Association of British Scrabble Players

3 Letter Words

Now updated for CSW15. New words, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aah To express surprise > AAHS, AAHING, AAHED.
aal An Indian shrub > AALS.
aas (Pl.) AA, a type of lava.
aba An outer garment worn by Arab women > ABAS.
abb A textile yarn > ABBS.
abo An aboriginal > ABOS.
abs (Pl.) AB, an abdominal muscle.
aby To pay as a penalty > ABYS, ABYING, ABOUGHT. (ABIES exists as a fir tree). Also ABYE.
ace (To play) a winning serve in tennis > ACES, ACING, ACED.
ach (Scots) interj. expressing regret or impatience. Also OCH.
act To do in a specified way > ACTS, ACTING, ACTED.
add To make an addition > ADDS, ADDED, ADDING.
ado Bustle or fuss > ADOS.
ads (Pl.) AD, an advertisement.
adz US form of adze, a cutting tool > ADZES; (verb) to dress timber with an adz > ADZING, ADZED.
aff (Scots) off.
aft Behind; near the stern of a vessel, etc.
aga A Turkish commander > AGAS.
age To grow old > AGES, AGING or AGEING, AGED.
ago Past; since.
ags (Pl.) AG, agriculture.
aha Interj. expressing exultation or pleasure.
ahi (Hawaiian) the yellowfin tuna > AHIS.
ahs (Pl.) AH, an interjection.
aia An Indian nurse-maid > AIAS.
aid To help or assist > AIDS, AIDING, AIDED.
ail To be indisposed > AILS, AILING, AILED.
aim To point or direct > AIMS, AIMING, AIMED.
ain A Hebrew letter > AINS.
air The mixture of gases breathed by people and animals; (verb) to make known publicly > AIRS, AIRING, AIRED.
ais (Pl.) AI, a kind of sloth.
ait A small island > AITS.
aji A spicy pepper > AJIS.
aka (Maori) a New Zealand vine > AKAS
ake An old spelling of ache > AKES, AKING, AKED.
ala An outgrowth on a fruit > ALAE (ALAS exists as an interjection).
alb A priest's long, white vestment > ALBS.
ale A kind of beer > ALES.
alf (Aust. sl.) an uncultivated Australian > ALFS.
all The whole; everything and everybody > ALLS.
alp A mountain > ALPS.
als (Pl.) AL, an E. Indian shrub.
alt A high tone > ALTS.
alu (Hindi) a potato > ALUS.
ama A maid > AMAS. Also AMAH.
ame (French) a soul > AMES.
ami (Fr.) a friend > AMIS.
amp (Abbr.) ampere or amplifier; (verb) to excite > AMPS, AMPING, AMPED.
amu A unit of mass > AMUS.
ana A collection of someone's table-talk > ANAS.
and The symbol ampersand; something added > ANDS.
ane (Scots) one > ANES.
ani A tropical American bird > ANIS.
ann (Scots) a payment to a parish minister's widow > ANNS.
ans As in ifs and ans, things which might have happened but did not.
ant A small industrious insect > ANTS. ANTED exists as the pt. of ANTE; ANTING exists as a noun.
any Some; whichever, no matter which.
ape A monkey; (verb) to imitate > APES, APING, APED.
apo A type of protein, short for APOLIPOPROTEIN > APOS.
app (Abbr.) application program > APPS.
apt Suited to > APTER, APTEST; APTLY; (obs.) to adapt > APTS, APTING, APTED.
arb (Abbr.) arbitrageur, a stocks and shares shyster > ARBS.
arc To form an arc > ARCS, ARCING or ARCKING, ARCED or ARCKED.
ard A primitive plough > ARDS.
are A unit of metric land measure > ARES.
arf A barking sound > ARFS.
ark To place in an ark > ARKS, ARKING, ARKED.
arm A limb; a weapon; (verb) to provide with weapons > ARMS, ARMING, ARMED.
ars (Pl.) AR, the letter 'r'.
art The creation of works of beauty; a human skill > ARTS, ARTY.
ary (Dial.) any.
ash To convert something into ash > ASHES, ASHING, ASHED.
ask To request, inquire or invite > ASKS, ASKING, ASKED.
asp A venomous snake > ASPS.
ass A long haired animal like a small horse; a stupid person > ASSES.
ate Reckless ambition that drives one to ruin > ATES.
ats (Pl.) AT, a monetary unit of Laos.
att A Laotian monetary unit > ATT. No -S.
aua (Maori) the yellow-eye mullet > AUAS.
aue (Maori) an exclamation of pain, distress or astonishment. No -S.
auf (Obs.) an elf's child > AUFS.
auk A type of sea-bird > AUKS.
ava An aromatic plant of the pepper family > AVAS. Also KAVA.
ave A recitation of the prayer to the Virgin Mary > AVES.
avo A monetary unit of Macao > AVOS.
awa (Scots) away.
awe To strike with awe > AWES, AWING or AWEING, AWED.
awk A programming language > AWKS.
awl A pointed tool for boring > AWLS.
awn To shelter with an awning > AWNS, AWNED, AWNING.
axe A tool for chopping; to chop or cut down > AXES, AXING, AXED.
aye An affirmative vote > AYES.
ays The plural of AY, an affirmative vote.
ayu A small fish > AYUS.
azo Containing nitrogen.
baa To bleat as a sheep > BAAS, BAAING, BAAED.
bac (Abbr.) baccalaureate > BACS.
bad Evil, wicked > BADDER, BADDEST; BADLY; (noun) something evil > BADS.
bag A receptacle for containing something; (verb) to put into a bag > BAGS, BAGGING, BAGGED.
bah Interj. expressing disgust or contempt.
bal A balmoral, a type of shoe > BALS.
bam To hoax or cheat > BAMS, BAMMING, BAMMED.
ban A Romanian coin > BANI; (verb) to forbid or prohibit > BANS, BANNING, BANNED.
bap A large, flat breakfast roll > BAPS.
bar To obstruct or prevent > BARS, BARRING, BARRED.
bas (Pl.) BA, the soul in ancient Egyptian religion.
bat A flying mammal; an implement for striking a ball; (verb) to strike with a bat > BATS, BATTING, BATTED.
bay To bark or howl > BAYS, BAYING, BAYED.
bed A place to sleep on; (verb) to put to bed > BEDS, BEDDING, BEDDED.
bee An insect that makes honey > BEES.
beg To ask for > BEGS, BEGGING, BEGGED.
bel A measure of noise > BELS.
ben A mountain > BENS.
bes (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > BESES. Also BETH.
bet To wager > BETS, BETTING, BET or BETTED.
bey A Turkish governor > BEYS.
bez The second tine of a deer's horn > BEZES.
bib To tipple > BIBS, BIBBING, BIBBED.
bid To make an offer > BIDS, BIDDING, BID; to express a greeting > BIDS, BIDDING, BIDDEN, BID, BADE.
big Sizeable > BIGGER, BIGGEST, BIGLY; (Scots) to build > BIGS, BIGGING, BIGGED.
bin To place into a bin > BINS, BINNING, BINNED.
bio (Abbr.) biography > BIOS.
bis Twice.
bit To curb or restrain > BITS, BITTING, BITTED.
biz Slang for business > BIZZES (BIZES exists as the plural of BIZE).
boa A large constricting snake > BOAS.
bob To move quickly up and down > BOBS, BOBBING, BOBBED.
bod A person > BODS.
bog A marsh; (verb) to sink > BOGS, BOGGING, BOGGED.
boh An exclamation used to startle someone > BOHS.
boi (Sl.) a lesbian who adopts a boyish appearance or manners > BOIS.
bok A goat or antelope > BOKS.
bon (Fr.) good.
boo A sound expressing disapproval or contempt; (verb) to make such a sound > BOOS, BOOING, BOOED.
bop To dance to pop music > BOPS, BOPPING, BOPPED.
bor East Anglian form of address meaning neighbour > BORS.
bos (Pl.) BO, a term of address.
bot To cadge > BOTS, BOTTING, BOTTED.
bow A bending of neck or body in greeting; (verb) to bend or incline downwards > BOWS, BOWING, BOWED.
box To put into a box; to strike with the hand or fists > BOXES, BOXING, BOXED.
boy To play (a female part) as a boy > BOYS, BOYING, BOYED.
bra (Abbr.) brassiere > BRAS.
bro A place for which one feels a strong affinity > BROS.
brr Interj. to indicate cold. Also BRRR.
bru (S. Afr.) a friend > BRUS.
bub (Obs.) a strong drink > BUBS.
bud To produce buds > BUDS, BUDDING, BUDDED.
bug To annoy > BUGS, BUGGING, BUGGED.
bum Wrong, dud > BUMMER, BUMMEST; (noun) a tramp or sponger; (verb) to cadge > BUMS, BUMMING, BUMMED.
bun A kind of sweet roll or cake > BUNS.
bur A continual humming sound; to speak with a bur > BURS, BURRING, BURRED. Also BURR.
bus To travel or transport by bus > BUSES or BUSSES, BUSING or BUSSING, BUSED or BUSSED.
but To put forward as an objection > BUTS, BUTTING, BUTTED.
buy To purchase > BUYS, BUYING, BOUGHT.
bye A pass to the next round (of a competition, etc.) > BYES.
bys (Pl.) BY, a bye.
caa (Scots) to call > CAAS, CAAING, CAAED.
cab To travel by taxi > CABS, CABBING, CABBED.
cad A dishonourable man > CADS.
caf (Short for) cafeteria > CAFS.
cag A cagoule > CAGS.
cal (Short for) calorie, as in low cal. No -S.
cam To whiten with camstone > CAMS, CAMMING, CAMMED.
can A container of tin-plate; (verb) to store in such a container > CANS, CANNING, CANNED.
cap To put a cap on something > CAPS, CAPPING, CAPPED.
car A self-propelled wheeled vehicle > CARS.
cat To vomit > CATS, CATTING, CATTED.
caw To cry as a crow > CAWS, CAWING, CAWED. Also KAW.
cay A low islet > CAYS.
caz (Sl.) casual.
cee The letter 'C' > CEES.
cel (Abbr.) celluloid > CELS.
cep A kind of edible mushroom > CEPS.
cha Tea > CHAS.
che (Shakespeare) I.
chi The twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet > CHIS. Also KHI.
cid A chief, captain or hero > CIDS.
cig (Abbr.) cigarette > CIGS.
cis Having certain atoms on the same side of the molecule.
cit A contemptuous term for one who is not a gentleman > CITS.
cly To seize or steal > CLIES, CLYING, CLIED.
cob To strike > COBS, COBBING, COBBED.
cod To hoax or make fun of > CODS, CODDING, CODDED.
cog To furnish with cogs > COGS, COGGING, COGGED.
col A pass in a mountain range > COLS.
con A trick or swindle; (verb) to trick, or persuade by dishonest means > CONS, CONNING, CONNED.
coo To make a sound like a dove > COOS, COOING, COOED.
cop To capture > COPS, COPPING, COPPED.
cor A Hebrew measure > CORS.
cos A crisp, long-leaved lettuce > COSES. (COSSES exists as plural of COSS).
cot A small bed for a young child > COTS; (verb) to entangle > COTS, COTTING, COTTED.
cow The female of bovine and some other animals > COWS, KINE, KY, KYE; (verb) to subdue > COWS, COWING, COWED.
cox To steer a rowing boat > COXES, COXING, COXED.
coy Modest, bashful > COYER, COYEST; COYLY; (verb) to caress > COYS, COYING, COYED.
coz (Abbr.) cousin > COZZES. (COZES exists from COZE). Also CUZ.
cru (Fr.) a vineyard > CRUS.
cry To utter a sound of pain or grief > CRIES, CRYING, CRIED.
cub To produce cubs > CUBS, CUBBING, CUBBED.
cud Food chewed again by a ruminating animal > CUDS.
cue To give a cue as a signal > CUES, CUING or CUEING, CUED.
cum With the addition of; (noun) seminal fluid > CUMS.
cup To form into a cup shape > CUPS, CUPPING, CUPPED.
cur A worthless mongrel dog > CURS.
cut To make an incision in; to reduce > CUTS, CUTTING, CUT.
cuz Abbrev.) cousin > CUZZES. Also COZ.
cwm A Welsh word for valley > CWMS.
dab To touch or press gently > DABS, DABBING, DABBED.
dad To thump > DADS, DADDING, DADDED.
dae (Scots) to do > DAES, DAEING, DONE, DID.
dag To cut the dags off sheep > DAGS, DAGGING, DAGGED.
dah A Burmese knife > DAHS. Also DA.
dak In India, the mail or post > DAKS.
dal (Hindi) an Indian name for a lentil > DALS. Also DHAL, DAHL, DHOLL.
dam To restrain water with an embankment or bank > DAMS, DAMMING, DAMMED.
dan A level of efficiency in Japanese combative sports > DANS.
dap To dip bait gently into the water when fishing > DAPS, DAPPING, DAPPED.
das (Pl.) DA, a Burmese knife.
daw To dawn > DAWS, DAWING, DAWED.
day The time when it is light > DAYS.
deb (Coll.) debutante > DEBS.
dee A substitute for damn > DEES, DEEING, DEED.
def Excellent, brilliant > DEFFER, DEFFEST.
deg (Dial.) to water ( e.g. a plant) > DEGS, DEGGING, DEGGED.
dei The plural of DEUS (Latin for god).
del A mathematical symbol > DELS.
den To retire to a den > DENS, DENNING, DENNED.
dep A convenience store > DEPS.
dev A Hindu god > DEVS. Also DEVA.
dew To moisten as with dew > DEWS, DEWING, DEWED.
dex A sulfate used as a stimulant > DEXES.
dey Formerly, the pasha of Algiers > DEYS.
dib To dip bait gently into the water when fishing > DIBS, DIBBING, DIBBED.
did (Pt.) DO.
die To depart from life > DIES, DYING, DIED; to cut or shape with a die > DIES, DIEING, DIED.
dif Difference > DIFS. Also DIFF.
dig To excavate > DIGS, DIGGING, DIGGED or DUG.
dim Not bright > DIMMER, DIMMEST; DIMLY; (verb) to make dim > DIMS, DIMMING, DIMMED.
din To make a loud noise > DINS, DINNING, DINNED.
dip To immerse briefly; to lower > DIPS, DIPPING, DIPPED or DIPT.
dis To dismiss, put down > DISSES, DISSING, DISSED.
dit (Scots) to block > DITS, DITTING, DITTED.
div An evil spirit of Persian mythology > DIVS.
dob To inform on or betray > DOBS, DOBBING, DOBBED.
doc (Abbr.) doctor > DOCS.
dod To cut the hair of > DODS, DODDING, DODDED.
doe The female of a deer, rabbit and some other animals > DOES.
dof (S. Afr.) stupid.
dog To follow like a dog > DOGS, DOGGING, DOGGED.
doh A musical note > DOHS.
dol A unit of pain intensity > DOLS.
dom A title given to certain monks > DOMS.
don A university lecturer, etc.; (verb) to put on (clothes, etc.) > DONS, DONNING, DONNED.
doo (Scots) dove or pigeon > DOOS.
dor To mock > DORS, DORRING, DORRED.
dos (Pl.) DO, a musical note.
dot A very small spot; (verb) to make such a spot > DOTS, DOTTING, DOTTED.
dow To be able > DOWS, DOWING, DOCHT or DOUGHT or DOWED.
doy (Dial.) beloved person > DOYS.
dry Not wet > DRIER or DRYER, DRIEST or DRYEST; (noun) a prohibitionist > DRYS; (verb) to make dry > DRIES, DRYING, DRIED.
dso A Himalayan ox > DSOS. Also ZO, DZO, ZHO, DZHO.
dub To add sound effects, etc., to > DUBS, DUBBING, DUBBED.
dud Something or someone ineffectual > DUDS.
due Required > DULY; (verb) to endue > DUES, DUING, DUED.
dug The teat or udder of a female mammal > DUGS.
duh An ironic response to a question.
dui (Pl.) DUO, two people considered a pair for a specific reason.
dum Cooked with steam. No -S.
dun A grey colour > DUNNER, DUNNEST; (verb) to press for payment > DUNS, DUNNING, DUNNED.
duo Two people considered a pair for a specific reason > DUI or DUOS.
dup To undo > DUPS, DUPPED, DUPPING.
dux A leader > DUCES or DUXES.
dye To stain > DYES, DYEING, DYED.
dzo A cross between a yak and a cow > DZOS. Also DSO, DZHO, ZO, ZHO.
ean (Shakespeare) to give birth to > EANS, EANING, EANED.
ear To produce corn ears > EARS, EARING, EARED.
eas (Pl.) EA, a river.
eat To consume by mouth > EATS, EATING, EATEN, ATE or (obs.) ET.
eau (Fr.) water > EAUS or EAUX.
ebb To move back from the land (of the tide) > EBBS, EBBING, EBBED.
ech (Shakespeare) to eke out > ECHES, ECHING, ECHED. Also ICH.
eco (Contraction for.) ECOLOGY > ECOS.
ecu A European unit of currency > ECUS.
edh A letter used in old English > EDHS. Also ETH .
eds (Pl.) ED, education.
eek Interj. expressing fright.
eel A long, smooth, cylindrical fish > EELS.
een (Scots) plural of EE, eye.
eew An interjection expressing distress.
eff A euphemism for fuck > EFFS, EFFING, EFFED.
efs (Pl.) EF, the letter 'f'.
eft A newt > EFTS.
egg An oval or round body from which young are hatched; (verb) to add eggs to (in cooking, etc.) > EGGS, EGGING, EGGED.
ego The "I" or self > EGOS.
ehs (3rd.) EH, to say eh.
eik (Scots) to eke > EIKS, EIKING, EIKED.
eke To add > EKES, EKING, EKED.
eld (Obs.) age, old age > ELDS.
elf A fairly-like being > ELVES; (Shakespeare) to entangle hair > ELFS, ELFING, ELFED.
elk A kind of large deer > ELKS.
ell A measure of length > ELLS.
elm A kind of tree > ELMS.
els (Pl.) EL, the letter L.
elt A young sow > ELTS.
eme (Obs.) uncle > EMES.
emo A type of music combining traditional hard rock with personal and emotional lyrics > EMOS.
ems (Pl.) EM, a printing unit.
emu A flightless, fast-running bird > EMUS.
end To finish or close > ENDS, ENDING, ENDED.
ene (Poetic) evening > ENES.
eng A phonetic symbol > ENGS.
ens (Pl.) EN, a printing unit.
eon A long period of time > EONS. Also AEON.
era A series of years; an age > ERAS.
ere (Obs.) to plough > ERES, ERING, ERED.
erf A South African garden plot > ERVEN.
erg A unit of work > ERGS.
erk A slang word for aircraftsman > ERKS.
erm An interjection expressing hesitation.
ern (Obs.) to earn > ERNS, ERNING, ERNED.
err To make a mistake > ERRS, ERRING, ERRED.
ers The bitter vetch > ERSES.
ess The letter 'S' > ESSES. Also ES.
est A programme designed to develop human potential (Erhard Seminars Training) > ESTS.
eta A letter of the Greek alphabet > ETAS.
eth A letter used in old English > ETHS. Also EDH .
eve (Poetic) evening > EVES.
evo (Aust. sl.) evening > EVOS.
ewe A female sheep > EWES.
ewt (Obs.) a newt, a tailed amphibious animal > EWTS.
exo (Aust. sl.) excellent.
eye To look at carefully > EYES, EYING or EYEING, EYED.
faa (Scots) to fall > FAAS, FAAING, FAAN, FELL, FALLEN.
fab Marvellous > FABBER, FABBEST; (noun) fabrication > FABS.
fad A craze > FADS.
fae (Scots) from.
fag To work, or be worked, hard > FAGS, FAGGING, FAGGED.
fah A musical note > FAHS. Also FA.
fan A instrument used for cooling; (verb) to cool, as with a fan > FANS, FANNING, FANNED.
fap Fuddled or drunk .
far A long way off > FARTHER or FURTHER, FARTHEST or FURTHEST; to remove to a distance > FARS, FARRING, FARRED.
fas (Pl.) FA, a musical note.
fat Stoutly built > FATTER, FATTEST; FATLY; (verb) to make or grow fat > FATS, FATTING, FATTED.
faw A gypsy > FAWS.
fax To send messages via a machine that scans electronically > FAXES, FAXING, FAXED.
fay Whimsical > FAYER, FAYEST; to clean out esp. a ditch > FAYS, FAYING, FAYED. Also FEY.
fed U.S. slang for federal agent > FEDS.
fee To pay a fee to > FEES, FEEING, FEED.
feg (Dial.) a segment of an orange: FEGS (FEGS was already valid as interjection)..
feh A Hebrew coin > FEHS. Also PE, PEH.
fem A passive homosexual > FEMS.
fen Low marshy land > FENS.
fer (Dial.) for.
fes (Pl.) FE, a Hebrew letter.
fet (Obs.) to fetch > FETS, FETTING, FETTED. Also FETT.
feu To grant or hold land in feu land tenure > FEUS, FEUING, FEUED.
few Not many > FEWER, FEWEST; (noun) a small number > FEWS.
fey Whimsical > FEYER, FEYEST; (verb) to clean out esp. a ditch > FEYS, FEYING, FEYED. Also FAY.
fez A red brimless cap of wool or felt > FEZES or FEZZES, FEZZED.
fib A small lie; (verb) to tell a small lie > FIBS, FIBBING, FIBBED.
fid A conical pin of hard wood > FIDS.
fie Whimsical, fey > FIER, FIEST; interj. expressing disapproval.
fig To dress up > FIGS, FIGGING, FIGGED.
fil The shaft of a vehicle > FILS.
fin To equip with fins > FINS, FINNING, FINNED.
fir A kind of conifer > FIRS.
fit Healthy, suitable > FITTER, FITTEST; (verb) to make suitable > FITS, FITTING, FITTED.
fix To make firm, to arrange > FIXES, FIXING, FIXED or FIXT.
fiz To make a hissing or sputtering sound > FIZZES, FIZZING, FIZZED. Also FIZZ.
flu (Abbr.) influenza > FLUS.
fly Surreptitious or sly > FLIER or FLYER, FLIEST or FLYEST; (verb) to travel through the air > FLIES, FLYING, FLOWN, FLEW; to hit a ball high into the air in baseball > FLIES, FLYING, FLIED.
fob To put off > FOBS, FOBBING, FOBBED. Also FUB.
foe An enemy > FOES or (obs.) FOEN or FONE.
fog To be affected by fog > FOGS, FOGGING, FOGGED.
foh Interj. expressing disgust or contempt. Also PHO.
fon To fool, be foolish > FONS, FONNING, FONNED.
foo A name for a temporary computer variable or file > FOOS.
fop To deceive > FOPS, FOPPING, FOPPED.
for In the place of; in favour of; towards.
fou A bushel > FOUS.
fox To act cunningly, to cheat > FOXES, FOXING, FOXED.
foy Allegiance, loyalty > FOYS.
fra (Ital.) brother > FRAS.
fro (Obs.) from; (noun) an African hairstyle > FROS.
fry To cook in oil or fat > FRIES, FRYING, FRIED.
fub To put off > FUBS, FUBBING, FUBBED. Also FOB.
fud A rabbit or hare's tail > FUDS.
fug A very hot, close atmosphere; (verb) to cause a fug in > FUGS, FUGGING, FUGGED.
fum A fabulous Chinese bird > FUMS. Also FUNG.
fun Providing enjoyment > FUNNER, FUNNEST; (verb) to play, frolic > FUNS, FUNNING, FUNNED.
fur To cover or coat with fur > FURS, FURRING, FURRED.
gab To chatter > GABS, GABBING, GABBED.
gad To wander about idly > GADS, GADDING, GADDED.
gae (Scots) to go > GAES, GAEING, GAEN, GAUN, GAED.
gag To silence > GAGS, GAGGING, GAGGED.
gak Slang for cocaine > GAKS.
gal A girl > GALS.
gam A school of whales; (verb) to join up in a gam > GAMS, GAMMING, GAMMED.
gan (Pt.) GIN, to begin; also, to go > GANS, GANNING, GANNED.
gap To make a gap in > GAPS, GAPPING, GAPPED.
gar (Scots) to compel > GARS, GARRING, GARRED or GART.
gas A state of matter > GASES; (verb) to poison with gas > GASSES, GASSING, GASSED.
gat A pistol > GATS.
gau A German political district of the Nazi regime > GAUS.
gaw An imperfect rainbow or other supposed sign of coming weather > GAWS.
gay Cheerful > GAYER, GAYEST; GAILY or GAYLY; a homosexual > GAYS.
ged (Dial.) a pike > GEDS.
gee Of horses, to move on > GEES, GEEING, GEED.
gel To form a gelatinous substance > GELS, GELLING, GELLED.
gem To adorn with gems > GEMS, GEMMING, GEMMED.
gen General information; (verb) to gain information > GENS, GENNING, GENNED.
geo A gully or creek > GEOS. Also GIO, GOE.
ger In Mongolia, a kind of felt tent, a yurt > GERS.
get To obtain > GETS, GETTING, GOTTEN, GOT.
gey Considerable > GEYER, GEYEST.
ghi Clarified butter > GHIS. Also GHEE.
gib A wedge-shaped piece of metal; (verb) to fasten with a gib > GIBS, GIBBING, GIBBED.
gid A sheep disease > GIDS.
gie (Scots) to give > GIES, GIEING, GIEN, GIED or GAE.
gif a type of computer image > GIFS
gig To play a gig > GIGS, GIGGING, GIGGED.
gin To process cotton > GINS, GINNING, GINNED; (arch.) to begin > GINS, GINNING, GAN.
gio A gully or creek > GIOS. Also GOE, GEO.
gip To swindle > GIPS, GIPPING, GIPPED. Also GYP.
gis (Pl.) GI, a karate costume.
git A stupid person; (verb) to get > GITS, GITTING, GITTED.
gju A type of violin formerly used in Shetland > GJUS. Also GU, GUE.
gnu An African antelope > GNUS.
goa A Tibetan gazelle > GOAS.
gob To spit > GOBS, GOBBING, GOBBED.
god To deify > GODS, GODDING, GODDED.
goe A gully or creek > GOES. Also GEO, GIO .
gon A geometrical grade > GONS.
goo A sticky substance > GOOS.
gor a seagull > GORS.
gos (Pl.) GO, a turn.
got (Pt.) GET, to obtain.
gov (abbrev.) governor > GOVS. Also GUV.
gox Gaseous oxygen > GOXES.
goy A Gentile > GOYIM or GOYS.
grr An interjection expressing anger or annoyance.
gub A white man; (verb) to strike on the mouth > GUBS, GUBBING, GUBBED.
gue A violin formerly used in Shetland > GUES. Also GU, GJU.
gul A design in oriental carpets > GULS.
gum To smear or coat with gum > GUMS, GUMMING, GUMMED.
gun A weapon for discharging explosive projectiles; to discharge such projectiles > GUNS, GUNNING, GUNNED.
gup Gossip, prattle > GUPS.
gur An unrefined, sweet cane sugar > GURS.
gus (Pl.) GU, a Shetland violin.
gut The intestine; (verb) to take the guts out of (a fish, etc.) > GUTS, GUTTING, GUTTED.
guv (Abbr.) governor > GUVS. Also GOV.
guy To make fun of > GUYS, GUYING, GUYED.
gym (Abbr.) gymnasium > GYMS.
gyp To swindle > GYPS, GYPPING, GYPPED. Also GIP.
had (Scots) to hold > HADS, HADDING, HAD.
hae (Scots) to have > HAES, HAEING, HAEN, HAED.
hag (Scots) to hack or hew > HAGS, HAGGING, HAGGED.
hah A sound of surprise > HAHS.
haj A Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca > HAJES (HAJJES exists as pl. of HAJJ).
ham To overact, exaggerate > HAMS, HAMMING, HAMMED.
han (Spenser) 3rd person plural of HAVE.
hao A monetary unit of Vietnam > HAOS.
hap To happen by chance > HAPS, HAPPING, HAPPED.
has (3rd pers sing. pres.) HAVE.
hat To provide with a hat > HATS, HATTING, HATTED.
haw To make indecisive noises > HAWS, HAWING, HAWED.
hay To make hay > HAYS, HAYING, HAYED.
heh A Hebrew letter > HEHS.
hem An edge or border; (verb) to form a hem on > HEMS, HEMMING, HEMMED.
hen To challenge to a daring act > HENS, HENNING, HENNED.
hep A rosehip > HEPS.
her Pronoun representing a female person or thing.
hes (Pl.) HE, a male person.
het A heterosexual > HETS.
hew To cut with blows > HEWS, HEWING, HEWN, HEWED.
hex To bring misfortune > HEXES, HEXING, HEXED.
hey To dance a hey, a winding country dance > HEYS, HEYING, HEYED.
hic Interj. representing a hiccup.
hid (Pt.) HIDE, to conceal.
hie To hurry along > HIES, HIEING or HYING, HIED. Also HYE.
him Pronoun or noun representing a male person or thing > HIMS.
hin A Hebrew liquid measure > HINS.
hip Trendy > HIPPER, HIPPEST; HIPLY; (verb) to carry on the hip > HIPS, HIPPING, HIPPED or HIPT.
his Of or belonging to a male person or thing.
hit To strike > HITS, HITTING, HIT.
hmm Interj. expressing thoughtful consideration. Also HM.
hoa To stop > HOAS, HOAING, HOAED.
hob To furnish with hobnails > HOBS, HOBBING, HOBBED.
hoc (Lat.) this.
hod To bob or jog > HODS, HODDING, HODDED.
hoe A tool for loosening the earth; (verb) to use a hoe > HOES, HOEING, HOED.
hog A kind of pig; (verb) to use selfishly > HOGS, HOGGING, HOGGED.
hoh (Obs.) to stop > HOHS, HOHING, HOHED.
hoi Interj. used to attract attention.
hom (Persian) a sacred plant of the ancient Persians > HOMS. Also HOMA.
hon (Abbr.) honey, as a term of endearment > HONS.
hoo (Shakespeare) interj. expressing boisterous emotion.
hop To leap on one leg > HOPS, HOPPING, HOPPED.
hos (Pl.) HO, an interjection.
hot Very warm > HOTTER, HOTTEST; HOTLY; (verb) to heat > HOTS, HOTTING, HOTTED.
how A manner or means > HOWS.
hox (Shakespeare) to hamstring > HOXES, HOXING, HOXED.
hoy To incite > HOYS, HOYING, HOYED.
hub The centre of a wheel > HUBS.
hue A colour or tint > HUES, HUED (having a HUE).
hug To embrace > HUGS, HUGGING, HUGGED.
huh Interj. expressing non-understanding.
hui A Maori gathering > HUIS.
hum To make a sound like bees > HUMS, HUMMING, HUMMED.
hun A barbarous and destructive person > HUNS.
hup To turn a horse to the right > HUPS, HUPPING, HUPPED.
hut To settle in a hut > HUTS, HUTTING, HUTTED.
hye To hasten > HYES, HYEING, HYED.
hyp To offend > HYPS, HYPPING, HYPPED (HYPING and HYPED exist, from HYPE).
ice Frozen water; (verb) to cool with ice > ICES, ICING, ICED.
ich To eke > ICHES, ICHING, ICHED. Also ECH.
ick Interj. used to express disgust.
icy Covered with ice > ICIER, ICIEST; ICILY.
ide A type of fish > IDES.
ids (Pl.) ID, a term in psychology.
iff 'If and only if' as used in logic.
ifs (Pl.) IF, a condition.
igg To ignore, snub > IGGS, IGGING, IGGED.
ilk A type or kind > ILKS.
ill Unwell > ILLER, ILLEST; ILLY; (noun) harm, misfortune > ILLS.
imp To engraft (a hawk) with new feathers > IMPS, IMPING, IMPED.
ing A meadow, esp one beside a river > INGS.
ink A coloured liquid used in writing; (verb) to colour with ink > INKS, INKED, INKING.
inn A hostelry; (verb) to put up at an inn > INNS, INNING, INNED.
ins (3rd.) IN, to take in.
ion An electrically charged particle > IONS.
ios (Pl.) IO, a cry of 'io'.
ire To anger > IRES, IRING, IRED.
irk To annoy or weary > IRKS, IRKING, IRKED.
ish Legal word meaning issue or expiry > ISHES.
ism Any distinctive theory or fad > ISMS.
iso (Abbr.) isolated replay, a TV and film facility > ISOS.
ita The miriti palm > ITAS.
its Of or belonging to something.
ivy A climbing evergreen plant > IVIES, IVIED.
iwi (Maori) a tribe: the pl. IWIS was already valid meaning 'in truth'.
jab To poke or stab > JABS, JABBING, JABBED.
jag A sharp projection; to pierce > JAGS, JAGGING, JAGGED.
jai (Hindi) victory (to). No -S.
jak An East Indian tree > JAKS.
jam A conserve made with fruit and sugar; (verb) to block up > JAMS, JAMMING, JAMMED.
jap (verb) short form of japan, to apply a black lacquer to > JAPS, JAPPING, JAPPED.
jar A wide-mouthed container; (verb) to put in jars > JARS, JARRING, JARRED.
jaw To chatter at length > JAWS, JAWING, JAWED.
jay A bird of the crow family > JAYS.
jee Of horses, to urge on > JEES, JEEING, JEED. Also GEE.
jet A stream of liquid; a jetplane; (verb) to travel by jet > JETS, JETTING, JETTED.
jeu (Fr.) a game > JEUX.
jew To haggle, get the better of > JEWS, JEWING, JEWED.
jib To show objection > JIBS, JIBBING, JIBBED.
jig A lively dance; (verb) to dance a jig; to jump up and down > JIGS, JIGGING, JIGGED.
jin A supernatural being in Muslim mythology > JINS.
jiz A wig > JIZZES. Also GIZZ.
job A task, an employment; (verb) to work at jobs > JOBS, JOBBING, JOBBED.
joe (Scots) a sweetheart > JOES. Also JO.
jog To run at a slow, steady pace > JOGS, JOGGING, JOGGED.
jol (S. Afr.) to have a good time > JOLS, JOLING, JOLED.
jor The second movement of a raga > JORS.
jot A little bit; (verb) to note down > JOTS, JOTTING, JOTTED.
jow To toll a bell > JOWS, JOWING, JOWED.
joy (Obs.) to rejoice > JOYS, JOYING, JOYED.
jud A mass of coal > JUDS.
jug A pottery jar; (verb) to stew in a jug > JUGS, JUGGING, JUGGED.
jun A coin of North Korea > JUN. No -S.
jus A Latin word for a law or legal right > JURA.
jut To project > JUTS, JUTTING, JUTTED.
kab An ancient Hebrew unit of measure > KABS.
kae To serve > KAES, KAING or KAEING, KAED.
kaf A Hebrew letter > KAFS. Also KAPH.
kai In New Zealand, a meal > KAIS.
kak (S. Afr.) faeces, rubbish > KAKS.
kam Awry, twisted, distorted.
kas (Pl.) KA, the spirit or soul.
kat An East African shrub > KATS. Also QAT, KHAT.
kaw To caw > KAWS, KAWING, KAWED.
kay The letter 'K' > KAYS.
kea A large New Zealand parrot > KEAS.
keb To give birth to a stillborn lamb > KEBS, KEBBING, KEBBED.
ked A wingless fly that infests sheep > KEDS.
kef A drug that produces a dreamy repose > KEFS. Also KIF.
keg A small cask; (verb) to put in kegs > KEGS, KEGGING, KEGGED.
ken To know > KENS, KENNING, KENNED or KENT.
ket (Scots) carrion, rotting flesh > KETS.
kex A dry stalk > KEXES.
key An instrument for locking; (verb) to enter (data) into a computer > KEYS, KEYING, KEYED.
khi A Greek letter > KHIS. Also CHI.
kid A young goat; a child; (verb) to hoax or deceive > KIDS, KIDDING, KIDDED.
kif A drug that produces a dreamy repose > KIFS. Also KEF.
kin One's relations > KINS.
kip A nap; to have a nap or sleep > KIPS, KIPPING, KIPPED.
kir A wine and blackcurrant drink > KIRS.
kis (Pl.) KI, the spirit of Japanese martial art.
kit To outfit, provide with equipment > KITS, KITTING, KITTED.
koa A Hawaiian acacia > KOAS.
kob An African waterbuck > KOBS.
koi (Japanese) a large Japanese carp > KOIS.
kon (Spenser) to know > KONS, KONNING, KOND.
kop A South African word for hill > KOPS.
kor A Hebrew unit of measure > KORS.
kos An Indian measure of distance > KOSES (KOSSES exists as pl. of KOSS). Also COSS, KOSS.
kow A bunch of twigs > KOWS.
kue The letter Q > KUES.
kye Cows, cattle. Also KY. A Korean-American commercial club > KYES.
kyu A novice grade in judo > KYUS.
lab (Abbr.) laboratory > LABS.
lac A dark-red resin > LACS.
lad A boy or youth > LADS.
lag A delay; (verb) to fall behind > LAGS, LAGGING, LAGGED.
lah A musical note > LAHS. Also LA.
lam To beat > LAMS, LAMMING, LAMMED.
lap A circuit of a race track; (verb) to scoop up with the tongue > LAPS, LAPPING, LAPPED.
lar The god relating to a house > LARES or LARS.
las (Pl.) LA, a musical note.
lat (Abbr.) latrine > LATS; a Latvian unit of currency > LATI or LATU.
lav (Abbr.) LAVATORY > LAVS.
law (Scots) low > LAWER, LAWEST; (obs.) to take to court > LAWS, LAWING, LAWED.
lax Slack, careless > LAXER, LAXEST; LAXLY; (noun) a kind of salmon > LAXES.
lay To deposit, place horizontal > LAYS, LAYING, LAID or (in special senses) LAYED.
lea A meadow or pasture > LEAS. Also LEY.
led (Pt.) LEAD, to conduct.
lee (Scots) to tell a lie > LEES, LEEING, LEED.
leg A limb for walking and standing; (verb) to walk briskly > LEGS, LEGGING, LEGGED.
lei A garland or wreath > LEIS.
lek An Albanian unit of currency > LEKE or LEKU; a piece of ground where blackcock gather and display; (verb) to perform such a display > LEKS, LEKKING, LEKKED.
lep (Dial.) to leap > LEPS, LEPPING, LEPPED or LEPT.
les (Abbr.) lesbian > LESES. Also LEZ, LEZZ.
let To allow > LETS, LETTING, LET or (Scots) LOOT; (Scots) LITTEN, LOOTEN, LUTTEN; to hinder > LETS, LETTING, LETTED.
leu A unit of Romanian currency > LEU. No -S.
lev A unit of Bulgarian currency > LEVA. Also LEW.
lew A unit of Bulgarian currency > LEVA. Also LEV.
lex (Lat.) law > LEXES or LEGES.
ley A meadow > LEYS. Also LEA.
lez (Abbr.) lesbian > LEZES or LEZZES. Also LES, LEZZ.
lib To geld > LIBS, LIBBING, LIBBED.
lid To provide with a lid > LIDS, LIDDING, LIDDED.
lie A false statement; to tell a lie > LIES, LYING, LIED; to be in a horizontal position > LIES, LYING, LAIN, LAY.
lig To lie about, idle > LIGS, LIGGING, LIGGEN, LIGGED.
lin To cease > LINS, LINNING, LINNED.
lip To touch with the lips > LIPS, LIPPING, LIPPED.
lis A fleur-de-lis > LIS.
lit A monetary unit of Lithuania > LITS. Also LITAS.
lob To throw gently > LOBS, LOBBING, LOBBED.
lod A statistic relating to the odds of an event > LODS.
log To enter into a record > LOGS, LOGGING, LOGGED.
loo To love > LOOS, LOOING, LOOED. Also LOU.
lop To cut off unnecessary parts > LOPS, LOPPING, LOPPED.
lor Colloq. for lord, interj. expressing surprise.
los (Obs.) praise, reputation. Also LOOS .
lot To allot > LOTS, LOTTING, LOTTED.
lou (Scots) to love > LOUS, LOUING, LOUED. Also LOO.
low Not high > LOWER, LOWEST; LOWLY; (verb) to make the noise of cattle > LOWS, LOWING, LOWED.
lox Liquid oxygen; (verb) to supply with lox > LOXES, LOXING, LOXED.
loy A long, narrow spade > LOYS.
lud (Obs.) lord > LUDS.
lug To pull or drag with difficulty > LUGS, LUGGING, LUGGED.
lum (Scots) a chimney > LUMS.
lun A lee, sheltered place > LUNS.
lur A Bronze Age trumpet > LURS.
luv Love, as a term of endearment > LUVS.
lux A unit of illumination > LUXES or LUCES; (verb) to clean with a vacuum cleaner > LUXES, LUXING, LUXED.
luz A supposedly indestructible bone > LUZZES.
lye A short branch of a railway > LYES.
lym (Shakespeare) a leash, or lyam-hound > LYMS.
maa To bleat as a goat > MAAS, MAAING, MAAED.
mac (Abbr.) mackintosh > MACS.
mad Insane > MADDER, MADDEST; MADLY; (verb) to drive mad > MADS, MADDING, MADDED.
mae More.
mag To tease or chatter > MAGS, MAGGING, MAGGED.
mak (Scots) to make > MAKS, MAKING, MADE.
mal (Fr.) pain, sickness > MALS.
mam (Dial.) mother > MAMS.
man An adult human male > MEN; (verb) to provide with a (human) operator > MANS, MANNING, MANNED.
map A diagram of the surface of the earth, etc.; (verb) to make a map of > MAPS, MAPPING, MAPPED.
mar To spoil or damage > MARS, MARRING, MARRED or MARD.
mas A house or home in the south of France (pl. MAS, but MASES exists from MASE).
mat To entangle > MATS, MATTING, MATTED.
max (Obs.) gin, the drink; (verb) to reach the full extent > MAXES, MAXING, MAXED.
may Hawthorn blossom; (verb) to gather may > MAYS, MAYING, MAYED.
med (Abbr.) medical, medicine > MEDS.
mee (Chinese) in Malaysia, noodles or a dish containing noodles > MEES.
meg A halfpenny > MEGS.
meh Mediocre or boring; an expression of indifference or boredom.
mel Honey > MELS.
mem A Hebrew letter > MEMS.
men (Pl.) MAN, an adult human male.
mes (Pl.) ME, a musical note.
met (Abbr.) meteorology > METS.
meu The spignel plant > MEUS.
mew (Of a cat) to make a high pitched cry > MEWS, MEWING, MEWED.
mho A unit of electrical inductance > MHOS.
mib A type of playing marble > MIBS. Also MIG.
mic (Abbr.) MICROPHONE > MICS.
mid The middle > MIDS.
mig A type of playing marble > MIGS. Also MIB.
mil A unit of wire measurement > MILS.
mim Prim and proper > MIMMER, MIMMEST.
mir A Muslim ruler > MIRS; a Russian farming community > MIRS or MIRI.
mis (Pl.) MI, a musical note.
mix To mingle > MIXES, MIXING, MIXED or MIXT.
miz (Abbr.) misery > MIZZES.
An interjection expressing pleasure.
mna A Greek unit of weight or money > MNAS. Also MANEH, MINA.
moa A gigantic extinct bird > MOAS.
mob A disorderly crowd; (verb) to form into a mob > MOBS, MOBBING, MOBBED.
moc A moccasin > MOCS.
mod A competitive festival of Gaelic literature, music, and drama > MODS.
moe A wry face > MOES.
mog To move away > MOGS, MOGGING, MOGGED.
moi (Fr.) me, facetiously used in English.
mol A unit of molecular concentration > MOLS. Also MOLE.
mom (US. coll.) mother > MOMS.
mon (Japanese) a Japanese family badge or crest (pl. MON, but MONS exists in its own right as a singular, a protuberance of the body, with plural MONTES).
moo (Of cattle) to low > MOOS, MOOING, MOOED.
mop A sponge, etc., on a stick; (verb) to clean with a mop > MOPS, MOPPING, MOPPED.
mor A layer of humus > MORS.
mos (Pl.) MO, a moment.
mot (Fr.) a word > MOTS.
mou (Scots) a mouth > MOUS.
mow To cut the grass on > MOWS, MOWING, MOWN, MOWED.
moy A coin or a measure > MOYS.
moz A type of curse > MOZZES. Also MOZZ.
mud To bury or hide in mud > MUDS, MUDDING, MUDDED.
mug A cup with vertical sides; (verb) to attack from behind > MUGS, MUGGING, MUGGED.
mum To act in a mime > MUMS, MUMMING, MUMMED.
mun (Dial.) man > MUNS.
mus (Pl.) MU, a Greek letter.
mut A mongrel, a blockhead > MUTS. Also MUTT.
mux To spoil, botch > MUXES, MUXING, MUXED.
myc A cancer-causing gene > MYCS.
nab To seize > NABS, NABBING, NABBED.
nae (Scots) no.
nag A small horse; (verb) to worry or annoy constantly > NAGS, NAGGING, NAGGED.
nah (Coll.) no.
nam Distraint > NAMS. Also NAAM.
nan Slightly leavened bread > NANS. Also NAAN.
nap To take a short sleep > NAPS, NAPPING, NAPPED.
nas (Obs.) contraction of NE HAS, has not and NE WAS, was not.
nat (Coll.) nationalism > NATS.
nav (Short for) navigation > NAVS.
naw (Coll.) no.
nay A denial > NAYS.
neb A bird's bill; (verb) to put a bill on > NEBS, NEBBING, NEBBED.
ned A young hooligan > NEDS.
nee (Of a woman) born.
nef A church nave > NEFS.
neg A photographic negative > NEGS.
nek (S. Afr.) a col, a pass in a mountain range > COLS.
nep (Dial.) catmint, a plant attractive to cats > NEPS.
net An open material, formed into meshes; (verb) to catch (fish) in a net > NETS, NETTING, NETTED.
new Of recent origin > NEWER, NEWEST; NEWLY; (verb, obs.) to renew > NEWS, NEWING, NEWED.
nib To provide with a nib > NIBS, NIBBING, NIBBED.
nid A pheasant's nest or brood > NIDS.
nie (Obs.) to nigh, approach > NIES, NYING, NIED. Also NYE.
nil Nothing > NILS.
nim To take or steal > NIMS, NIMMING, NIMMED.
nip A small quantity of spirits; (verb) to pinch > NIPS, NIPPING, NIPPED.
nis A brownie or goblin in Scandinavian folklore > NISSES.
nit A young louse; a fool > NITS.
nix A water-sprite > NIXE or NIXES; (verb) to veto or cancel > NIXES, NIXING, NIXED.
nob A person of high social rank > NOBS.
nod To move the head forward in assent or greeting > NODS, NODDING, NODDED.
nog To fix with a nog, a wooden peg > NOGS, NOGGING, NOGGED.
noh A traditional style of Japanese drama > NOH. No -S.
nom (Fr.) name > NOMS.
non (Lat.) not.
noo (Scots) now.
nor And not; neither.
nos (Pl.) NO, a word of negation.
not Word expressing denial, negation or refusal.
now The present time > NOWS.
nox Nitrogen oxide > NOXES.
noy (Spenser) to annoy > NOYS, NOYING, NOYED.
nth Implying a large number.
nub To hang > NUBS, NUBBING, NUBBED.
nug A chunk of wood sawn from a log > NUGS.
nun A female member of a religious order > NUNS.
nur A knot on a tree > NURS. Also KNUR.
nus (Pl.) NU, a Greek letter.
nut An edible seed in a hard shell; (verb) to look for and gather nuts > NUTS, NUTTING, NUTTED.
nye (Obs.) to nigh, approach > NYES, NYING, NYED. Also NIE.
nym As in nym war, a dispute about the right to publish material on the internet under a fictitious name. No -S.
nys (Spenser) is not.
oaf A lout; an idiot > OAFS or OAVES.
oak A kind of tree; its wood > OAKS.
oar To row a boat > OARS, OARING, OARED.
oat A kind of grass, the seeds of which are used as food > OATS.
oba In West Africa, a chief or ruler > OBAS.
obe A form of sorcery of African origin > OBES.
obi To bewitch > OBIS, OBIING, OBIED.
obo A vessel for carrying oil and bulk ore > OBOS.
obs (Pl.) OB, an objection.
oca A South American wood-sorrel > OCAS.
och (Scots) interj. expressing regret or impatience. Also ACH.
oda (Turkish) a room in a harem > ODAS. Also ODAH.
odd Strange, unpaired > ODDER, ODDEST; ODDLY; (noun) in golf, an additional or allowed stroke > ODDS.
ode An elaborate lyric addressed to someone or something > ODES.
ods (Pl.) OD, a hypothetical force.
oes (Pl.) OE, a grandchild.
off To go off > OFFS, OFFING, OFFED.
oft (Poetic) often > OFTER, OFTEST.
ohm A unit of electrical resistance > OHMS.
oho An expression of triumph or surprise.
ohs (3rd.) OH, to say oh.
oik An inferior person > OIKS.
oil A greasy, flammable liquid; (verb) to smear or lubricate with oil > OILS, OILING, OILED.
ois (Pl.) OI, the grey-faced petrel
oka A Turkish unit of weight > OKAS. Also OKE.
oke A Turkish unit of weight > OKES. Also OKA.
old Aged > OLDER, OLDEST; (noun) an individual of a specified age > OLDS.
ole (Spanish) a shout of approval > OLES.
olm A blind salamander > OLMS.
oma (German) a grandmother > OMAS.
oms (Pl.) OM, a Hindu sacred symbol.
one An individual thing or person; the number or figure 1 > ONES.
ono (Hawaiian) a kind of fish > ONOS.
ons (3rd.) ON, to go on with.
ony (Scots) any. Also ONIE.
oof (Slang) money > OOFS.
ooh To express pleasure or surprise with 'ooh' > OOHS, OOHING, OOHED.
oom (S. Afr.) uncle > OOMS.
oon (Scots) oven > OONS.
oop To bind with thread, join > OOPS, OOPING, OOPED. Also OUP.
oor (Scots) our.
oos (Pl.) OO, wool.
oot (Scots) an out > OOTS.
opa (German) a grandfather > OPAS.
ope (Poetic) to open > OPES, OPING, OPED.
ops (Pl.) OP, an operation.
opt To decide or choose > OPTS, OPTING, OPTED.
ora (Pl.) OS, a bone.
orb To form into an orb > ORBS, ORBING, ORBED.
orc A killer whale > ORCS. Also ORCA.
ord A point of a weapon > ORDS.
ore A solid mineral aggregate > ORES.
orf A viral infection of sheep > ORFS.
org (Short for) an organisation > ORGS.
ors (Pl.) OR, gold.
ort A leftover from a meal > ORTS.
ose An esker, a narrow ridge of gravel and sand > OSES.
oud A stringed instrument of Northern Africa > OUDS.
ouk (Scots) a week > OUKS.
oup To bind with thread, join > OUPS, OUPING, OUPED. Also OOP.
our Of or belonging to us.
ous (Pl.) OU, a man, a bloke.
out To put or throw out > OUTS, OUTING, OUTED.
ova (Pl.) OVUM, an egg.
owe To be in debt for > OWES, OWING, OWED.
owl To smuggle esp. wool or sheep from France > OWLS, OWLING, OWLED.
own To possess > OWNS, OWNING, OWNED.
owt (Dial.) anything > OWTS.
oxo Containing oxygen. Also OXY.
oxy Containing oxygen. Also OXO.
oye A grandchild > OYES. Also OE, OY.
oys (Pl.) OY, a grandchild.
pac A shoe patterned after a moccasin > PACS.
pad To cover or fill with soft material > PADS, PADDING, PADDED.
pah A Maori port or settlement > PAHS. Also PA.
pak (Colloquial) a pack > PAKS.
pal A friend; (verb) to associate as a pal > PALS, PALLING, PALLED.
pam The knave of clubs > PAMS.
pan A broad, shallow container; (verb) to wash earth for gold > PANS, PANNING, PANNED.
pap To feed soft pap food to infants > PAPS, PAPPING, PAPPED.
par To score a standard number of strokes in golf > PARS, PARRING, PARRED.
pas (Fr.) a step (pl. PAS, but PASES exists as plural of PASE).
pat Hitting the mark precisely > PATLY; (verb) to stroke gently > PATS, PATTING, PATTED.
pav (Abbr.) PAVLOVA, a type of dessert consisting of a meringue base topped with whipped cream > PAVS.
paw To scrape with a paw > PAWS, PAWING, PAWED.
pax (Lat.) peace > PAXES.
pay To remunerate > PAYS, PAYING, PAID; to seal with tar > PAYS, PAYING, PAYED.
pea A vegetable, the rounded seed of a climbing plant > PEAS or PEASE.
pec (Coll.) a pectoral muscle > PECS.
ped (Abbr.) pedestrian > PEDS.
pee The letter P; (verb) to urinate > PEES, PEEING, PEED.
peg A pin or fixture; (verb) to fasten with a peg > PEGS, PEGGING, PEGGED.
peh A Hebrew letter > PEHS. Also PE.
pel A pixel > PELS.
pen An implement for writing; (verb) to write down on paper > PENS, PENNING, PENNED; to put in a pen (enclosure) > PENS, PENNING, PENNED or PENT.
pep Vigour or spirit; (verb) to put pep into > PEPS, PEPPING, PEPPED.
per For each; by.
pes (Pl.) PE, a Hebrew letter.
pet A tame animal; a favourite; (verb) to treat as a pet > PETS, PETTING, PETTED.
pew A bench in a church > PEWS.
phi A letter of the Greek alphabet > PHIS.
pho A Vietnames noodle soup > PHOS.
pht Interj. of mild anger.
pia A tropical plant > PIAS.
pic (Coll.) picture > PICS or PIX.
pie To reduce to confusion > PIES, PIEING or PIING, PIED. Also PYE.
pig A farm animal bred for food; (verb, slang) to eat greedily > PIGS, PIGGING, PIGGED.
pin A piece of wood or metal used for fastening; (verb) to fasten with a pin > PINS, PINNING, PINNED.
pip A small hard seed in a fruit; (verb) to offend or disgust > PIPS, PIPPING, PIPPED.
pir A Muslim title of honour, given to a holy man > PIRS.
pis (Pl.) PI, a letter in the Greek alphabet.
pit To make a pit in > PITS, PITTING, PITTED; (Scots) to put > PITS, PITTING, PUTTEN, PITTEN, PAT.
piu (Ital.) more.
pix A box in which coins are kept for testing > PIXES.
plu A beaver pelt > PLUS. Also PLUE, PLEW.
ply A fold; (verb) to bend or fold > PLIES, PLYING, PLIED.
poa A meadow-grass plant > POAS.
pod To shell peas > PODS, PODDING, PODDED.
poh An interjection expressing contempt; (verb) to express contempt > POHS, POHING, POHED.
poi A Hawaiian dish of fermented taro > POIS.
pol A politician > POLS.
pom (Coll.) a Pomeranian dog > POMS.
poo To defecate > POOS, POOING, POOED.
pop A mild explosive sound; (verb) to make a pop > POPS, POPPING, POPPED.
pos (Adj.) positive. Also POZ.
pot A utensil used for cooking or storing; (verb) to cook or put in a pot > POTS, POTTING, POTTED.
pow (Scots) head > POWS.
pox To infect with pox > POXES, POXING, POXED.
poz (Adj.) positive. Also POS.
pre Before.
pro (Abbr.) professional, or prostitute > PROS.
pry To enquire impertinently into > PRIES, PRYING, PRIED. PRYS exists as an old form of PRICE.
psi A letter of the Greek alphabet > PSIS.
pst Interj. used to attract attention. Also PSST.
pub A public house; (verb) to visit a pub > PUBS, PUBBING, PUBBED.
pud (Coll.) pudding > PUDS.
pug To fill in with clay or mortar > PUGS, PUGGING, PUGGED.
puh (Shakespeare) pooh, interj. expressing disgust.
pul A coin of Afghanistan > PULS or PULI.
pun A play on words; (verb) to make a pun > PUNS, PUNNING, PUNNED.
pup To give birth to puppies > PUPS, PUPPING, PUPPED.
pur (Obs.) to purr > PURS, PURRING, PURRED. (PURING and PURED exists from PURE, to cleanse).
pus Thick yellowish bodily fluid > PUSES.
put To place; to throw > PUTS, PUTTING, PUT (PUTTED exists from PUTT).
puy A small volcanic cone > PUYS.
pwn (Slang) to dominate or humiliate an opponent esp in online gaming > PWNS, PWNING, PWNED.
pya A copper coin of Burma > PYAS.
pye To reduce to confusion > PYES, PYEING, PIED. Also PIE.
pyx To test a coin > PYXES, PYXING, PYXED.
qat An East African shrub > QATS. Also KAT, KHAT.
qis (Pl.) QI, the physical life-force postulated by certain Chinese philosophers.
qua (Lat.) in the capacity of.
qin A Chinese musical instrument > QINS.
rad To fear > RADS, RADDING, RADDED.
rag A worn scrap of cloth; (verb) to tease or ridicule > RAGS, RAGGING, RAGGED.
rah To express joy with the sound of 'rah' > RAHS, RAHING, RAHED.
rai A modern North African form of popular music > RAIS.
raj In India, sovereignty > RAJES.
ram A male sheep; (verb) to push or cram down hard > RAMS, RAMMING, RAMMED.
ran (Pt.) RUN, to move quickly.
rap A sharp blow; (verb) to strike sharply > RAPS, RAPPING, RAPPED.
ras A headland; an Ethiopian prince > RASES.
rat To hunt rats > RATS, RATTING, RATTED.
rav A rabbi, esp. one in authority > RAVS.
raw Uncooked > RAWER, RAWEST; RAWLY; (noun) a sore or irritated spot > RAWS.
rax To stretch > RAXES, RAXING, RAXED.
ray To emit rays > RAYS, RAYING, RAYED.
reb A Confederate soldier > REBS.
rec A recreation ground > RECS.
red A colour > REDDER, REDDEST; REDLY; (verb) to put in order > REDS, REDDING, REDDED.
ree (Scots) an enclosure for sheep > REES.
ref (Abbr.) referee > REFS.
reg A regulation > REGS.
reh An accumulation of salts on soil > REHS.
rei A Portuguese coin > REIS.
rem A unit of radiation dosage > REMS.
ren (Obs.) to run > RENS, RENNING, RENNED.
reo (Maori) a New Zealand language > REOS.
rep To work as a representative > REPS, REPPING, REPPED.
res (Abbr.) reservation > RESES. Also REZ.
ret To soak esp. flax-stems > RETS, RETTING, RETTED.
rev A revolution in an internal combustion engine; (verb) to increase the speed of revolution > REVS, REVVING, REVVED.
rew (Spenser) a row > REWS.
rex An animal with a single layer of hair > REXES; a king > REGES.
rez (Abbr.) reservation > REZZES. Also RES.
rho A letter of the Greek alphabet > RHOS.
rhy (Spenser) rye > RHIES.
ria A drowned valley > RIAS.
rib A bone curving forward from the backbone; (verb) to tease > RIBS, RIBBING, RIBBED.
rid To free or clear > RIDS, RIDDING, RIDDED.
rif To dismiss from employment > RIFS, RIFFING, RIFFED.
rig To fit with sails; to equip or clothe > RIGS, RIGGING, RIGGED.
rim To provide with a rim > RIMS, RIMMING, RIMMED.
rin (Scots) to run > RINS, RINNING, RUN, RAN.
rip To tear open or apart > RIPS, RIPPING, RIPPED or (obs.) RIPT.
rit To score or scratch > RITS, RITTING, RITTED. Also RITT.
riz (US) (Pt.) RISE.
rob To steal > ROBS, ROBBING, ROBBED.
roc An enormous bird of Arabian legend > ROCS. Also ROK, RUC, RUKH.
rod To push a rod through > RODS, RODDING, RODDED.
roe A mass of fish eggs > ROES, ROED (having ROE).
rok An enormous bird of Arabian legend > ROKS. Also ROC, RUC, RUKH.
rom A gypsy man > ROMA, ROMAS, ROMS.
roo (Abbr.) kangaroo > ROOS.
rot To decay > ROTS, ROTTING, ROTTED.
row To propel through water with oars > ROWS, ROWING, ROWED.
rub To apply friction > RUBS, RUBBING, RUBBED; (Scots) to rob > RUBS, RUBBING, RUBBET, RUBBIT.
ruc An enormous bird of Arabian legend > RUCS. Also ROC, ROK, RUKH.
rud To redden > RUDS, RUDDING, RUDDED.
rue To regret > RUES, RUING or RUEING, RUED.
rug A heavy floor-mat; (verb, Scots) to pull roughly > RUGS, RUGGING, RUGGED.
rum Odd, droll > RUMMER, RUMMEST; a spirit distilled from sugar-cane > RUMS.
run To move quickly; to organise and/or control > RUNS, RUNNING, RUN, RAN.
rut To make a furrow with a wheel > RUTS, RUTTING, RUTTED.
rya A type of Scandinavian rug > RYAS.
rye A cereal grass; its grain > RYES.
ryu A Japanese school of martial arts > RYUS.
sac In biology, a bag-like structure > SACS.
sad Unhappy, sorrowful > SADDER, SADDEST; SADLY; (verb) to express sadness > SADS, SADDING, SADDED.
sae (Scots) so.
sag To bend or hang down > SAGS, SAGGING, SAGGED.
sai The capuchin monkey > SAIS.
sal A large North Indian tree > SALS.
sam (Spenser) together; (verb) to gather > SAMS, SAMMING, SAMMED.
san A discarded letter of the Greek alphabet > SANS.
sap A liquid circulating through plants; (verb) to drain > SAPS, SAPPING, SAPPED.
sar (Scots) to savour > SARS, SARING, SARED.
sat (Pt.) SIT, to rest on the buttocks.
sau A Vietnamese coin > SAU. No -S. Also XU.
sav (Abbr.) SAVELOY, a highly seasoned sausage > SAVS.
saw A cutting tool with a toothed blade; (verb) to cut with a saw > SAWS, SAWING, SAWN, SAWED.
sax A slate chopper > SAXES. Also ZAX, ZEX.
say To utter in words, speak > SAYS, (obs.) SAYST, (obs.) SAYEST, (obs.) SAITH, SAYING, SAID, (obs.) SAIDST, (obs.) SAIDEST; to assay > SAYS, SAYING, SAYED.
saz A stringed instrument of North Africa > SAZES or SAZZES.
sea A great expanse of water > SEAS.
sec A secant > SECS.
sed (Milton) said.
see To perceive by the eye > SEES, SEEING, SEEN, SAW.
seg A stud in the sole of a shoe > SEGS.
sei A whale, a kind of RORQUAL > SEIS.
sel (Scots) self > SELS.
sen A Japanese monetary unit (pl. SEN, but SENS exists in its own right as an old form of since).
ser A unit of weight in India > SERS.
set To put or place in position > SETS, SETTING, SET.
sev (Hindi) a dish of deep-fried strands of flour > SEVS.
sew To work on with a needle and thread > SEWS, SEWING, SEWN, SEWED.
sex To identify the sex of > SEXES, SEXING, SEXED.
sey A part of a carcase of beef > SEYS.
sez (Slang) says.
sha Interj. requesting silence. Also SH, SHH.
she Pronoun used in referring to female person or thing > SHES.
shh Interj. requesting silence. Also SH, SHA.
sho A nonstandard spelling of sure, representing its pronunciation in the southern US.
shy Embarrassed, bashful > SHIER or SHYER, SHIEST or SHYEST; SHILY or SHYLY; (verb) to jump aside, recoil > SHIES, SHYING, SHIED.
sib A blood relation > SIBS.
sic To incite a dog to attack > SICS, SICCING or SICKING, SICCED or SICKED.
sif (S. Afr.) syphilitic, nasty.
sig A short personalized message at the end of an email,a signature > SIGS.
sik (Aust. sl.) excellent.
sim (Abbr.) Simeonite, an evangelical > SIMS.
sin A moral offence; (verb) to commit sin > SINS, SINNING, SINNED.
sip To drink in small mouthfuls > SIPS, SIPPING, SIPPED.
sir To address as "sir" > SIRS, SIRRING, SIRRED.
sis A contraction of sister > SISES.
sit To rest on the buttocks > SITS, SITTING, SAT or (obs.) SATE, SITTEN.
six The next whole number after five > SIXES.
ska A form of Jamaican music similar to reggae > SKAS.
ski A narrow strip attached to a boot for gliding over snow; (verb) to move on skis > SKIS, SKIING, SKIED.
sky To hit towards the sky > SKIES, SKYING, SKIED or SKYED.
sly Cunning, wily; surreptitious > SLIER or SLYER, SLIEST or SLYEST; SLILY or SLYLY.
sma (Scots) small.
sny A side channel of a river > SNIES.
sob To cry uncontrollably, taking intermittent breaths > SOBS, SOBBING, SOBBED.
soc The right of holding a local court > SOCS; (short for) sociology > SOCES.
sod To cover with sods of turf > SODS, SODDING, SODDED.
sog To soak > SOGS, SOGGING, SOGGED.
soh A musical note > SOHS. Also SOL.
sol A musical note > SOLS. Also SOH.
som The standard monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan > SOMS or SOMY.
son A male offspring > SONS, SONLY.
sop To soak > SOPS, SOPPING, SOPPED.
sos (Pl.) SO, a musical note.
sot To act as a sot, a habitual drunkard > SOTS, SOTTING, SOTTED.
sou An old small French coin > SOUS.
sov (Abbr.) sovereign, a gold coin > SOVS.
sow A female pig; (verb) to scatter seed on the ground > SOWS, SOWING, SOWED.
sox (Slang) socks.
soy A dark, salty sauce made from fermented beans > SOYS.
soz (Short for) sorry.
spa A resort with a mineral spring; (verb) to stay at a spa > SPAS, SPAING, SPAED.
spy A secret agent employed to watch; (verb) to watch secretly > SPIES, SPYING, SPIED or (obs.) SPIDE.
sri Sir, used as a Hindu title of respect > SRIS.
sty To keep in a sty > STIES or STYES, STYING, STIED or STYED.
sub To subscribe, substitute etc. > SUBS, SUBBING, SUBBED.
sud A rare singular form of SUDS, a froth of soapy water > SUDS.
sue To prosecute at law > SUES, SUING, SUED.
sug To attempt to sell a product while purporting to be engaged in market research > SUGS, SUGGED, SUGGING.
sui (Lat.) of himself, itself.
suk A market place > SUKS. Also SUQ, SOOK, SOUK, SUKH.
sum The total, whole amount; (verb) to add, make up the total of > SUMS, SUMMING, SUMMED > SUMS. Also, an Uzbekistan currency > SUMS, SUMY
sun The star that is the source of light; (verb) to expose to the sun's rays > SUNS, SUNNING, SUNNED.
sup To take liquid into the mouth > SUPS, SUPPING, SUPPED.
suq A market place > SUQS. Also SUK, SOOK, SOUK, SUKH.
sur (Fr.) on, above.
sus A suspect > SUSES; (verb) to arrest for suspicious behaviour > SUSSES, SUSSING, SUSSED.
swy An Australian two-up game > SWIES.
sye To strain > SYES, SYEING, SYED.
syn Since.
tab To name or designate > TABS, TABBING, TABBED.
tad A small amount > TADS.
tae (Scots) to toe > TAES, TAEING, TAED.
tag A tab or label; (verb) to put a tag on > TAGS, TAGGING, TAGGED.
tai A Japanese sea bream > TAIS.
taj A crown, a Dervish's tall conical cap > TAJES .
tak (Scots) to take > TAKS, TAKING, TAKEN, TOOK.
tam A cap with a broad, circular flat top > TAMS.
tan Brown > TANNER, TANNEST; (verb) to become brown in the sun > TANS, TANNING, TANNED.
tao A path of virtuous conduct in Chinese philosophy > TAOS.
tap A gentle knock or its sound; (verb) to knock gently > TAPS, TAPPING, TAPPED.
tar A black bituminous substance; (verb) to coat with tar > TARS, TARRING, TARRED.
tas (Pl.) TA, thanks.
tat To touch up > TATS, TATTING, TATTED.
tau A letter of the Greek alphabet > TAUS.
tav A Hebrew letter > TAVS.
taw To prepare skins for white leather > TAWS, TAWING, TAWED.
tax A contribution levied towards a country's revenue; (verb) to impose a tax on > TAXES, TAXING, TAXED.
tay (Dial.) tea > TAYS.
tea To take tea > TEAS, TEAING, TEAED.
tec (Sl.) a detective > TECS.
ted To spread out grass for drying > TEDS, TEDDING, TEDDED.
tee To place a golf ball on a tee > TEES, TEEING, TEED.
tef An Ethiopian cereal grass > TEFS.
teg A sheep in its second year > TEGS.
tel In Arab countries, a hill or mound > TELS.
ten The next whole number after nine > TENS.
tes (Pl.) TE, a musical note.
tet A Hebrew letter > TETS. Also TETH.
tew To hustle > TEWS, TEWING, TEWED.
tex A unit of weight used to measure the density of yarn > TEXES.
the The definite article.
tho (Spenser) those.
thy Of thee.
tic An involuntary twitching of muscles; (verb) to twitch > TICS, TICCING, TICCED.
tid (Scots) a mood > TIDS.
tie To fasten > TIES, TIEING or TYING, TIED.
tig To touch > TIGS, TIGGING, TIGGED.
tik The drug methamphetamine in crystal form > TIKS.
til Sesame > TILS.
tin To coat with tin > TINS, TINNING, TINNED.
tip A gratuity; a helpful piece of advice; (verb) to give a tip > TIPS, TIPPING, TIPPED or (obs.) TIPT.
tis (Pl.) TI, a kind of tree.
tix (Sl.) tickets.
tiz A state of confusion > TIZES.
toc Telecommunications code for the letter 'T' > TOCS.
tod To yield a tod, an old wool weight > TODS, TODDING, TODDED.
toe A digit on the end of a foot; (verb) to kick or touch with the toes > TOES, TOEING, TOED.
tog To dress > TOGS, TOGGING, TOGGED.
tom A male cat; (verb) to engage in prostitution > TOMS, TOMMING, TOMMED.
ton A unit of weight > TONS.
too Also; excess.
top The highest point; (verb) to cover the top; to surpass > TOPS, TOPPING, TOPPED.
tor A hill > TORS.
tot A small child or drink; (verb) to add or total > TOTS, TOTTING, TOTTED.
tow To pull along (behind) > TOWS, TOWING, TOWED.
toy An object for playing with; (verb) to play idly with > TOYS, TOYING, TOYED.
try To attempt; to make an effort > TRIES, TRYING, TRIED or (obs.) TRIDE.
tsk To utter such an exclamation of annoyance > TSKS, TSKING, TSKED.
tub To bathe in a tub > TUBS, TUBBING, TUBBED.
tug To pull forcibly > TUGS, TUGGING, TUGGED.
tui A New Zealand bird > TUIS.
tum (Coll.) stomach > TUMS.
tun To put in a tun, a large task > TUNS, TUNNING, TUNNED.
tup Of a ram, to copulate > TUPS, TUPPING, TUPPED.
tut To say 'tut' > TUTS, TUTTING, TUTTED.
tux (Abbr.) tuxedo, a dinner jacket > TUXES.
twa (Scots) two > TWAS.
two The next whole number after one > TWOS.
twp (Welsh) dim-witted or stupid.
tye To wash in a tye trough > TYES, TYEING, TYED.
tyg An old drinking-cup with two or more handles > TYGS.
udo A Japanese species of aralia > UDOS.
uds Old interj. meaning "God Save".
uey A U-turn > UEYS.
ufo An unidentified flying object > UFOS.
ugh An old representation of a cough or grunt > UGHS.
ugs (3rd.) UG, to loathe.
uke A ukulele > UKES.
ule A Central American rubber tree > ULES.
ulu An Eskimo knife > ULUS.
umm Interjection expressing doubt or hesitation.
ump To umpire > UMPS, UMPING, UMPED.
ums (3rd.) UM, to say um.
umu (Maori) a type of oven > UMUS.
uni (Coll.) university > UNIS.
uns (Pl.) UN, one.
upo Upon.
ups (3rd.) UP, to move up.
urb An urban area > URBS.
urd An Indian bean > URDS.
ure An extinct wild ox > URES.
urn To place in an urn > URNS, URNING, URNED.
urp (Sl.) to vomit > URPS, URPING, URPED.
use To put to some purpose > USES, USING, USED.
uta Any of a genus of large lizards > UTAS.
ute (Abbr.) utility, a small truck > UTES.
uts (Pl.) UT, a musical note.
utu (Maori) a Maori settlement of a debt > UTUS.
uva A grape or grape-like berry > UVAE or UVAS.
vac A vacation; (verb) to clean with a vacuum cleaner > VACS, VACKING, VACKED.
vae In Orkney or Shetland, a bay or creek > VAES. Also VOE.
vag (Aust. sl.) to arrest someone for vagrancy > VAGS, VAGGING, VAGGED.
van To go or send in a van > VANS, VANNING, VANNED.
var A unit of reactive power > VARS.
vas (Lat) a duct carrying liquid .
vat To put or treat in a vat > VATS, VATTING, VATTED.
vau An obsolete letter in the Greek alphabet > VAUS.
vav (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > VAVS. Also VAW.
vaw (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > VAWS. Also VAV.
vee The letter 'V' > VEES.
veg A vegetable > VEGES; (verb) to laze about, to engage in mindless activity > VEGGES, VEGGED, VEGGING.
vet To examine closely > VETS, VETTING, VETTED.
vex To distress or annoy > VEXES, VEXING, VEXED or (obs.) VEXT.
via (Lat.) a road > VIAE or VIAS.
vid (Abbr.) video > VIDS.
vie To contend in rivalry > VIES, VYING, VIED.
vig A vigorish, a charge paid to a bookie on a bet > VIGS.
vim Energy, vigour > VIMS.
vin (Fr.) wine > VINS.
vis (Lat.) force > VIRES.
vly Low-lying wet ground, a swamp > VLIES.
voe In Orkney or Shetland, a bay or creek > VOES. Also VAE.
vog Air pollution caused by volcanic dust > VOGS.
vol In heraldry, two wings displayed and conjoined > VOLS.
vom (Short for) to vomit > VOMS, VOMMING, VOMMED.
vor To warn > VORS, VORRING, VORRED.
vow A solemn promise; (verb) to make a vow or vows > VOWS, VOWING, VOWED.
vox (Lat.) a voice > VOCES.
vug A cavity in a rock > VUGS. Also VUGG, VUGH.
wab A web > WABS.
wad To form into a wad > WADS, WADDING, WADDED.
wae (Scots) woe > WAES.
wag To move from side to side > WAGS, WAGGING, WAGGED.
wai (Maori) water > WAIS.
wan Pale > WANNER, WANNEST; WANLY; (verb) to make or become wan > WANS, WANNING, WANNED.
wap To throw or pull quickly > WAPS, WAPPING, WAPPED.
war (Obs.) worse > WARST, WAURST; (noun) a state of conflict; (verb) to make war > WARS, WARRING, WARRED.
was (Pt.) BE.
wat A Thai Buddhist temple or monastery > WATS.
waw (Spenser) a wave > WAWS.
wax A fatty substance; (verb) to treat with wax; to grow larger > WAXES, WAXING, WAXED or (obs) WOX.
way (Spenser) to weigh, esteem > WAYS, WAYING, WAYED.
waz (Slang) to urinate > WAZZES, WAZZING, WAZZED.
web A fine structure spun by a spider; (verb) to envelop with a web > WEBS, WEBBING, WEBBED.
wed To marry > WEDS, WEDDING, WEDDED.
wee Small > WEER, WEEST; (verb) to urinate > WEES, WEEING, WEED.
wem (Arch.) the womb or belly > WEMS. Also WAME.
wen A sebaceous cyst > WENS.
wet Not dry > WETTER, WETTEST; WETLY; (verb) to make wet > WETS, WETTING, WETTED.
wex (Obs.) to wax, grow > WEXES, WEXING, WEXED. Also WEXE.
wey A measure for dry goods > WEYS.
wha (Scots) who.
who Pronoun used in referring to a person or people.
why The reason or cause of something > WHYS.
wig To scold; to provide with a wig > WIGS, WIGGING, WIGGED.
win To gain > WINS, WINNING, WON; to winnow > WINS, WINNING, WINNED.
wis (Sham arch.) to know. Also WIST.
wit (Arch.) to know > WITS, WITTING, WITTED.
wiz A very skilful person > WIZES or WIZZES.
woe Misery > WOES.
wof (Aust. sl.) a fool, idiot > WOFS.
wog An offensive word for a nonwhite foreigner > WOGS.
wok A pan used in Chinese cookery > WOKS.
won To dwell > WONS, WONNING, WONNED or WONT.
woo To court; to seek the support of > WOOS, WOOING, WOOED.
wop To thump > WOPS, WOPPING, WOPPED. Also WHOP, WHAP.
wos (Pl.) WO, woe.
wow To impress > WOWS, WOWING, WOWED.
wox (Obs.) past tense of WAX, to grow.
wry Twisted > WRIER or WRYER, WRIEST or WRYEST; (verb) to give a twist to > WRIES, WRYING, WRIED.
wud (Scots) wood; (verb) to load with wood > WUDS, WUDDING, WUDDED.
wus A Welsh term used for addressing a companion > WUSES (WUSSES exists as plural of WUSS).
wuz A nonstandard spelling of was.
wye The letter 'Y' > WYES.
wyn A rune, having the value of modern English 'w' > WYNS.
xed Past tense of a verb X, to cross out. But note the participle is X'ING.
xis (Pl.) XI, a Greek letter.
yad (Hebrew) a hand-held pointer used for reading the Torah > YADS.
yae (Scots) ae.
yag A type of synthetic garnet containing yttrium and aluminium, used in lasers and as a gem > YAGS.
yah A variant of YEA, an affirmative vote > YAHS.
yak To talk persistently > YAKS, YAKKING, YAKKED.
yam A sweet potato > YAMS.
yap To bark sharply or constantly > YAPS, YAPPING, YAPPED.
yar Nimble > YARER, YAREST. Also YARE.
yas Plural of YA, an Asian pear.
yaw To deviate from a course > YAWS, YAWING, YAWED.
yay A variant of YEA, an affirmative vote > YAYS.
yea An affirmative vote > YEAS.
yeh (Coll.) yes. Also YEAH.
yen To desire or yearn > YENS, YENNING, YENNED.
yep (Coll.) yes. Also YUP.
yer Colloquial for you or your.
yes An affirmative reply > YESES; (verb) to give an affirmative reply to > YESSES, YESSING, YESSED.
yet In addition, besides; nevertheless.
yew A type of evergreen tree > YEWS.
yex To hiccup or belch > YEXES, YEXING, YEXED. Also YESK.
yez Colloquial for yes.
ygo (Spenser) past tense of go.
yid An offensive term for a Jew > YIDS.
yin (Scots) one > YINS.
yip To give a short, sudden cry > YIPS, YIPPING, YIPPED.
yob A lout > YOBS.
yod A Hebrew letter > YODS.
yok To laugh > YOKS, YOKKING, YOKKED. Also YUK.
yom A Jewish day > YOMIM.
yon Yonder.
you Pronoun referring to the person being addressed; informally in plural context YOUS.
yow To yowl, howl > YOWS, YOWING, YOWED.
yug One of the four Hindu ages of the world > YUGS. Also YUGA.
yuk To laugh > YUKS, YUKKING, YUKKED. Also YOK.
yum Interj. expressing satisfaction.
yup (Coll.) yes. Also YEP.
yus (Pl.) YU, a kind of jade.
zag To change direction on a zig-zag course > ZAGS, ZAGGING, ZAGGED.
zap To destroy > ZAPS, ZAPPING, ZAPPED.
zas (Pl.) ZA, pizza.
zax A chopper for trimming slate > ZAXES. Also SAX, ZEX.
zea Part of a cereal, once used as a diuretic > ZEAS.
zed The letter 'Z' > ZEDS.
zee American form of ZED > ZEES.
zek An inmate of a labour camp in the former USSR > ZEKS.
zel An oriental cymbal > ZELS.
zep A long sandwich > ZEPS.
zex A chopper for trimming slate > ZEXES. Also SAX, ZAX.
zho A cross between a yak and a cow > ZHOS. Also DSO, DZHO, DZO, ZO.
zig To change direction on a zig-zag course > ZIGS, ZIGGING, ZIGGED.
zin (Abbr.) ZINFANDEL, a kind of grape > ZINS.
zip To fasten with a zip > ZIPS, ZIPPING, ZIPPED.
zit A pimple > ZITS.
ziz To take a nap > ZIZZES, ZIZZING, ZIZZED.
zoa A plural of ZOON, a unified individual creature.
zol (S. Afr.) a cannabis cigarette > ZOLS.
zoo A garden or park where animals are kept > ZOOS.
zos (Pl.) ZO, a cross beween a yak and a cow.
zuz An ancient Palestinian coin > ZUZIM.
zzz An interjection expressing sleep. Also ZZZS.

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