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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adversary an opponent.
adversity a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortune.
affray a noisy brawl; (verb, arch.) to disturb or frighten.
affret (Spenser) a furious onset or attack.
aggress to commit the first act of hostility.
aggressor one who aggresses.
aggro (Short for) aggravation.
agonism a contest or struggle.
agonistes (Greek) one who is in the grip of inner conflict.
agonistic relating to or being aggressive or argumentative.
agonistical relating to athletic contest.
agonistically (Adv.) AGONISTIC, relating to or being aggressive or argumentative.
altercate to dispute, argue.
altercation a disagreement.
altercative relating to altercation.
antagonise to arouse opposition in.
antagonism actively expressed opposition or hostility.
antagonist one that contends with or opposes another.
antagonistic marked by or resulting from antagonism.
antagonize to arouse opposition in.
argle to argue.
arguable capable of being argued about.
arguably (Adv.) ARGUABLE, capable of being argued about.
argue to present reasons for or against.
arguer one who argues.
argufier one who argufies.
argufy (Coll.) to bandy arguments, wrangle.
argument a discussion involving differing points of view.
argumentative given to argument.
argumentatively (Adv.) ARGUMENTATIVE, characterized by argument.
argumentive given to argument.
bagarre (Fr.) a scuffle or brawl.
barney (Coll.) a set-to, a quarrel; (verb) to quarrel.
batable debatable, disputable.
belligerence an aggressive or truculent attitude.
belligerency an aggressive or truculent attitude.
belligerent aggressive (noun) one who wages war
belligerently (Adv.) BELLIGERENT, aggressive.
bicker to argue.
bickerer one who bickers.
brabble (Arch.) a squabble; (verb) to squabble.
brangle (Arch.) a wrangle; a squabble; (verb) to wrangle.
brawl an unruly punch-up; (verb) to fight.
brawler a fighter.
brulyie (Scots) a broil, a noisy disturbance.
brulzie (Scots) a broil, a noisy disturbance.
cample to wrangle.
cangle (Scots) a noise or disturbance; (verb) to wrangle.
catfight an argument between women.
clash a loud noise, such as is caused by the striking together of sheets of metal; (verb) to conflict or disagree.
clashing a striking against; opposition, conflict, disagreement.
clashingly (Adv.) CLASHING.
collieshangie (Scots) a squabble, brawl.
colluctation (Arch.) strife, conflict.
combat a fight; (verb) to engage in combat.
combatable able to be combated.
combatant one engaged in combat.
combater one who combats.
conflict to come into opposition.
conflictingly (Adv.) CONFLICTING.
confliction conflict.
conflictive tending to conflict.
conflictory relating to conflict.
conflictual having the nature of conflict.
conteck (Arch.) strife, discord.
contend to vie.
contender one who contends.
contendingly (Adv.) CONTENDING.
contest a competition; (verb) to compete for.
contestable able to be contested.
contestably (Adv.) CONTESTABLE, able to be contested.
contestation controversy, debate.
contester one who contests.
contestingly (Adv.) CONTESTING.
contrarily (Adv.) CONTRARY, opposite.
contrary opposite; in an opposite direction (verb) to oppose, contradict
controverse (Arch.) a dispute.
controversial of, relating to, or arousing controversy.
controversially (Adv.) CONTROVERSIAL, of, relating to, or arousing controversy.
controversy the action of disputing or contending one with another.
controvert to oppose; to argue against; to dispute.
controvertist one who engages in controversy.
debateful (Obs.) quarrelsome.
debatement (Obs.) controversy.
delope (Hist.) to fire one's gun into the air in a duel.
digladiation a fight, a dispute.
dingdong a set-to, an uproar; (verb) to have a set-to.
disaccord to refuse to assent.
disagree to differ in opinion.
disceptator (Obs.) one who discepts.
disconsent (Obs.) to differ or dissent.
discord disagreement, strife; (verb) to be in disagreement.
discursist (Obs.) a disputer.
disputable that can be disputed.
disputably (Adv.) DISPUTABLE, that can be disputed.
disputant one who disputes.
disputation the action of disputing.
disputatious inclined to dispute.
disputatiously (Adv.) DISPUTATIOUS, inclined to dispute.
disputative inclined to dispute.
disputatively (Adv.) DISPUTATIVE, inclined to dispute.
disputativeness the state of being disputative.
dispute to argue about.
disputer one that disputes.
dissension disagreement.
dissensus (Lat.) a difference of opinion.
dissent disagreement; (verb) to disagree.
dissenting expressing disagreement.
dissentingly (Adv.) DISSENTING.
dissention (US) dissension.
dissonance lack of agreement.
dissonancy discord, dissonance.
donnybrook (Irish) a brawl or heated public dispute.
duel a prearranged fight between two people under fixed conditions; (verb) to fight a duel.
dueler one who fights a duel.
duelist one who fights a duel.
dueller one who fights a duel.
duellist one who fights a duel.
duello (Ital.) a duel, duelling.
duelsome given to duelling.
dustup a to-do, a quarrel.
eristic pertaining to dispute, argument or controversy (noun) a disputant
eristical pertaining to dispute, argument or controversy.
eristically (Adv.) ERISTIC, pertaining to dispute, argument or controversy.
fecht (Scots) to fight.
fechter (Scots) a fighter.
feud a bitter, continuous hostility; (verb) to engage in a feud.
fight a conflict; (verb) to attempt to defeat an adversary.
fighter one that fights.
flite (Scots) to quarrel, brawl.
flyte (Scots) to quarrel, brawl.
foe an enemy.
foeman an enemy in war.
frampler (Scott) a brawler.
fratch a quarrel or brawl.
fray to wear off by rubbing.
gainstrive (Obs.) to strive or struggle against.
graplement (Spenser) a close fight.
hafter a caviler, a wrangler.
handplay a dealing of blows.
hassel an argument.
hassle an argument; (verb) to harass.
hors (Fr.) out of the combat; disabled from fighting.
impugnation the act of impugning.
kickup a noisy argument.
litigious having ready recourse to litigation.
litigiously (Adv.) LITIGIOUS, having ready recourse to litigation.
litigiousness the state of being litigious.
luctation (Obs.) a struggle.
melee (Fr.) a confused struggle.
mellay a confused struggle.
miff a petty falling out; a tiff (verb) to put in a bad mood, offend
militance the condition or fact of being militant, esp in pursuing a political or social end.
militancy the condition or fact of being militant, esp in pursuing a political or social end.
monomachia single combat; a duel.
monomachy single combat; a duel.
nonargument something that is not an argument.
nonconcur to dissent or refuse to concur.
nym as in nym war, a dispute about the right to publish material on the internet under a fictitious name.
object to argue in opposition.
onsetter (Arch.) an assailant.
oppose to be in contention or conflict with.
opposer one that opposes.
oppugn to fight against; to call in question.
oppugnancy (Shakesp.) antagonism.
oppugner one who oppugns.
outargue to surpass in arguing.
outbrawl to surpass in brawling.
outduel to surpass in duelling.
outfight to surpass in fighting.
outfling a sharp retort or gibe; (verb) to whip out.
polemicise to argue or write polemically.
polemicist one who engages in polemics.
polemicize to argue or write polemically, carry on a controversy.
polemise to argue or write polemically, carry on a controversy.
polemist one who engages in polemics.
polemize to argue or write polemically, carry on a controversy.
prabble (Shakesp.) a clamorous contest, a brawl.
prawle (Shakesp.) a Welsh version of brawl.
pribble a clamorous contest, a brawl.
pugnacious having a quarrelsome or combative nature.
pugnaciously (Adv.) PUGNACIOUS, having a quarrelsome or combative nature.
punchout a fist fight.
quarrel a falling out; (verb) to fall out, disagree violently.
quarreler one who quarrels.
quarreller one who quarrels.
quarrellous (Shakesp.) giving to quarrelling.
quarrelsome apt or disposed to quarrel in an often petty manner.
quarrelsomeness the state of being quarrelsome.
quibble an evasive turning away from the point in question to something irrelevant; (verb) to argue over trivialities.
quibblingly (Adv.) QUIBBLING.
reargue to argue anew or again.
rebeller one who rebels.
refel (Obs.) to refute; to disprove.
refight to fight again.
repugn to fight against; to oppose.
resist to strive against.
resister one who resists.
resistingly (Adv.) RESISTING.
rival a competitor in the same field; (verb) to contend with.
rivality rivalry.
roughhouse a brawl; (verb) to brawl.
ructious quarrelsome.
scrimmage a noisy dispute or tussle; a rough or confused struggle; (verb) to take part in a scrimmage.
scrimmager one who scrimmages.
scrummage a noisy dispute or tussle; a rough or confused struggle; (verb) to engage in a scrummage.
skrimmage a noisy dispute or tussle; a rough or confused struggle; (verb) to scuffle.
squabble a petty quarrel; (verb) to quarrel.
squabbler one who squabbles.
stickle to argue stubbornly; to have objections.
stoor great, formidable; stubborn, surly; (noun) an affray, a battle.
stoure (Arch.) tumult, disturbance.
stoush (Aust. sl.) a fight, a brawl; (verb) to fight.
strife bitter conflict or dissension.
strifeful contentious; discordant.
strifeless without strife.
strift (Arch.) a struggle.
struggle a conflict; a hard contest with difficulties; (verb) to make strenuous efforts against opposition.
struggler one who struggles.
strugglingly (Adv.) STRUGGLING.
tiff a slight quarrel; (verb) to be in a huff.
tuilyie (Scots) a fight, a brawl; (verb) to struggle.
tuilzie (Scots) a fight, a brawl; (verb) to struggle.
tussle a sharp struggle; (verb) to struggle.
undisputable not disputable.
velitation a minor dispute; a skirmish.
vendetta (Ital.) a blood feud in which the family of a murdered person seeks vengeance on the murderer or the murderer's family, esp as customary in Corsica and Sicily.
vendettist one who carries on a vendetta.
vitilitigate to be particularly quarrelsome.
vitilitigation vexatious wrangling.
waur (Scots) worse; (verb) to defeat, to worst.
wrangle to argue noisily.
wranglesome quarrelsome.

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