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basket a container made of plaited or interwoven twigs, rushes, canes or other flexible material.
bassinet a kind of basket with a hood, used as a cradle.
breadbasket a basket for holding bread.
caba a woman's work-basket.
calathos calathus a vase-shaped Ancient Greek basket, carried on the head > CALATHI.
cauf corf a coal-miner's basket > CAUVES, CORVES
ceroon seron seroon a crate or hamper; a bale wrapped in hide.
cesta a basket used in the game of jai alai.
corbeil a basket filled with earth, set up as a defensive missile.
corbeille a basket of flowers.
corf see CAUF.
creel a fishing-basket; (verb) to put fish into a creel > CREELS, CREELING, CREELED.
cresset an iron basket for burning oil to provide light.
flasket a long, shallow basket, with two handles.
frail a rush, a basket made of rushes > FRAILS; (adj.) weak, infirm > FRAILER, FRAILEST; FRAILLY.
gabion a wicker or wire basket of earth or rock.
hamper a large basket; usu with a cover; (verb) to hinder > HAMPERS, HAMPERING, HAMPERED.
handbasket a basket carried in the hand.
hask a fish-basket.
junket (dial.) a rush-basket.
kete a Maori basket woven from flax.
kipe an osier basket for catching pike.
leap (dial.) a basket, a wicker net.
maund (Shakespeare) a kind of basket.
murlain murlan murlin a narrow-mouthed basket.
panier pannier a provision-basket; basket carried over one's back.
panniered fitted with PANNIERS, baskets carried over the back.
pottle a small conical fruit basket.
punnet a small shallow fruit basket.
scull skull a shallow basket for fish.
scuttle a shallow basket; a container for coal; (verb) to sink a ship.
seedlip a sower's basket.
seron see CEROON.
seroon see CEROON.
skep a farm basket, especially of wicker or straw; a beehive, especially domed and made of straw; (verb) to collect into a hive > SKEPS, SKEPPING, SKEPPED. [ON skeppa bushel].
trug a shallow wooden basket with a handle, used for carrying flowers or fruit.
wagger a waste-paper basket.
wastebasket a basket or bin for holding discarded paper and other rubbish.
whisket wisket a basket; esp. a straw provender basket.
willy willey a willow basket; a willowing machine; (verb) to clean in a willowing machine.
workbasket a basket for holding materials for needlework, or the like.

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