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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

advice recommendation regarding a decision or course of conduct.
advisable sensible, to be recommended.
advisableness the state of being advisable.
advisably (Adv.) ADVISABLE, to be recommended.
advise to give advice to.
advisedly (Adv.) ADVISED.
advisee one who is advised.
adviser one who advises.
advisor one who advises.
advisory having the attribute or function of advising; (noun) a statement giving advice.
advocate one who speaks in favour of something or someone; (verb) to speak in favor of.
advocator one who advocates.
airth to guide.
aread (Spenser) to counsel.
arede (Spenser) to counsel.
arreede (Spenser) to counsel.
avize (Obs.) to advise.
avyze (Obs.) to advise.
awarn (Spenser) to warn.
conseil (Fr.) advice, council.
counsel advice; (verb) to advise.
counselee one who is counselled.
counsellee one who is counselled.
counsellor one who gives counsel.
counselor (US) one who gives counsel.
dehorter a dissuader; an adviser to the contrary.
exhort to advise urgently.
exhorter one who exhorts or incites.
forewarn to warn in advance.
guidable capable of being guided.
guidance advice.
guide one who shows the way to go somewhere or do something; (verb) to show the way to.
guidebook a book of information for tourists.
guideless without a guide.
guideline a line drawn, or a rope, etc fixed, to act as a guide.
guidepost a post to guide the traveller.
helpline an often free telephone line by means of which people with a particular problem may contact advisers who will help them deal with it.
inadvisable not advisable.
inadvisably (Adv.) INADVISABLE, not advisable.
kibbitz (Yiddish) to offer unwanted advice.
kibbitzer (Yiddish) one who offers unwanted advice.
kibitz (Yiddish) to look on and offer unsolicited, meddlesome advice.
kibitzer (Yiddish) one who offers unwanted advice.
memento (Lat.) something that serves to warn or remind; a souvenir.
mentee a person under the direction of a mentor, esp in business.
mentor one who advises; (verb) to serve as friend and tutor to.
mentorial containing advice or admonition.
mentorship the office of mentor.
misadvice wrong advice.
misadvise to advise wrongly.
misadvisedly (Adv.) MISADVISED.
misavised (Spenser) ill-advised.
miscounsel to counsel or advise wrongly.
monish to admonish; to warn.
paraenetic exhortatory.
paraenetical exhortatory.
precept a general instruction or rule for action, a maxim.
premonish to warn beforehand.
premonishment the act of premonishing.
premonition previous notice or warning.
premonitive conveying a warning.
premonitory conveying a warning.
previse to foresee, forewarn.
previsor one that previses, forewarns.
prewarn to warn in advance.
readvise to advise again.
rede (Arch.) advice, counsel; (verb) to advise or counsel.
redeless (Arch.) without rede or counsel.
reede (Spenser) counsel.
tipsheet a list of advice for betting on races or investing in stock.
token a sign; (verb) to be a warning to, to betoken.
unadvised ill advised.
unadvisedly (Adv.) UNADVISED.
unwarned not warned.
vizament (Shakesp.) advisement.
vor (Shakesp.) to warn.
warner one who warns.
warningly (Adv.) WARNING, giving a warning.
weise (Scots) to guide in a certain direction.
weize (Scots) to guide in a certain direction.

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