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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adjoint a civil officer who assists a French mayor; an assistant professor in a French college.
adjuvancy the state of being adjuvant, serving to aid.
adjuvant serving to aid or contribute; (noun) a substance added to make vaccine more effective.
adviceful full of advice.
aid help, assistance; (verb) to help or assist.
aidance aid.
aidant (Arch.) helping; supplying aid; (noun) a helper.
aider one who aids.
aidful helpful.
aidless helpless; without aid.
ancilla (Lat.) one who helps another to accomplish or master something difficult or complicated.
assist to give aid or support to.
assistant one who assists.
assister an assistant; a helper.
assistive providing a means of reducing a physical impairment.
assistor an assistant.
auxiliary a helper, a subordinate.
avail to be of use or advantage to.
availful (Obs.) of avail, serviceable.
availing of use or advantage to.
beetmaster (Scots) a help in need.
beetmister a help in need.
benefit to be helpful or useful to.
bestead (Arch.) to help, relieve.
coadjutant mutually assisting or operating; helping; (noun) one who assists mutually.
coassist to assist jointly.
cooperate to work together.
cooperation the action of cooperating.
cooperationist one who believes in cooperation.
cooperator one who cooperates.
help assistance; (verb) to give assistance to ) HOLP, HOLPEN.
helpable that can be helped.
helper one that helps.
helpful being of service or assistance.
helpfully (Adv.) HELPFUL, being of service or assistance.
helpfulness the state of being helpful.
holpen (PaP.) HELP, to give assistance to.
inaidable (Shakesp.) that cannot be aided.
lifeline a vital access or communication.
ministrative serving to aid or assist.
reavail to avail again.
reenforce to strengthen with new force, assistance, material, or support.
reinforce to strengthen with new force, assistance, material, or support.
reinforceable capable of being reinforced.
samaritan one who helps others in distress.
stead the place, function, role or position of another; (verb) to avail, help, serve.
stedde (Spenser) to stead.
stede (Spenser) to stead.
steed a horse; (verb, Spenser) to stead.
subserve to help to further something.
subvene to come as a support or relief.
subvention the provision of assistance or financial support.
subventionary relating to subvention.
succor help, comfort; (verb) to aid in distress.
succorable that can be succored.
succorer one who succors.
succorless without succor.
succour help, comfort; (verb) to aid in distress.
succourable that can be succored.
succourer one who succours.
succourless without succour.
unaidable incapable of being aided.
unaided not aided.
unaidedly (Adv.) UNAIDED, not aided.
unhelpable not helpable.
unhelped not helped.
unholpen (Arch.) not helped.
unseconded not seconded.
unsuccoured not succoured.

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