scottish country dance.
pigeonwing a caper or leap in dancing, jumping and clapping feet together.
polk to dance a polka.
polka a Bohemian dance or the tune for it; (verb) to dance this. [Perhaps Czech pulka half-step; or from Polish polka a Polish woman].
polonaise a stately Polish dance of moderate tempo.
polonie a child's polonaise, a stately Polish dance of moderate tempo.
pyrrhic an ancient Greek war-dance; also a Greek poetic measure.
quadrille a square dance for four couples; (verb) to dance the quadrille. A QUADRILLE has movements including a PANTALON or PANTALONE and a TRENISE.
quickstep a fast march-like dance.
redowa a Bohemian dance. [Czech rejdov´k, f. rejdovat turn or whirl round].
reel a lively dance of the Scottish Highlands.
rhumba rumba a kind of dance; (verb) to dance the rhumba.
rigadoon rigaudon a lively Baroque period dance.
romaika a modern Greek dance. [Mod. Gr. Rhomaikos, Roman].
ronggeng a Malaysian dancing-girl; a kind of Malysian dancing, often with singing.
roundel roundle a ring-dance.
rueda a Cuban street dance, performed in a circle, featuring many turns and changes of partner.
salsa a rhythmic Latin-American big-band dance music; a dance performed to this; (verb) to do such a dance. [Sp. salsa, sauce].
saltarello a lively Italian dance > SALTARELLOS or SALTARELLI.
samba a Brazilian dance; (verb) to dance the samba.
saraband sarabande a stately court dance of the 17th and 18th centuries, resembling the minuet. [Sp. zarabanda].
sardana a Catalan dance in a ring formation.
schottische an old polka-like round dance.
seguidilla a Spanish folk dance.
shimmy a jazz dance featuring rapid shaking of the body; (verb) to dance the shimmy.
siciliana siciliano a Sicilian dance, resembling the pastorale, set to a rather slow and graceful melody in 12-8 or 6-8 measure; also, the music to the dance. Pl. of SICILIANA is SICILIANE; of SICILIANO is SICILIANOS.
skank to dance to reggae music, lifting the knees in a rapid jerky movement.
skanker one who SKANKS, dances to reggae music.
slamdance to dance aggressively, bumping into other people.
stepdancer one who does a step dance.
stepdancing dancing involving an effective display of steps by an individual dancer. N.B. there is no STEPDANCE* (it is two words), but there is STEPDANCER.
stomp a jazz dance featuring heavy stamping of the feet.
strathspey a reel-like Scottish dance of moderate tempo.
tango a kind of dance; (verb) to dance the tango.
tangolike like a TANGO.
tarantella a lively, whirling S. Italian dance once thought to be caused by tarantism.
tordion turdion a Renaissance dance similar to but slower than a GALLIARD.
trenise the fourth movement of a QUADRILLE.
tripudium an ancient Roman religious dance in triple time > TRIPUDIA or TRIPUDIUMS.
valeta veleta a kind of dance. [Sp. veleta, weather-cock].
valse a waltz; (verb) to waltz.
varsovienne a polka-like Polish dance.
villanella an old rustic dance, accompanied with singing. Pl. VILLANELLE (which a a verse form is also a singular in its own right, with pl. VILLANELLES).
vogue to perform to pop music a stylized dance > VOGUING/VOGUEING.
volta same as LAVOLTA, but cannot be used as verb.
waltz a ballroom dance in triple time in which couples spin around as they progress round the room; (verb) to dance this.
waltzlike like a WALTZ.
zapateado a Latin-American dance with rhythmic tapping of the feet > ZAPATEADOS.
zapateo a Spanish dance > ZAPATEOS.
ziganka a Russian country dance.

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