Basic ratings system

This was the system used by the ABSP until the end of 1998. For a win, you received your opponent's rating points plus 50, for a loss, your opponent's rating minus 50, and your opponent's rating if you drew.

Where the opponent was rated more than 40 points above or below you, for the purposes of rating that game, the opponent would be rated exactly 40 points above or below you. So if you were rated 150 and your opponent 90, for that game your opponent's rating was worth 110 points to you, and your rating was worth 130 points to your opponent. Your total ratings points earned were divided by the number of games played. As old games were dropped only at the start of a year, some players' ratings were based on several hundred games.

Partly to reduce this inertia, this system was replaced from the start of 1999 by the weighted rolling system