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Action: Calming

Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accoy (Spenser) to subdue, pacify.
alaiment (Obs.) an allaying.
alay (Obs.) to allay.
aleye (Obs.) to allay.
allayer one who, or that which, allays.
allayment an allaying, a mitigation.
asswage (Obs.) to soothe, pacify.
chillax to relax completely.
encalm (Obs.) to becalm.
equanimity evenness of mind esp under stress.
loun (Scots) sheltered, calm, quiet; (verb) to calm.
lound (Scots) sheltered, calm, quiet; (verb) to calm.
lown (Scots) sheltered, calm, quiet; (verb) to calm.
lownd (Scots) sheltered, calm, quiet; (verb) to calm.
lowne (Scots) sheltered, calm, quiet; (verb) to calm.
pacation the act of pacifying.
pacifier something that pacifies eg a child's dummy.
pacify to make peaceful.
placid calm or peaceful.
placidity the state of being placid.
placidly (Adv.) PLACID, calm or peaceful.
placidness the state of being placid.
repacify to pacify again.
reposure (Shakesp.) repose.
sackless quiet; peaceable; harmless; innocent.
saikless (Scots) quiet; peaceable; harmless; innocent.
serenate to calm, make serene.
snudge to lie snug or quiet.
stilly still, quiet.
stirless without stirring; very quiet; motionless.
surgeless free from surges; smooth.
tawie (Scots) tractable.
ultraquiet very very quiet.

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