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airboat a shallow-draft boat drive by an aircraft propeller.
argosy a large merchant ship; a rich supply. [From Ragusa, near Dubrovnik].
armada a fleet of warships.
aviso a boat bringing news, a dispatch-boat > AVISOS.
baidarka bidarka bidarkee an Alaskan Inuit kayak.
balsa a raft or float, used principally on the Pacific coast of South America. [Sp. balsa, raft].
banker a fishing vessel used off Newfoundland.
barca a boat, barge.
bareboat a pleasure-boat rented without personnel.
barge a vessel, usually flat-bottomed and with or without its own power, used for transporting freight, esp. on canals; (verb) to transport by barge.
bark barque a three-masted vessel whose mizzen-mast is fore-and-aft-rigged.
barkentine barquentine barquantine a type of three-masted vessel.
barquette a small barque.
bateau batteau a boat; esp. a flat-bottomed, clumsy boat used on the Canadian lakes and rivers > BATEAUX, BATTEAUX.
battleship a heavily armoured warship of the largest type having many large-calibre guns.
bawley in Essex and Kent, a small fishing-smack.
bilander bylander a two-masted cargo vessel used in Holland.
billyboy a flat-bottomed river barge or coasting vessel.
bireme a rowed ship or galley with two banks of oars.
birlinn a barge in the Western Isles.
blockship a warship too old for action, but useful in port defence.
boatlift to evacuate by boat > BOATLIFTS, BOATLIFTING, BOATLIFTED.
brig a two-masted, square-rigged vessel.
brigantine two-masted ship.
bucentaur a state barge of Venice from which the Doge dropped a ring into the sea.
budgero budgerow a large and commodious, but generally cumbrous and sluggish boat, used for journeys on the Ganges.
bugeye a small boat.
bumboat a small boat used in harbours to carry provisions.
caique a light skiff used on the Bosphorus.
canalboat a boat used on canals.
canaller a freight boat used on canals.
canoe a light narrow open boat, propelled by one or more paddles; (verb) to travel by canoe.
canoer one who travels by CANOE.
carack carrack carrect carract a large ship of burden.
caravel carvel caravelle a small light fast ship, chiefly Spanish or Portuguese, of the 15th to the 17th cents.
casco a Philippine cargo barge > CASCOS.
catamaran originally a raft of logs lashed together; now a boat, especially a sailing boat with two hulls. [Tamil kattu-maram, tied wood].
catboat a small sailboat, with a single mast placed as far forward as possible, carring a sail extended by a gaff and long boom.
catrigged rigged like a CATBOAT.
clipper a kind of sailing ship, sep. as used for the transport of tea.
coaler a ship that carries coal.
coaster a vessel that plies its trade along the coast.
coble a short, flat-bottomed boat for use on rivers and estuaries. [Welsh ceubal, a hollow trunk].
cockboat cockleboat a small boat, esp. one used on rivers or near the shore.
cockleshell a small, light boat.
collier a boat for the transport of coal.
coper a ship for supplying alcoholic liquor clandestinely to deep-sea fishermen; (verb) to supply in such a way.
coracle a small boat made of wickerwork covered with watertight material. [Welsh corwg(l), cwrwgl coracle].
corocore corocoro a kind of boat of various forms, used in the Indian Archipelago.
corvet corvette a highly manoeuvrable armed escort ship. CORVET is also a verb > to frisk about, curvet.
cott a small boat.
couta a type of fishing boat used round the coast of Australia.
crare crayer a trading vessel.
cruiser a high-speed warship less heavily armed than a battleship.
curagh curragh currach a long-shaped boat similar to a coracle. [Irish curach].
cutter a powerful motor-launch (as used by coastguard and navy).
dahabeah dahabeeah dahabiah dahabiya dahabiyah dahabieh dahabiyeh a Nile sailing boat.
dayboat a small pleasure boat with no sleeping accommodation.
daysailer daysailor a dayboat powered by sail.
deepwaterman a seagoing ship.
destroyer a small fast lightly armoured but heavily armed warship.
dhow a lateen-rigged oriental craft.
dingey dinghy dingy a small open boat, prepared by oars, sails or an outboard motor.
dogger a two-masted fishing vessel, used by the Dutch.
dory a kind of flat-bottomed rowing-boat.
dracone a towed flexible container for transporting liquids by water.
dragger a fishing vessel that drags the bottom.
dreadnaught dreadnought a large battleship.
dredger a boat or machine used for dredging.
drifter a fishing-boat that uses a drift-net.
drillship a free-floating ship-shaped drilling platform.
droger drogher a W. Indian coasting vessel, with long masts and lateen sails.
dromon dromond a swift medieval ship of war.
dugout a canoe made by hollowing out a log.
faltboat foldboat a collapsible boat of rubberized sailcloth.
felucca a small, swift-sailing vessel, propelled by oars and lateen sails, once common in the Mediterranean.
ferryboat a boat used on a ferry.
fireboat a boat used for fire-fighting.
firefloat a boat or raft used in harbours for extinguishing fires.
fireship a burning ship sent among enemy ships.
fishyback transportation of freight containers and trailers by ship or barge.
flagship the principal ship of a fleet.
flatboat a large flat-bottomed boat for transporting goods on a river, canal, etc.
flota a commercial fleet.
flotilla a fleet (of small ships).
fluyt a small 17th century merchant ship.
flyboat a large Dutch coasting vessel.
foyboat on Tyneside, a small rowing boat.
freighter a ship for transporting freight.
frigate a class of war vessels intermediate between corvettes and ships of the line.
frigatoon a small Venetian vessel with a square stern and two masts.
frigot a frigate.
fruiter a ship for carrying fruit.
funny a light racing-boat with a pair of sculls.
gabbard gabbart a kind of barge.
galiot galliot a small galley, formerly used in the Mediterranean.
galleass galliass a large galley, having some features of the galleon, as broadside guns.
galleon a sailing vessel of the 15th and following centuries, often having three or four decks, and used for war or commerce.
galley a long, low-built ship with one deck, propelled by oars and sails.
gallivat a large two-masted Malay boat.
garvey a small SCOW.
gig a long light rowing boat, esp. one used for racing.
gondelay a gondola.
gondola a long, narrow boat with a high prow and stern, used in the canals of Venice.
gulet a wooden Turkish sailing boat, traditionally used to carry freight, now used for pleasure trips.
gunboat a vessel of light draught, carrying one or more guns.
houseboat a boat moored and used as a permanent residence.
hoveller a small coasting-vessel.
hovercraft a vehicle that is able to travel across both land and water on a cushion of air. The cushion is produced by a fan continuously forcing air under the vehicle.
howker a two-masted Dutch or Irish fishing-vessel.
hoy a small fishing vessel; (verb) to incite, drive on.
hydrofoil a boat fitted with hydrofoils to lift its hull clear of the water at speed.
hydroplane a light, flat-bottomed motor-boat; (verb) to travel by HYDROPLANE.
hydrovane a HYDROFOIL.
iceboat icebreaker a boat adapted to travelling through ice.
ironclad an iron ship.
johnboat a narrow square-ended boat.
jollyboat a small boat kept hoisted at ship's stern.
junk an Oriental sailing craft.
kaiak kayak kyak an Inuit boat; (verb) to travel by kaiak.
keelboat a type of yacht with a heavy external keel to offset the weight of the sails.
ketch a small two-masted sailing vessel; (verb, obs.) to catch.
klondiker klondyker a factory-ship.
knockabout a small yacht without a bowsprit.
koff a small Dutch sailing vessel.
lapstrake lapstreak a clinker-built boat.
lateener a lateen-rigged vessel.
launch a motor driven boat used chiefly as a transport boat; the largest of the boats of a man-of-war.
lifeboat a boat used in rescues at sea.
lighter a large open boat used in loading and unloading ships.
lightship a ship intended to function as a lighthouse.
liner a passenger ship, esp. one that is part of a commercial fleet.
longboat longship a Viking ship.
lorcha a light vessel of European build, like a Chinese junk.
lugger a small 2- or-3-masted fishing boat with lugsails and jibs on bowsprit.
lymphad a Highland galley. [Gaelic longfhada].
mackinaw a flat-bottomed lake boat.
masoolah massoola masula a tall, many-oared Indian surf-boat.
maxi a large size of racing yacht.
merchantman a trading ship > MERCHANTMEN.
minehunter a ship used to hunt for mines by electronic means.
minelayer a ship used to lay mines.
minesweeper a ship used to clear mines.
mistico a kind of small sailing vessel used in the Mediterranean, rigged partly like a XEBEC, and partly like a FELUCCA > MISTICOS.
mokihi a Maori raft.
mokoro the traditional dugout canoe of the people of the Okavango Delta.
monohull a vessel with one hull, as compared with a catamaran or trimaran.
monoxylon a canoe made from one log.
montaria in Brazil, a light canoe made of one log.
motorboat a boat with an inboard or outboard motor.
motorship a ship with a motor.
motoscafo a motorboat > MOTOSCAFI.
mudscow a flat mud-boat.
multihull a boat having more than one hull, e.g. a CATAMARAN. Cf. MONOHULL.
nuggar a large boat used to carry cargo on the Nile.
obo a vessel for carrying oil or bulk ore > OBOS.
oomiac oomiack oomiak umiac umiack umiakumia an Inuit canoe.
paddleboat a paddle steamer.
patamar pattamar a vessel resembling a grab, used in the coasting trade of Bombay and Ceylon.
pedalo a small pedal-propelled boat > PEDALOS or PEDALOES.
periagua piroque piragua pirogue a dugout canoe.
picaroon pickaroon a pirate ship; PICAROON can also be used as a verb, to act as a pirate.
picketboat a craft used (as by the coastguard) for harbour patrol.
pigboat a submarine.
pink pinkey pinkie a ship with a narrow overhanging stern.
pinnace a small vessel with oars and sails.
polacca polacre a vessel with two or three masts, used in the Mediterranean.
pont in S. Africa, a small ferryboat guided across a narrow stretch of water by a rope or cable.
powerboat a boat propelled by an inboard or outboard motor.
praam pram a flat-bottomed boat or lighter, used in Holland and the Baltic, and sometimes armed in case of war.
prahu prau proa prao a Malay sailing boat.
pucan a traditional Connemara open sailing boat.
pulwar a light keelless boat used on the Ganges.
punt a flat-bottomed boat for use in shallow water, propelled by a pole; (verb) to travel by punt.
puteli a flat-bottomed boat used on the Ganges.
quadrireme an ancient ship with four banks of oars.
quinquereme an ancient ship with five banks of oars.
raft a buoyant platform of logs, planks, etc., used as a vessel or moored platform; (verb) to convey by raft.
randan a boat rowed by 3 people, the second with two oars.
razee a warship or other vessel reduced in height by the removal of the upper deck or decks; (verb) to create such a ship by such a removal.
riverboat a craft suitable for use on a river.
rivercraft a craft suitable for use on a river.
rowboat a rowing boat.
saic saick saique a Levantine vessel like a ketch.
sailboard a small, flat, light-hulled sailing craft.
sailboat a boat propelled by sail.
saltie a deep-sea vessel sailing the Great Lakes.
sampan sanpan a flat-bottomed Chinese skiff usually propelled by two short oars.
schooner a sharp-built, swift-sailing vessel, generally two-masted, fore-and-aft rigged, or with top and topgallant sails on the foremast.
schuit schuyt a Dutch flat-bottomed boat, used along canals and round the coast.
scow a large flat-bottomed boat, having broad, square ends; (verb) to transport by this.
sealift to transport by ship.
seatrain a ship equipped to carry railway cars.
shallop a light river boat with sail and oars.
sharpie sharpy a flat-bottomed, two-masted vessel.
showboat a river steamer on which theatrical performances are given; (verb) to give such a performance.
shrimper a boat for catching shrimps.
sidewheel one of the paddle wheels of a SIDEWHEELER.
sidewheeler a vessel, esp. a river boat, propelled by two large paddle wheels, one on each side.
skiff any of various small boats; (verb) to skim.
skiffless without a SKIFF.
sloop a single-masted sailing vessel, rigged fore-and-aft, with the mast stepped about one third of the overall length aft of the bow.
smack a small fishing vessel.
sonder a class of small yachts.
speedboat a high-speed motorboat having either an inboard or outboard motor.
steamboat steamship a boat propelled by steam.
steamer a steamboat; (verb) to travel by steamship.
storeship a vessel used to carry naval stores for a fleet, garrison, or the like.
subchaser a small manoeuvrable craft used in antisubmarine warfare.
submarine a boat that travels below the water; (verb) to travel by submarine.
superliner a very large ocean liner.
supertanker a very large tanker.
surfboat a boat for use in surf.
tanker a large boat used for transporting oil.
tankship a tanker.
tartan tartane a small, single-masted Mediterranean ship with a lateen sail.
tartan tartane a small, single-masted Mediterranean ship with a lateen sail.
tinny tinnie an Australian fishing or pleasure boat with an aluminum hull.
tranect a ferry.
trawler a vessel used for trawling.
trekschuit a towed canal-boat.
triaconter a vessel with thirty banks of oars, or, as some say, thirty ranks of rowers.
trimaran a sailing boat with three hulls.
trireme an ancient galley having three banks of oars. [L. triremis, from remus, an oar].
troopship a ship for carrying troops.
tug tugboat a boat used to tow larger boats.
vaporetto a motor-boat serving as a canal bus in Venice > VAPORETTOS.
wafter an armed vessel employed as a convoy.
waistboat a boat carried in the waist of a vessel.
warship a ship used in war.
waterbus a boat offering regular transport service > WATERBUSES.
watercraft a boat; boats collectively.
whaleboat a boat used for catching whales.
whaler a ship used for whaling.
wherry a light shallow boat; a barge; (verb) to transport in such a boat.
windjammer a large merchant sailing ship.
windship a sailing ship.
woodskin an American Indian canoe made of bark.
workboat a boat used for work e.g. fishing.
xebec zebec zebeck a small, three-masted Mediterranean vessel with both square and triangular sails.
yacht a vessel propelled by sail or power, used esp. for pleasure cruising, racing, etc; (verb) to sail or cruise in a yacht.
yawl a two-masted sailing vessel, rigged fore-and-aft, with a large mainmast and a small mizzenmast stepped aft of the rudderpost; (verb) to howl.
zabra a small vessel used off the Spanish coast.
zulu a type of two-masted fishing vessel formerly used in Scotland.

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