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amphibia one of the classes of vertebrates, see above.
amphibian any cold-blooded vertebrate of the former class Amphibia.
anuran any of the order of amphibians which includes frogs and toads.
ask asker (dial.) a newt.
axolotl any of a number of Central American salamanders, which live in lakes and retain many larval characters. [Nahuatl, f. atl water + xolotl servant.]
batrachia the order of amphibians which includes the frogs and toads; tailless amphibians.
batrachian pertaining to frogs or toads; (noun) a frog or toad.
bullfrog a kind of large frog.
caecilian a tropical burrowing, worm-like amphibian.
crapaud (Fr.) a frog.
ebbet a common green newt.
eft evet ewt a newt.
ewftes (Spenser) efts. There is no singular EWFTE*. No, I don't know why not.
frog any insectivorous anuran amphibian of the family Ranidae, having short squat tailless body with a moist smooth skin and very long hind legs specialized for hopping.
froggy froglike; having or abounding in frogs: FROGGIER, FROGGIEST.
froglet a little frog.
froglike like a frog.
hellbender a kind of salamander.
hoptoad a kind of toad.
hyla a kind of tree-frog. [NL, from Gk. hule, wood].
menopome a kind of salamander, aka HELLBENDER.
mudpuppy the AXOLOTL.
natterjack a kind of European toad, having a yellow line along its back.
newt a small aquatic or semi-aquatic urodele amphibian of the family Salamandridae, having a long tail; esp. any of the common Eurasian genus Triturus.
olm a blind salamander.
ophiomorph a caecilian amphibian.
peeper a kind of tree-frog.
pipa the Surinam toad, noted for its peculiar breeding habits. [Surinam dialect].
platanna the African clawed frog.
polliwig polliwog pollywig pollywog porwiggle a tadpole.
proteus a blind cave-dwelling amphibian, aka OLM > PROTEI or PROTEUSES.
ranarian resembling (that of) a frog.
ranid a member of the frog family.
raniform frog-like.
ranine pertaining to or like frogs.
salamander any of various URODELE amphibians, formerly believed to live in fire.
salamandroid like a salamander; able to withstand fire.
salientian of the order Salientia, amphibians including frogs and toads.
taddie a tadpole.
tadpole the aquatic larva of frogs, toads, etc., which develops from a limbless tailed form with external gills into a form with internal gills, limbs, and a reduced tail.
terrapin any of various small carnivorous aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles of the family Emydidae, most of which are found in freshwater in warmer areas.
toad any anuran amphibian of the class Bufonidae, similar to frogs but more terrestrial, and having a drier warty skin.
toadish like a toad.
toadless without toads.
toadlike like a toad.
urodele urodelan any member of the Urodela, tailless amphibians, including newts and salmanders.
urodelous of or like URODELES, newts and salamanders.
xenopus An African toad.

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