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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bewray (Arch.) to reveal unintentionally, esp the existence, presence, or true character of (a person or thing).
bewrayer one who, or that which, bewrays.
branky (Scots) showy.
dashy calculated to arrest attention; ostentatiously fashionable.
demonstrable capable of being demonstrated.
demonstrate to show clearly.
demonstration the act of demonstrating.
demonstrational relating to demonstration.
disclose to reveal.
discoure (Spenser) to discover.
discure (Spenser) to discover.
disenshroud to divest of a shroud.
display to make evident or obvious.
displayer one who displays.
divulgate (Arch.) to publish.
divulgation the act of divulgating.
divulge to reveal.
divulgement the act of divulging.
divulger one who divulges.
evince to indicate or exhibit.
evincive tending to evince, prove or demonstrate.
exhibit to present for public viewing.
exhibiter one who exhibits.
exhibition an act or instance of exhibiting.
exhibitive serving for exhibition; representative.
exhibitively (Adv.) EXHIBITIVE, serving for exhibition; representative.
exhibitor one who exhibits.
exhibitory exhibiting; publicly showing.
expo an exhibition or public showing.
expose to lay open to view.
exposer one who exposes.
exposture (Shakesp.) exposure.
exposure the act of exposing.
flaunt anything displayed for show (verb) to exhibit in a gaudy manner
flaunty flaunting.
foreshew (Arch.) to show or exhibit beforehand.
foreshow (Arch.) to show or exhibit beforehand.
glitzily (Adv.) GLITZY, showy, garish.
glitziness the quality of being glitzy.
glitzy showy, garish.
indicatory serving to indicate.
manifest clear, obvious (verb) to show clearly
ostensive showing, exhibiting.
ostensively (Adv.) OSTENSIVE, showing, exhibiting.
ostent show, appearance; (verb) to show off.
preshow to show in advance.
propale (Scots) to disclose.
purtraid (Obs.) portrayed.
purtrayd (Obs.) portrayed.
redisplay to display again.
reexhibit to exhibit again.
reshow to show again.
reveal to make known.
revealable capable of being revealed.
revealer one who reveals.
revealingly (Adv.) REVEALING.
revealment the act of revealing.
revelator one who makes a revelation.
ritz a pretentious display.
setout a display, as of plate, equipage, etc..
shaw (Scots) to show.
shew (Arch.) to show.
shewer one who shews.
show a display (verb) to cause or permit to be seen
showable able to be shown.
showcase to show something off to best advantage.
shown (PaP.) SHOW, to cause or permit to be seen.
showy ostentatious.
splurgy showy, ostentatious.
unheal (Spenser) to discover, disclose.
unhele (Spenser) to uncover, disclose.
unmask to remove a mask from.
unmasker one who unmasks.
unshewn (Arch.) not shown.
unshown not shown.

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