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Ants, Bees & Wasps

ant a small industrious insect > ANTS. ANTED exists as the pt. of ANTE; ANTING exists as a noun.
antlike resembling an ANT.
apian of or relating to bees.
apiarian of or relating to bees; (noun) a member of the bee family.
appledrain a wasp.
bee an insect that makes honey.
beelike like a bee.
bembex bembix a kind of sand-wasp > BEMBEXES, BEMBIXES.
braconid any of a family of parasitic wasps.
bumblebee a large bee of the genus Bombus.
byke a nest of wasps or wild bees; a swarm, throng; (verb) to swarm > BYKES, BYKING, BYKED.
chalcid any small parasitic insect of the family Chalcididae, that lay their eggs inside the bodies of other insects, or, as with the chalcid wasp, within the seeds of plants > CHALCIDS. [Gr chalkos, copper, from the metallic colouring of their bodies].
emmet an ant.
ergataner a worker-like wingless male ant.
ergate a worker ant, an undeveloped female.
ergatogyne a worker-like wingless female ant.
formicate resembling an ant; (verb) to crawl around like an ant > FORMICATES, FORMICATING, FORMICATED.
honeybee any bee of the genus Apis, which lives in communities and collects honey.
hornet a large kind of wasp.
horntail a hymenopterous insect with a stout ovipositor, aka wood wasp.
humblebee a bumble-bee.
hymenopteran hymenopteron an order of insect having four membranous wings, e.g. ants, bees, wasps > HYMENOPTERONS or HYMENOPTERA; HYMENOPTERANS.
hymenopterous having four membranous wings, as do ants, bees and wasps.
kelep a stinging ant.
leafcutter as in leafcutter ant. No —S.
marabunta in the Caribbean, a social wasp; an ill-tempered woman > MARABUNTAS.
myrmecoid antlike.
nasute a beaked white soldier ant.
pismire an ant.
pissant the wood ant, a large species which lives in nests made of pine needles or small twigs that often smell unpleasantly like urine.
pompilid a spider-hunting wasp.
sauba a South American leaf-cutter ant. [Port. s´uva f. Tupi ys´uwa].
stylops a genus of insects including parasitic wasps > STYLOPES.
vespa a genus of Hymenoptera including the common wasps and hornets. [L. vespa, wasp].
vespid a social wasp.
vespine of wasps; wasp-like.
vespoid wasp-like.
wasp any of a large number of insects belonging to the order Hymenoptera > WASPS.
waspily (adv.) WASPY, like a wasp, waspish.
waspiness the state of being WASPY > WASPINESSES.
waspish like a wasp; acid-tongued > WASPISHLY.
waspishly (adv.) WASPISH, like a wasp.
wasplike like a wasp.
waspy like a wasp, waspish > WASPIER, WASPIEST; WASPILY.

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