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anoa a wild ox of the Celebes.
arna the Indian water-buffalo.
aurochs an extinct wild ox, aka URE or URUS.
banteng the wild ox of Java.
beefalo a cross between a cow and a buffalo > BEEFALOS or BEEFALOES.
beeves cattle, oxen.
bestial a collective name for cattle > BESTIALS.
bison either of two heavily-built wild oxen of the genus Bison.
bisontine of or relating to bison.
bonasus bonassus the aurochs or European bison > BONASUSES, BONASSUSES.
bossy a cow; (adj.) inclined to boss > BOSSIER, BOSSIEST.
bovid a member of the family Bovidae, ruminants.
bovine relating to cattle; an animal of the cattle family.
bovinity the state of being bovine.
buffalo any of several wild Asiatic oxen; the American bison > BUFFALOS or BUFFALOES. (Verb) to overawe, bemuse.
bull a male cow.
bullock an ox or castrated bull; (verb) to force (one's way) heavily: BULLOCKED, BULLOCKING.
calfless of a cow, not having a calf.
carabao a kind of water buffalo.
catalo cattalo a cross between domestic cattle and N. American bison > CATALOS or CATALOES; CATTALOES or CATTALOS.
cattabu a cross between domestic cattle and zebu > CATTABUS.
cattle bovine mammals of the genus Bos, esp oxen, bulls and cows.
cavicorn hollow-horned; (noun) an animal of the Bovidae.
chang a kind of cattle.
cow the female of the bovine animals.
cowy suggestive of a cow > COWIER, COWIEST.
crummy crummie a cow with crooked horns.
devon one of a breed of hardy cattle originating in the country of Devon, England.
dexter a small breed of red or black beef cattle.
doddy a hornless cow; (adj.) sulky: DODDIER, DODDIEST.
dso dzo dzho zho zo a kind of yak > DSOS, DZOS, DZHOS, ZHOS, ZOS.
dsobo zobo zobu a male ZO.
dsomo jomo zhomo a female ZO.
freemartin a sexually deficient female calf born as a bull calf's twin.
gaur a kind of wild ox, aka SELADANG.
gayal gyal an Indian domesticated ox.
hariana a breed of cattle.
hawkie hawkey a cow with a white-striped face.
heifer a young cow that has had no more than one calf.
holstein a breed of cattle. [From Holstein, a region in N. Germany].
humlie a pollarded or hornless cow.
illawarra a breed of shorthorn dairy cattle.
kerry one of an Irish breed of cattle.
kine kyne cattle. These are plural. Because it also means a type of television tube, KINE can take an —S, but KYNE cannot.
kouprey an Indo-Chinese wild cow.
ky kye cattle. No KYS*, but KYES is valid from KYE in another sense.
kyloe a small long-haired breed of Hebridean cattle.
longhorn a breed of beef cattle, often reddish, with long curved horns.
mooly mooley muley mulley a hornless cow.
muskox a large bovid of arctic regions > MUSKOXEN.
neat an ox, cow, bull etc > NEATS.
ovibos the musk ox > OVIBOSES. [L. ovis sheep, and bos, bovis ox].
ovibovine of or relating to musk-oxen.
owse an ox > OWSEN.
ox a bovine animal > OXEN; also, a clumsy person > OXES.
oxlike like an ox.
poler one of a pair of bullocks harnessed to a pole.
poley of cattle, hornless; (noun) a hornless cow.
quey a heifer.
rother an ox, cow.
sahiwal any of a breed of humped dairy cattle. [From the name of a town in the central Punjab, Pakistan.]
saladang seladang sladang a kind of wild ox, aka GAUR.
saola a small ox-like mammal found in Vietnam and Laos.
stirk a yearling ox or cow.
supercow a dairy cow that produces a very high milk yield.
tamarao tamarau timarau a small wild buffalo of the Philippines.
taurean tauric taurine of or relating to a bull. TAURINE is also a noun, a chemical compound, and so can take an —S.
tollie tolly a castrated calf: TOLLIES.
ure urus an extinct wild ox, aka AUROCHS > URES, URUSES.
vealer a calf raised to provide veal.
vealy resembling veal or a calf: VEALIER, VEALIEST.
vitular vituline pertaining to a calf or to veal.
wagyu a Japanese breed of beef cattle.
weaner a calf, lamb, or pig weaned during the current year.
wisent the European bison.
yak a wild and domesticated cattle of Tibet, with long horns and shaggy hair.
yakow an animal crossbred from a male yak and a domestic cow.
zamouse a short-horned buffalo. [Arabic jamus].
zebu a humped domestic ox.

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