Welcome to JumbleTime! Here are some tips to help you get started.
The concept of JumbleTime is very simple. When you enter a playing room you will see a grid of 45 boxes. At the start of the game, jumbled words appear in those boxes. You must race to unscramble as many words as possible before the timer runs out. The jumbled words can be solved in any order. Just type a word into the Solution box once you know what it is.
JumbleTime has two different word sources. Which one you should use depends on which part of the world you are from:
  • If you are from anywhere in the world except Canada, USA, and Israel, you should use word lists (i.e. create/join rooms) marked with the # symbol, which indicates they are based on the official international word list.
  • Players from Canada, USA, and Israel should use lists (i.e. create/join rooms) that are not marked with the # symbol, since the word source for those games is most familiar to players from those countries and is used in tournaments there.

How to Play

Getting Started
Go back to the Main Menu and click where it says 'Click HERE to play games'. Register a user name and log in using the password provided. You will have the chance to change your password later, to make it something more memorable than a string of letters and numbers!

It is important to realize that the game room applet runs via the Main Menu page. This means that you must have the Main Menu page open all the time you are logged in to the server. If you want to access other pages on the World Wide Web, including other parts of the JumbleTime website, you will need to open up another browser window (Control + N in Internet Explorer).

Let's Play!
Now that you are logged in, you are all set to start playing! Click on the Create Room button in the top right hand corner. Here you can choose which word list you would like to play with. Some examples:
  • -LIKE, get OUT- ... This list is 7- and 8- letter words which either start with OUT- or end with -LIKE
  • Bingo Basics ... 7-letter words using the most common letters
  • Fives to Remember ... 5-letter words with heavy letters at the start or end
A full description of all the public word lists can be found under 'Word Lists' on the JumbleTime website.

The next step is to decide how many people you want to play this game. To practice a list by yourself choose '1'. You will create a room with only yourself in it. Alternatively you can allow upto 5 other players into the same room, where you can race to solve the jumbled words before each other. Finally, select whether you would like the letters of each puzzle to appear in alphabetical or random order. When you've made your choices, click OK to create the room.

To start the game you will need to click on 'Click to Activate'. When all the players in your room have done this, the game will begin.

You may also join a game in progress or just getting underway by clicking on the grey rectangle that says "Click to join!". When you are ready to return to the game/room selection area, just click on the "Quit" button.

The jumbled words are color coded to show how many solutions they have. This color key is shown at the side of the boxes:

One (black)
Two (red)
Three (orange)
Four (green)
Five (cyan)
Six (blue)
Seven (purple)
Eight (magenta)
Nine or more (white)

For example, BBCEOSW will appear in black because there is only one solution (COBWEBS). However, DEIGNOR will appear in cyan because there are five 7-letter words in that set (ERODING, GROINED, IGNORED, NEGROID, REDOING).

To shuffle all the letters in all the remaining boxes, click the Shuffle button. To shuffle only the letters of one particular set of letters, click on that word.

Personal Word Lists

You may notice from the Word Lists page that many players have their own word lists. For a small fee you can own a slot on the JumbleTime server in which to manage any word list you like. The same slot can be edited, wiped and reused over and over again. The first personal word list costs $25 US. Each additional slot costs $10 US. Contact David Johnson ("Leroy").

Daily Challenges

You will find six Daily Challenges on JumbleTime every day. 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-letter words and a special 'BINGOs' challenge of 7s and 8s together. Solve as many as you can before the clock runs out and compare your scores with others' on the daily Scores page. Great practice whether you're a beginner or long-term word freak!

There are various 'satellite' JumbleTime servers which each host their own unique Daily Challenges. So if you've done the puzzles on one site and don't want to wait until tomorrow to do more, visit the Satellites page and see where more puzzles can be found. At the moment hosts extra Daily Challenges for North American players, whilst the website of the Association of British Scrabble Players hosts the only worldwide Daily Challenges for international players.

Anything else?

If you have any questions or technical problems then feel free to ask in the chat window. If JumbleTime's creators David Johnson ("Leroy") or Oliver Johnson ("Oliver") are around they will be able to help.