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Pushing and Pulling

Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abduce to draw or conduct away.
avulsion the act of pulling away part of the body, either by injury or surgery.
bellpull a cord or handle used in pulling a bell.
crome a hook or crook; (verb) to draw out with a crome.
divellent drawing apart; pulling apart in pieces.
drag to pull along the ground (noun) an act of dragging, a dragging effect
draggingly (Adv.) DRAGGING.
drail to cause to trail, to draggle.
draw a raffle or lottery; (verb) to move by pulling.
dredge to drag material from the beds of waterways.
evulsion the act of plucking out; a rooting out.
extirpate to pull out by the roots.
extract to pull or draw out.
hale healthy (verb) to haul, pull
harl (Scots) to drag along the ground.
haul to pull with force.
haulage the act of hauling.
lug an earlike projection or appendage; (verb) to pull or drag with difficulty.
nudge a gentle push; (verb) to push gently.
nuzzle to push with the nose.
outdrag to surpass in dragging.
outpull to surpass in pulling.
outpush to surpass in pushing.
poke a jab, a prod (verb) to push or prod
pull to exert force in order to cause motion toward the force.
puller something or someone that pulls.
push a thrust (verb) to exert force in order to cause motion away from the force
pusher one that pushes.
pushing self-assertive.
pushingly (Adv.) PUSHING, self-assertive.
rug a heavy floor-mat (verb, Scots) to pull roughly
shove to push roughly.
shover one who shoves, as in duck shover.
snig a river eel, esp an immature (olive and yellow) eel; (verb) to drag a load with chains or ropes.
soole (Scots) to pull by the ears.
sowl (Dial.) to lug, drag.
sowle (Scots) to pull by the ears.
thrust a forcible push; (verb) to push forcibly.
thruster one that thrusts.
thrustings the white whey pressed out of the curd, from which butter is often made.
thrustor one that thrusts.
tow fibres of flax, jute or hemp (verb) to pull along (behind)
trachle to draggle, to trail along.
traction the act of pulling or drawing over a surface.
tractive serving to draw; pulling; as, tractive power.
trauchle to draggle, to trail along.
tug a forcible or jerking pull; (verb) to pull forcibly.
tuggingly (Adv.) TUGGING, pulling forcibly.
tugless being without a tug or chain with which to pull.
tump a hillock, mound (verb, dial.) to drag
undraw to draw aside or open; to draw back.
updrag to drag up.
updraw to draw up.
vellication the action of pulling or twitching.
vellicative relating to vellication, the action of pulling or twitching.
villication (Smollett) intended as a Scots pronunciation of vellication.
wap to throw or pull quickly.
yank to pull suddenly.
yerk to tie with a jerk.

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