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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

afferent bearing, bringing or carrying towards (noun) something that carries towards
afferently (Adv.) AFFERENT, bearing towards.
asport to carry away, esp wrongfully.
asportation the act of carrying property away wrongfully.
beare (Spenser) a burden; a bier.
carrier one that carries.
carry to convey from one place to another.
deadlift to lift a weight to hip level.
duct a pipe or tube for carrying fluid, cables etc; (verb) to transport along a duct.
forelift (Spenser) to lift up in front.
gestatorial (Arch.) related to carrying.
heave to lift forcefully.
heaver one who heaves.
heeze (Scots) to lift, raise.
heezie (Scots) a lift.
heft weight (verb) to lift; to feel the weight of
hefte (Spenser) heaved.
hefter one that hefts.
higher to raise, make higher.
hip trendy (noun) the fleshy part of the thigh; (verb) to carry on the hip
hoise (Arch.) to lift, raise; esp to raise into position by or as if by means of tackle.
hoist to haul up by some mechanical means.
hoister one who hoists.
humf (Scots) to carry something heavy or awkward.
lefte (Spenser) lifted.
lift to move to a higher position (noun) an act of lifting.
liftable that can be lifted.
lifter one who lifts.
overcarry to carry too far.
pickaback a carry on one's back; (verb) to carry somone on one's back.
pickapack a carry on one's back; (verb) to carry on one's back.
raisable capable of being raised.
raise an act of lifting; (verb) to move to a higher position.
raiseable capable of being raised.
recarry to carry back.
scend to be heaved upwards, esp by a wave.
sublation the act of taking or carrying away.
tote a system of betting in which the total amount staked (minus tax, etc) is divided among the winners in proportion to the size of their stake; (verb) to carry by hand; to add up.
toter one that totes.
upbear to bear up; to raise aloft.
upbearer one who bears up.
upheave to heave or lift up from beneath.
upheaver one who upheaves.
uphoist to hoist up.
uplift to lift up.
uplifter one who uplifts.
upliftingly (Adv.) UPLIFTING.
upraise to raise; to lift up.
upraiser one who upraises.
upright vertical (verb) to raise or restore to an upright position
uprightly (Adv.) UPRIGHT, vertical.

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