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aikona it is not; no.
bantu a name given to a large group of African languages.
basenji a small African hunting-dog.
bubinga a species of West African tree.
bundu a remote uncultivated region.
gombo gombro gumbo a soup thickened with OKRA. [Bantu ngombo].
impundulu a mythical bird with magical powers, often identified with the secretary bird. Pl. IMPUNDULUS.
jocko a chimpanzee > JOCKOS. [Bantu còkó, a kind of monkey].
kalimba a musical instrument played with the thumbs, consisting of metal strips along a small hollow piece of wood.
kgotla lekgotla a Botswanan assembly.
kikuyu an African grass.
kwacha a monetary unit of Malawi. [Bantu kwacha, dawn].
lechwe a kind of African antelope, aka marsh antelope.
likuta a monetary unit of Zaire. No —S.
lilangeni the standard monetary unit of Swaziland > EMALANGENI. [Bantu, f. li- sing. pref. (ema- pl. pref.) + -langeni member of royal family].
macaque a kind of monkey. [Fr. f. Port. macaco f. Bantu makaku some monkeys, f. ma, numerical sign + kaku monkey].
matoke matooke in Uganda, plantain used as a staple food.
mbira an African musical instrument played with the thumbs.
mganga in Tanzania and other parts of E. Africa: an indigenous African doctor, a witch-doctor.
miombo in E. Africa, an area of deciduous woodland.
mopane mopani a small South African tree with racemes of greenish flowers.
munt muntu (derog.) a black African. [Bantu umuntu person, sing. of abantu].
ngwee a Zambian monetary unit, the hundredth part of a KWACHA. No —S.
nyanza in Africa, a lake.
suni a small South African antelope.
yohimbe a W. African tree.
yohimbine an alkaloid obtained from the bark of the YOHIMBE tree.
zeze a stringed musical instrument of Africa.

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