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2-letter Words

Now updated for CSW15. There are no new 2-letter words in CSW15, but new inflections of existing words are shown in red.

aa (Hawaiian) a type of lava > AAS.
ab An abdominal muscle > ABS.
ad (Coll.) advertisement > ADS.
ae (Scots) one. No -S.
ag (Short for) agricultural; (noun) agriculture > AGS.
ah Interjection expressing surprise, joy etc > AHS, AHING, AHED.
ai (Tupi) the three-toed sloth > AIS.
al An E. Indian shrub > ALS.
am Present tense of be.
an Indefinite article; (noun) something that might have happened but did not, as in ifs and ans > ANS.
ar The letter r > ARS.
as In whatever way; (noun) a Norse god > AESIR; a gravel ridge or KAME > ASAR; a Roman coin > ASSES.
at Preposition denoting position in space or time; (noun) a monetary unit of Laos > ATS.
aw Interjection expressing disappointment, sympathy etc.
ax (US) axe > AXES.
ay (Noun) an affirmative vote > AYS. Also AYE.
ba In ancient Egyptian religion, the soul > BAS.
be To exist.
bi (Short for) bisexual > BIS.
bo Fellow; pal, buddy > BOS.
by Beside, near; (noun) same as BYE > BYS.
ch (Obs. dial.) pronoun meaning I.
da (Burmese) a heavy Burmese knife > DAS. Also DAH.
de From (as used in names).
di (Pl.) DEUS, a god.
do A musical note: DOS; (verb) to perform > DOES, DOING, DID, DONE.
ea (Dial.) river > EAS.
ed (Short for) education > EDS.
ee (Scots) eye > EEN.
ef The letter f.
eh Interjection expressing enquiry; (verb) to say 'eh' > EHS, EHING, EHED.
el The letter l > ELS.
em The letter M; a unit of measurement in printing > EMS.
en The letter N; a unit in printing > ENS.
er An interjection expressing hesitation.
es The letter S > ESES. Also ESS.
et (Obs.) pt. EAT.
ex The letter X; someone no longer in a previous relationship > EXES; (verb) to cross out > EXING, EXED.
fa A musical note, as in sol-fa > FAS.
fe (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > FES
fy An interjection expressing reproach. No -S hook. Also FIE.
gi (Japanese) a judo or karate costume > GIS. Also GIE.
go To pass from one place to another > GOES, GOING, WENT, GONE; (noun) a board game > GOS.
gu (ON) a kind of violin formerly used in the Shetlands. Also GUE, GJU.
ha An interjection expressing e.g. surprise.
he A male person > HES.
hi An interjection calling attention.
hm An interjection expressing hesitation. Also HMM.
ho Interjection calling attention, expressing surprise etc. Also HOH.
id A fish of the carp family > IDS. Also IDE.
if On condition that; (noun) a condition > IFS.
in (Verb) to take in > INS, INNING, INNED.
io An interjection expressing joy, triumph, grief; (noun) a cry of 'io' > IOS.
is (3rd.) BE, to exist.
it The neuter of he she him or her.
ja Yes.
jo (Scots) a loved one > JOES.
ka The spirit or soul of a dead person; (verb) to serve > KAS, KAING, KAED. Also KAE.
ki (Japanese) the spirit of Japanese martial art > KIS. Also QI, CHI.
ko (Maori) a digging-stick > KOS.
ky Cattle. No -S. Also KYE.
la A musical note > LAS.
li (Chinese) a Chinese unit of distance > LIS.
lo An interjection meaning see, look.
ma (Coll.) mother > MAS.
me A musical note > MES.
mi A musical note > MIS.
mm An interjection expressing agreement.
mo A moment > MOS.
mu (Greek) a letter of the Greek alphabet > MUS.
my Of or belonging to me.
na (Scots) no, not at all.
ne (Obs.) not.
no Word of negation > NOS or NOES.
nu (Greek) a letter in the Greek alphabet > NUS.
ny (Verb) to approach > NYES, NYING, NYED. Also NIE > NIES, NYING, NIES.
ob An objection > OBS.
od A hypothetical force; an old word for god, often used as a mild oath > ODS.
oe (Scots) a grandchild > OES. Also OY, OYE.
of Belonging to.
oh An interjection; (verb) to say OH > OHS, OHING, OHED.
oi An interjection used to express attention; (noun) the grey-faced petrel > OIS.
om An intoned Hindu sacred symbol > OMS.
on (Verb) to go on with, to put up with > ONS, ONNING, ONNED.
oo (Scots) wool > OOS.
op (Short for) operation > OPS.
or (Noun) the heraldic tincture gold > ORS.
os (Lat.) 1. a bone > OSSA. 2. a mouthlike opening > ORA.
ou (Scots) an interjection expressing concession; (noun) a bloke > OUS.
ow An interjection expressing pain.
ox A bovine animal > OXEN; also, a clumsy person > OXES.
oy (Scots) a grandchild > OYS. Also OE, OYE.
pa (Maori) a hill fort > PAS. Also PAH.
pe (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > PES. Also PEH, FEH.
pi (Greek) a letter in the Greek alphabet > PIS.
po (Short for) chamberpot > POS.
qi (Chinese) the physical life-force postulated by certain Chinese philosophers > QIS.
re A musical note > RES.
sh An interjection requesting silence. Also SHA, SHH.
si An earlier form of TI, a musical note.
so In such a way; (noun) a musical note > SOS.
st An interjection requesting silence.
ta An interjection expressing thanks > TAS.
te = TI, a musical note > TES.
ti A musical note; a small Pacific tree > TIS.
to In the direction of, towards.
ug To dread, loathe > UGS, UGGING, UGGED. [ON ugga, to fear, dread].
uh An interjection expressing surprise.
um An interjection expressing doubt or hesitation; (verb) to express hesitation > UMS, UMMING, UMMED.
un (Dial.) one > UNS.
up (Verb) to move up > UPS, UPPING, UPPED.
ur An interjection expressing hesitation.
us Pronoun.
ut A musical note > UTS.
we Pronoun.
wo Woe > WOS.
xi (Greek) a letter in the Greek alphabet > XIS.
xu A Vietnamese monetary unit > XU. No -S.
ya an Asian pear >YAS.
ye (Arch.) you.
yo An interjection calling for effort or attention
yu (Chinese) a precious jade > YUS.
za (Sl.) pizza > ZAS.
zo (Tibetan) a kind of yak > ZOS. Also ZHO, DZO, DSO, DZHO.

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