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Anatomy, Avian

aftershaft the second shaft coming out of the quill of a feather.
alate alated having wings.
alation the state of having wings; the position of wings on a creature.
alula three feathers springing from the base of the primaries > ALULAE or ALULAS. [L. alula, dim. of ala, wing].
alular pertaining to the ALULAE.
apterism winglessness.
apterium a bare patch on a bird's skin > APTERIA. [Gk. a, without, + pteron, feather].
apterous lacking wings.
aviform bird-shaped.
axillar a feather on the underside of a bird's wing.
barb one of the filaments of a feather's web.
barbicel one of the small hooklike processes on the BARBULES of feathers.
barbule a hairlike structure on the BARB of a feather.
beakless without a beak.
beaklike like a beak.
beaky beaked > BEAKIER, BEAKIEST.
becke (Spenser) a beak.
bewinged having wings.
birostrate double-beaked.
braccate having feathered legs or feet.
calcar a spur-like projection on a bird's leg > CALCARIA; also a furnace or oven for annealing > CALCARS. [L. calcar, spur].
calcarate relating to a CALCAR, a spur-like projection on a bird's leg.
carina a keel-shaped ridge on a bird's breast > CARINAS or CARINAE.
carinal of or like a CARINA, a keel-like anatomical part.
caruncle any fleshy growth on the body e.g. a rooster's comb.
clawless without claws.
clawlike resembling a claw.
cloaca a sewer; a common cavity for the release of digestive and urogenital products in birds, reptiles, amphibians, most fish, and monotremes > CLOACAE or CLOACAS.
cloacal cloacaline cloacinal relating to the CLOACA.
combless without a comb or crest; as, a combless cock.
copple a bird's crest.
covert a feather covering the quill-bases of wings and tail of a bird.
craw the crop, throat or first stomach of birds.
crissal relating to a CRISSUM.
crissum on a bird, feathers covering the underside of the base of the tail; undertail coverts > CRISSA.
culmen the highest point, the upper ridge of a bird's bill > CULMINA.
culvertailed dove-tailed.
dasypaedal of young birds, having down.
dewlap a turkey's wattle; a flap of skin under the throat.
dewlapped dewlapt having a DEWLAP.
dowl dowle dowlne (Shakesp.) a portion of down in a feather; a piece of fluff.
falconiform shaped like a falcon.
fantailed having a fan-shaped tail.
filoplume a slender hairlike feather.
fissirostral having a divided beak.
fledge to provide with feathers or wings.
fledgy fledged, feathery > FLEDGIER, FLEDGIEST.
forewing a front wing.
furcula the jointed clavicles of a bird, aka WISHBONE or MERRYTHOUGHT > FURCULAE.
furculum the jointed clavicles of a bird, aka WISHBONE or MERRYTHOUGHT > FURCULA.
gastraeum the under-surface of the body, esp. in birds > GASTRAEUMS. [GASTRAEA exists as a singular with plural GASTRAEAS, meaning an ancestor of the sponges].
gizzard a muscular stomach, esp the second stomach of a bird.
gonys the ridge along and towards the tip of the lower mandible, formed by the junction of its two halves or rami (as in gulls) > GONYSES.
hallucal relating to the HALLUX, a bird's hind toe,
hallux the big toe; the hind toe of birds > HALLUCES.
herl the barb of a father.
impennate featherless; wingless.
ingluvial of or pertaining to the INGLUVIES or crop of birds.
ingluvies the crop or craw of birds.
latirostral broad-billed.
lobiped having lobate toes, as a coot.
loral loreal pertaining to the LORE, the side of a bird's head.
merrythought the FURCULA between the neck and breastbone of poultry, also called the WISHBONE.
moulten having moulted.
nare a nostril, esp. a hawk's. [L. naris, nostril].
naricorn the horny termination of a bird's nostril.
naris a nostril > NARES.
neb a bird's bill; (verb) to put a bill on > NEBS, NEBBING, NEBBED.
notaeum the back or upper surface, as of a bird > NOTAEUMS.
palama a membrane extending between the toes of a bird, and uniting them more or less closely together > PALAMAE.
penna a feather, esp. a large feather of the tail or wing > PENNAE.
pennate pennated winged; feathered.
penniform feather-shaped.
pileum the top of a bird's head > PILEA.
pinfeather a feather not fully developed; esp., a rudimentary feather just emerging through the skin.
pinion a wing; a small wheel with teeth; (verb) to fasten.
pinna a projecting feather > PINNAE or PINNAS.
pinnal pertaining to a PINNA, a projecting feather.
pinnatiped having the toes bordered by membranes; fin-footed, as certain birds.
plumage the feathers of a bird.
plumaged having plumage.
plumate having feathers or plumes.
plumelet a small plume.
plumery plumes, collectively or in general; plumage.
plumiped a bird having feathered feet.
plumose having feathers or plumes > PLUMOSELY.
plumosity the state of being PLUMOSE.
plumous having feathers or plumes.
plumula a little feather or plume > PLUMULAE.
plumulate downy.
plumule a little feather or plume; a down feather.
plumulose having hairs branching out laterally, like the parts of a feather.
premolt preceding a molt.
proventriculus the first part of a bird's stomach, aka GIZZARD > PROVENTRICULI.
pteryla a tract of skin bearing contour feathers in birds > PTERYLAE.
pterylosis the arrangement of feathers in definite areas.
ptilosis plumage or mode of feathering > PTILOSES. [Gk. ptilosis, from ptilon a down feather].
pygostyle the bone of a bird's tail > PYGOSTYLES.
quill the hollow basal part of a feather.
rachial relating to a RACHIS, the spine or axis of a feather.
rachidial rachidian of or like a RACHIS.
rachis rhachis the spine or axis of a feather > RACHISES or RACHIDES, RHACHISES or RHACHIDES.
rectrix the quill feathers of a bird's tail > RECTRICES.
remex one of the large feathers of a bird's wing > REMIGES.
remigial relating to the REMIGES.
rhachial relating to a RHACHIS.
rhachis see RACHIS.
rhamphoid hook-beak-shaped, like e.g. a toucan.
rhamphotheca the horny or leathery outer layer of a bird's bill.
rhinotheca the sheath of the upper mandible of a bird.
rictal relating to the RICTUS, the expanse or gape of the mouth, or of the beak or jaws of a bird, fish, etc.
rostrate rostrated beak-shaped.
scapulated with noticeable scapular feathers.
scapus the shaft of a column or feather > SCAPI.
semiplume a feather with an ordinary shaft but a downy web > SEMIPLUMES.
serratirostral saw-billed.
spuriae in birds, feathers of the bastard wing. N.B. no SPURIA*.
subalar situated below the wings.
syringeal of, pertaining to, or connected with the SYRINX of a bird.
syrinx the vocal organ of birds > SYRINGES or SYRINXES. [Gk. syrinx, Pan-pipes, channel, tube].
talon a hooked claw or finger.
taloned having TALONS.
tertial a feather of the decorative inner part of a bird's wing.
tertiary one of the feathers on a bird adjoining the secondaries.
tomial relating to the TOMIUM.
tomium the cutting edge of a bird's bill > TOMIA.
underwing the underneath of a bird's wing.
unwinged not having wings.
uropygial of or pertaining to the UROPYGIUM, or prominence at the base of the tail feathers, in birds.
uropygium the prominence at the posterior extremity of a bird's body, which supports the feathers of the tail; the rump > UROPYGIA or UROPYGIUMS.
vexil the vane of a feather.
vexillar vexillate of or like a VEXILLUM, the vane of a feather.
vexillum the vane of a feather > VEXILLA.
wingless having no wings.
winglet a small wing.
wingspan the distance from the tip of one of a pair of wings to that of the other.
wingtip the end of a wing.
wingy having or resembling wings > WINGIER, WINGIEST.
wishbone the V-shaped bone formed by the fused clavicles of a bird's breast.
zygodactyl (a bird) having two toes pointing forward and two backwards, as in e.g. a woodpecker > ZYGODACTYLS.

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