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addax a large light-coloured antelope with curled horns. [L. from an African word quoted by Pliny].
antelope any one of a group of hollow-horned, hoofed, ruminant mammals closely related to goats.
antilopine of or related to antelopes.
ariel a kind of mountain gazelle native to Arabia.
blackbuck an Indian antelope.
blaubok bluebuck bloubok a small South African antelope, or a larger South African antelope now extinct.
blesbok blesbuck a South African antelope, having a large white spot on the forehead.
bok in South Africa, a goat or antelope.
bongo a central African antelope > BONGOS or BONGOES.
bontebok a South African antelope.
boschbok boshbok bosbok bushbuck a small S. African antelope.
bubal bubale bubalis a member of the Bubalis genus of antelopes, that includes the HARTEBEEST. The plural of BUBAL is BUBALISES.
bubaline pertaining to the BUBAL.
bushbuck see BOSCHBOK.
bushgoat a small S. African antelope.
cabrie cabrit a PRONGHORN antelope. [Sp. cabrito, kid].
chamois a goatlike antelope found in the Alps. Pl. CHAMOIX. See also SHAMOIS. CHAMOIS (but not SHAMOIS) can also be used as a verb > to prepare leather like chamois > CHAMOISES, CHAMOISED, CHAMOISING.
chikara chinkara a four-horned Indian antelope.
chiru a Tibetan antelope, the source of SHAHTOOSH wool.
dikdik a small E. African antelope.
duiker duyker duikerbok a small S. African antelope.
dzeren a kind of Central Asian antelope.
eland a large African antelope with spiral horns.
gazelle one of several small, swift, elegantly formed species of antelope.
gemsbok gemsbuck a South African antelope, having long, sharp, nearly straight horns.
gerenuk a long-legged antelope of E. Africa.
gnu a large African antelope.
goa a Tibetan gazelle.
gooral goral an Indian goat antelope resembling the chamois. [Local (Himalayan) name].
grysbok a small South African antelope, speckled with gray and chestnut. [Dutch 'grey buck'].
hartbees hartebeest hartbeest. a large S. African antelope.
impala an African antelope with horns curved in the shape of a lyre.
inyala nyala a South African antelope.
izard the Pyrenean chamois, a goat antelope.
kaama a large S. African antelope, the HARTEBEEST.
klipspringer a small, hoofed African antelope.
kob one of various species of African WATERBUCK.
kongoni a S. African hartebeest.
koodoo kudu an African antelope with long spiral horns.
lechwe a kind of African antelope, aka marsh antelope.
madoqua a small Ethiopian antelope, about the size of a hare.
marshbuck a Central African antelope.
mhorr mohr a West African gazelle.
nagor a REEDBUCK of savannah in equatorial Africa, with short forward-curving horns.
nilgai nilgau nilghai nilghau nylghai nylghau a large Indian antelope. [Hindi 'blue cow'].
oribi ourebi a small South African antelope.
oryx an African antelope.
palebuck another name for the ORIBI.
pallah a large South African antelope with lyrated horns.
prongbuck another name for the SPRINGBOK.
pronghorn a N. American ruminant, the sole member of the family Antilocapridae, resembling an antelope but having deciduous hooked horns in the male.
puku an antelope of central southern Africa, related to the waterbuck and distinguished by its shaggy golden-yellow coat. [Zulu mpuku].
pygarg chiefly in biblical translations > possibly the ADDAX, though in more recent versions thought to be a deer or ibex. [L. pygargus f. Gk pugargos white-rump].
reebok rhebok a S. African antelope.
reedbuck reitbok a kind of African antelope.
saiga an antelope native to the plains of Siberia and Eastern Russia.
sasin the common Indian antelope.
sassaby tsessebe a kind of African antelope.
serow a Himalayan goat-like antelope, aka THAR. [Lepcha (Tibeto-Burmese) so-ro].
shamois a goatlike antelope found in the Alps. Pl. SHAMOIS. See also CHAMOIS.
sitatunga situtunga a species of African antelope.
springbok springbuck a S African antelope, that moves in leaps when alarmed.
steenbok steinbok steinbock stembok stembuck steenbuck a small S. African antelope.
suni a small S. African antelope.
thar a Himalayan goat-like antelope, aka SEROW. Not to be confused with the TAHR or TEHR, which is a Himalayan wild goat.
topi a large African antelope; also, a knd of pith helmet.
tragelaph a kind of African antelope > TRAGELAPHINE; also, a fabulous beast part goat and part stag.
waterbuck any of several kinds of African antelope.
wildebeest another name for the gnu, a large African antelope.

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