Ratings Archive

The following table gives the earliest known ratings from the ABSP (then known as the APSP). They are based on a maximum of 24 games: 15 at the first BMSC in August 1987 and 9 from Durham in the spring of 1988. At this time, there were 70 members with ratings and a further 25 members who had not yet played a rated game.

The column marked "N" contains the number of games available to be counted towards the rating;

The ratings are given twice: once sorted by the players' names, and once sorted by rating. The "rank" figure is the player's number when ordering by rating.

The ratings for the same date, in alphabetical order, may be found by clicking here. You may also find the ratings by clicking on any of the names in the table below.

203241M NymanLondon
20292G WilliamsCardiff
199153P ApplebyKineton
19494D Brook
19424 B SugarIlford
1949 M WillisMilton Keynes
192247A SimmonsWormley
190248P FinleySunderland
187159B ViolettHemel Hempstead
178910T HarrisonCraigavon
177911C SpateNottingham
1712412C Anderson
1692413D Ben-Nathan
1699 K WillisMilton Keynes
168915I GucklhornHarrow
1672416V MehtaLondon
16724 P NelkonLondon
1642418N Camp
163919H GraysonNewport
1612420N BrownNottingham
16115 R Evans
16115 J LloydCirencester
16124 J RossEdinburgh
1582424R ByersSelby
1589 L Crouch
15824 R ErskineLondon
1561527R HendraLondon
15624 B KnoxOxford
1569 J McLeodLondon
1521530S SpateNottingham
1512431M Heffernan
15124 T KirkLeicester
1501533M Wright
148934D DennisMiddlesex
14824 T HollingtonPortsmouth
1472436J PhillipsWinscombe
1441537L Allen
1449 L FinleySunderland
14424 J JacobsLeicester
1432440M ConwayLondon
142941D Shaw
1411542A Evans
1419 S HockeyLondon
14124 M Skinner
140945S Gillam
1381546A Wright
136947K HeatonBurnley
13624 J Thompson
1341549M BrowneSt Leonards-on-Sea
13424 G ThomasHatfield
132951J NelkonLondon
1329 K Ward
1312453C Cooper
130954M FearonSunderland
1291555D Browne
12924 D TaylorLeicester
1252457M Rayson
12515 P ShorttSalisbury
122959G Corr
12224 B RichardsonNottingham
121961B GrossmanLondon
1172462L RapleyGrantham
1151563L McLeod
1081564C ViolettHemel Hempstead
1042365N Thompson
982466R FloodNottingham
971567W LloydCirencester
95968S Powell
85969V DraperSheffield
78970J Cussens