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Seizing & Holding

Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abrazo (Spanish) in Latin America, an embrace.
bearhug a firm embrace; (verb) to embrace firmly.
beclasp to clasp, embrace.
ceaze (Obs.) to seize.
clasp a fastening, a grasp; (verb) to embrace tightly.
claucht (Scots) to snatch.
claught (Scots) to snatch.
clench to grasp firmly.
clutch a sudden grasp (verb) to grasp and hold tightly
clutchy tending to clutch.
craple (Spenser) a grapple.
deprehend (Obs.) to catch; to seize.
enclasp to clasp within; to embrace or encircle.
engrasp (Spenser) to grasp.
fang an animal's tooth; (verb, Shakesp.) to seize in the teeth.
forehent to overtake, to seize.
forhent to overtake, to seize.
glaum (Scots) to clutch or grab.
grab to grasp suddenly.
grabber one who seizes or grabs.
grabble to grope.
grabbler one who grabbles, gropes.
grabby greedy, grasping.
graple (Spenser) a grapple.
graplin a grapnel.
grapline a grapnel.
grapple an instrument for hooking or holding; (verb) to seize; to lay fast hold of.
grappler one who grapples.
grasp a firm hold; (verb) to seize firmly with the hand.
graspable capable of being grasped.
grasper one who grasps.
grasping greedy.
graspingly (Adv.) GRASPING.
graspless without a grasp; relaxed.
grip a tight hold (verb) to take hold of
griple (Spenser) grasping.
gripper one who, or that which, grips or seizes.
grippingly (Adv.) GRIPPING.
gripple greedy, grasping; (noun, obs.) a grasp; a gripe.
grubble (Obs.) to grope.
had (Scots) to hold.
handclasp a handshake.
handhold a handgrip.
haud (Scots) to hold.
hauld (Scots) as in out of house and hauld i.e. homeless.
hend (Obs.) to seize, grasp.
hent (Obs.) to seize, take.
hild (Spenser) held. No -S.
hold a grip; (verb) to grasp, to have in one's possession.
holdable that can be held.
holder one that holds.
inarm to embrace.
inclasp to clasp within; to embrace or encircle.
kep (Scots) to catch.
phang (Shakesp.) to seize in the teeth.
prehend to lay hold of; to seize.
prehension the act of taking hold, as with the hand or other member.
reseize (Spenser) to reinstate.
sease (Spenser) to seize.
seasure (Obs.) a seizure.
seaze (Spenser) to seize.
seizable that can be seized.
seize to take hold of suddenly and forcibly.
seysure (Shakesp.) a seizure.
smug complacent; (verb) to seize without ceremony
snatch an act of snatching (verb) to seize suddenly
snatcher one who snatches.
tong (Chinese) a Chinese guild or secret society, particularly one associated with organized crime; (verb) to hold, manipulate, use tongs.
unseizable not able to be seized.
vice a tool with movable jaws for gripping an object that is being worked on; (verb) to grip in a vice.
vicelike like a vice, as in vicelike grip.
wrast (Obs.) to wrest.

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