Association of British Scrabble Players

Lynne Riley - Youth Officer

Lynne Riley

Lynne lives in Highgate, London, and has played scrabble since she was about 18, but never competitively until recently. This was after her son, Jack Durand, took a shine to the game, and she decided that 'if you can't beat them, you may as well join them'. So now, she accompanies Jack to tournaments but plays in a much lower division, and she has even persuaded her youngest daughter, Alice, to join the tournament circuit.

Having attended the WYSC (World Youth Scrabble Championships) for three consecutive years, as a parent, she was totally inspired by Karen Richards, who has revolutionised Youth Scrabble today in so many countries. She took over the role of Youth Officer in February 2013, realising what an exciting opportunity this was, but also hard work!

She would love to hear from any fellow scrabblers (or indeed any enthusiastic individual) who would like to help her transform Youth Scrabble in the UK, in raising awareness of scrabble in schools, and helping to nurture our young players to be the champions of the future.

When she is not travelling the country with a scrabble board, she keeps busy looking after her four children and husband, and also works as a Consultant Paediatrician, with a special interest in Oncology. She also enjoys playing the piano and cooking, but not at the same time!