What are Ratings?

A rating is a number derived from a player's performances at tournaments sanctioned by the ABSP. The higher a player's rating, the stronger their rated performances have been. A rating also gives an indication of a player's likely performance at future events.

If you look at the current ABSP ratings list, you will see that there are three lists. They are arranged in:

  • Players' name order
  • Rank (descending ratings) order
  • Club order, then for players not known to be members of a club, *location* order

The number in the leftmost column is that player's current rating. Ratings range from about 200 to 50 and are calculated using the weighted rolling system.

What is their purpose?

Ratings are used for several purposes, including:

  • Enabling tournaments to have two or more divisions based on ratings.
  • Determining awards of Expert and Grandmaster titles, and for most improved player
  • Determining which players are nominated by the ABSP for the World Scrabble Championships

Most ABSP-sanctioned events have divisions based on ratings. This means that it is unusual for anyone to play a very much stronger or very much weaker opponent. Such mismatches rarely benefit either player.

The following links explain various aspects of the ratings system in more detail:

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  • Peak ratings

John Grayson June 30 2009