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The uk-scrabble mailing list

You can find lots of Scrabble chat, puzzles and humour on the uk-scrabble mailing list, open to anyone with an email address and especially welcoming to new players.

There are over 700 people on the list and there can be anywhere from 3 to 30 messages per day, sent either individually or in one daily digest (you choose which).

All tournament and inter-club match results are posted here, along with various people’s reports from matches and events. Board positions, 'consensus' Scrabble games and puzzles also sometimes appear. Just enter your email address into the box below to subscribe!

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More technical stuff

There are several tasks one can do with a mailing list subscription. The commonest ones can be done by sending blank email to a command address. These all have the form The commands are:

subscribeJoin the list
unsubscribeLeave the list
digestGet all the day's messages in one big email message
nomailDon't get any messages sent
normalUndo the effect of nomail or digest
ownerSend a message to the list owner (Stewart Holden)

Note: the last command actually sends a message to the list owner and so the email should not be blank.

You can also perform the above administrative tasks, and look at the archives of all past messages going back to 1999, by going to The first time you visit you will have to register with Yahoo!