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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aroma a pleasant odor.
aromatic sweet-smelling (noun) a sweet-smelling substance
aromatically (Adv.) AROMATIC, sweet-smelling.
aromaticity the state of being aromatic.
aromatisation the act of aromatising.
aromatise to render aromatic.
aromatization the act of aromatizing.
aromatize to render aromatic.
bilgy having the smell of bilge water.
cepaceous smelling or tasting of garlic or onion.
deodorant a substance that removes a bad smell.
deodorise to take the (usu unpleasant) odour or smell from.
deodorize to take the (usu unpleasant) odour or smell from.
deodorizer a substance that deodorizes.
effluvial of or like effluvia, an offensive exhalation or smell.
effluvium (Lat.) an invisible emanation; an offensive exhalation or smell.
empyreuma the peculiar smell and taste arising from products of decomposition of animal or vegetable substances when burnt in close vessels.
empyreumatic relating to empyreuma.
empyreumatical relating to empyreuma.
empyreumatise to render empyreumatic.
empyreumatize to render empyreumatic.
fetid stinking, having a strong offensive smell.
fetidly (Adv.) FETID, stinking, having a strong offensive smell.
fetidness the state of being fetid.
fetor (Lat.) an offensive odor, a stench.
foetid stinking, having a strong offensive smell.
foetidly (Adv.) FOETID, stinking, having a strong offensive smell.
foetidness the state of being foetid.
foetor (Lat.) an offensive odor, a stench.
fragrance pleasantness of smell; (verb) to perfume with a fragrance.
fragrancy pleasantness of smell.
fragrant having a pleasant odor.
fragrantly (Adv.) FRAGRANT, having a pleasant odor.
fragrantness the state of being fragrant.
frangipane a perfume of jasmine.
fumette (Fr.) the scent of game when high.
goaty like a goat, smelling of goat (noun) a goatee beard
graveolent rank smelling, fetid.
hyperosmia an abnormally acute sense of smell.
inodorous emitting no odor.
inodorously (Adv.) INODOROUS, emitting no odor.
lavender a labiate plant with fragrant pale-lilac flowers, (verb) to perfume with lavender.
malaroma a bad smell.
malodor a bad smell.
malodorousness the state of being malodorous.
malodour a bad smell.
microsmatic of humans and certain animals, having a poor sense of smell.
mirbane an apparently meaningless word used in perfumery, as in oil of mirbane, a name of nitrobenzene.
moschate having a musky odour.
mousey like a mouse, timid; grey.
musk a strong-smelling substance, used in perfumery, obtained chiefly from the male musk deer (verb) to perfume with musk
muskily (Adv.) MUSKY, smelling of musk.
muskiness the state of being musky.
musky smelling of musk.
myrbane an apparently meaningless word used in perfumery, as in oil of myrbane, a name of nitrobenzene.
nidor (Lat.) the savory aroma of cooked food, esp meat.
niff a stink (verb) to pong
niffy smelly.
noisome noxious, unwholesome; offensive to the senses, esp smell.
noisomely (Adv.) NOISOME, noxious, unwholesome.
noisomeness the state of being noisome.
odiferous having odour.
odor any smell, whether fragrant or offensive.
odorant yielding odours; (noun) a substance yielding odours.
odorate odorous.
odored having an odor.
odorful full of odours.
odoriferous giving off an odour; morally offensive.
odoriferously (Adv.) ODORIFEROUS, giving off an odour; morally offensive.
odoriferousness the state of being odoriferous.
odorise to give an odour to.
odorize to give an odour to.
odorless without odor.
odorous having an odor.
odorously (Adv.) ODOROUS, having an odour.
odorousness the state of being odorous.
odour any smell, whether fragrant or offensive.
odoured having an odour.
odourful full of odour.
odourless without odour.
oenanthic having or imparting the characteristic odour of wine.
olent giving out a smell or scent.
olfact to smell.
olfactible able to be smelled.
olfaction the act of perceiving by smell.
olfactive related to the sense of smell.
olfactology the study of the sense of smell.
olfactory concerned with the sense of smell; (noun) an organ or nerve concerned with the sense of smell.
olid rank-smelling.
osmatic relying on smell for orientation.
osmics the scientific study of smells.
outsmell to surpass in smelling.
overstink to stink more than.
parosmia any disorder of the sense of smell.
perfume a scented substance (verb) to fill with a fragrant odor
perfumy like or full of perfume.
petrichor a sweet smell that is produced when rain falls on parched earth.
pomander (Fr.) a ball of perfumes.
pong a bad smell (verb) to stink
pongy (Coll.) smelly.
ponk to smell bad.
potpourri (Fr.) a mixture of dried petals.
putid decayed; fetid.
redolence fragrance, the state of being redolent.
redolency fragrance, the state of being redolent.
redolent fragrant; smelling of; suggestive of.
redolently (Adv.) REDOLENT, smelling of.
reech an offensive smell (verb) to emit fumes, smoke etc
reek smoke, fumes etc (verb) to emit smoke, fumes etc
reeker one that reeks.
reekingly (Adv.) REEKING, smoking.
roseal resembling a rose in smell or color.
rosewater water distilled from roses, or scented with essence of roses, used as a perfume etc.
savor taste, flavor (verb) to relish the taste of
savorer one who savors.
scent odour; (verb) to fill with an odour.
scentful (Arch.) full of scent or odour.
scentless without scent.
sent (Obs.) to scent.
smell an odour (verb) to perceive by means of the olfactory nerves
smellable that can be smelled.
smeller one who smells.
smelliness the state of being smelly.
smelly giving off a smell.
sniff an act of smelling (verb) to inhale audibly through the nose
sniffer one who sniffs; a dog used to detect drugs.
sniffily (Adv.) SNIFFY, given to sniffing.
sniffiness the state of being sniffy.
sniffingly (Adv.) SNIFFING.
sniffy given to sniffing.
snift a sniff (verb) to sniff; to blow out steam
snifty (Sl.) having a tempting smell; inclined to sniff in disdain.
snoke to snuff or smell about.
snook to snuff or smell about.
snowk (Scots) to snuff or smell about.
snuzzle to poke around with one's nose, as dogs do.
stench a stink (verb) to cause to stink
stenchful evil-smelling.
stenchy having a stench.
stink a foul odour (verb) to emit a foul odour
stinking evil-smelling.
stinkingly (Adv.) STINKING.
stinkingness the state of being stinking.
stinky stinking.
suaveolent fragrant.
thymey full of or smelling of thyme.
thymy full of or smelling of thyme.

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